Music Is Haram In Quran

Music Is Haram In Quran – Since ancient times, the issue of music has been discussed in different regions of the Muslim world. Both sides of the argument present their arguments and arguments in the hope that the other side will see “the light” and thus put an end to the time-consuming dilemma.

The purpose of this short article is not to present all the evidence regarding the sovereignty of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, over music; Rather, we will content ourselves with the minimum in the hope that, insha-Allah, it will help and guide Muslims, especially the youth, in distinguishing between right and wrong.

Music Is Haram In Quran

Music Is Haram In Quran

Before discussing the management of music, it is necessary to define some Islamic (Arabic) terms that are constantly mentioned in this article, in various hadiths, and in various Ahkam books. These include:

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They (Islamic and Arabic scholars) said: “Murrib sounds are sounds that make a person sad, happy or sad (cause a change in his feelings).

Music Is Haram In Quran

Guna – the lengthening of the voice, as well as the change in pitch in the throat, is suitable for the collection of vain and vain pleasures (mutrib).

By itself, a pleasant voice or reciting something in a pleasant manner does not constitute Ghina. On the contrary, Ghina is explained by the lengthening of the sound, as well as the change in the way it is suitable for vain and vain gatherings and gatherings of sinners (for example, night clubs, discos, dance halls, etc.).

Music Is Haram In Quran

On The Question Of Music

Lahav: This is an Arabic word that is widely used in Islamic jurisprudence and refers to anything that is useless or meaningless. Sometimes used to refer to a place when scholars refer to music played or used in places where frivolous or pointless activities take place, such as nightclubs, discos, etc.; And sometimes it means a certain action or certain actions that are performed without any purpose or purpose other than “wasting time”.

Music: When we talk about music, we are actually referring to the entire piece of work that includes the sounds (instruments) and words that we are listening to.

Music Is Haram In Quran

1. The art of arranging notes in time to form a continuous, cohesive and impressive composition using melody, harmony, rhythm and rhythm.

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Is Music Haram In Islam? Can Muslims Listen To It? 2023

Martyr scholar Ayatollah Sayyid Dastgayb al-Sherazi wrote about the sin of listening to music and enjoying it (in his monumental work it is listed as sin number 15):

Music Is Haram In Quran

Playing musical instruments is a major sin. Playing instruments such as guitar, piano, tambourine, drums is haram. Even listening to music is a great sin. Faqal ibn Sha’qan from Imam Ali ibn Musa ar-Rida عليه السلام described music as a great sin:

All mujtahids are of the same opinion about the manufacture, sale and purchase of musical instruments

Music Is Haram In Quran

List Of Proof Why Instrumental Music Is Haram

(forbidden) and any income from musical activities is also haram. Transactions involving these (instruments) are not valid (

If you have musical instruments in your hands – it is very important to destroy them. It was revealed in a long tradition, as narrated by Imam Ja’far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq, may God bless him and grant him peace, in the book “Tuhhaf al-Uqul”. Similarly, Shaykh Hurr al-Amuli (author of the famous collection of hadith Wasil al-Shi’a) records the following narration from Imam Ja’far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq alyh al-salam:

Music Is Haram In Quran

Misused; Pipes, flutes, chess and all kinds of gambling instruments, pictures and idols are only things that create evil. It is forbidden to produce such things.

Quran Vs Music

So it is forbidden to learn to sing or play music, to teach it, to pay for these things, or to indulge in these vices in any way.

Music Is Haram In Quran

Allah Almighty sent me as a mercy to the world and a guide to people. He ordered the destruction of the flute, other musical instruments, sinful games, idolatry and all practices of the age of ignorance.

He plays the flute as if he is grateful for the blessings of God Almighty and despite having these blessings.

Music Is Haram In Quran

Regarding The Permissibility Of Music

Playing the violin promotes hypocrisy in the heart just as water promotes the growth of plants (algae).

If drums and drums are played in someone’s house, Allah Almighty will charge Satan with the name “Kafandar” for forty days. Satans penetrate into every cell of the human body. With the spread of this evil, man loses his dignity and respect. Then nobody cares what he says and what is said about him. Then this devil will strike this person and as a result, the person will be completely shameless. Even if his women are insulted, he is not worried or affected.

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Music Is Haram In Quran

In general, those who regularly play music at home using musical instruments, radios or cassettes, are observed to be completely absurd and shameless.

What Is The Punishment For Listening To Music In Islam?

Muaddal ibn Ziyad says: “I was with Imam Ja’far ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq, and a man said:

Music Is Haram In Quran

When I go to the bathroom, I hear my neighbor’s girls singing. Sometimes I stay (on the toilet) a bit longer so I can listen to it more.

I was not aware of this verse and therefore I am sorry for what I did. I will not listen to (music) in the future. I repent for my past sins and ask God for forgiveness.

Music Is Haram In Quran

The Quran And Muslim Unity

Get up! Go take a bath, pray and ask for forgiveness. You are certainly involved in a deadly sin and a terrible situation. You have repented for this and I thank God for this; And I ask God for forgiveness for everything that displeases Him. Indeed, Allah does not like only bad things. Leave bad things to bad people, because different people are good at different things.

Angels will not enter a house with wine, drums, tambourines and flutes. Even the prayers of the people living in this house are not accepted. they are deprived of all blessings

Music Is Haram In Quran

A person with a “Sitar” will be resurrected with a black face. He will have a flaming sitar in his hand. Seventy thousand fiery angels will strike him on his face and head. The singer rises from the grave – blind, deaf and dumb. An adulterer receives the same discipline. The flutist rises as well as the drummer

Allah Is Indeed All Knowing. Auzubillah 🤲🏿

That is, all such people will appear blind, deaf and dumb in the field of Mahshar (Qiyamat).

Music Is Haram In Quran

If instruments such as flute, mridang, chess are played in his house for forty days, he invites divine wrath. If this man dies within these forty days, he will die as the death of a sinner and a criminal. His place will be in hell, and what a terrible place it is!

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In the traditions associated with the signs of the last phase before the return of our Twelfth Holy Imam, the following is mentioned about music:

Music Is Haram In Quran

Music Is #haram

You see, music is so common that it neither forbids others nor feels the need to do so. You will also find music playing in open spaces

This is what we see in today’s age where obscene music is played openly: in markets, streets, shops, homes, and even in cars, and no one can stop it!

Music Is Haram In Quran

So far we have talked about the punishment in the Hereafter for playing or listening to music. Now we will discuss the evils that music affects human life on earth.

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And these evils are many; And scholars have compiled entire texts on this topic. For example, there are the following books in Persian: “Munazrah tabib-o-peer – debate between doctor and patient”, “Balahi ijtemai – social problems”, “Musiki-o-Islam – music and Islam”, etc. .

Music Is Haram In Quran

Professional doctors, scientists and biologists have identified two types of nerves – the main nerves and the arterial nerves. Large veins extend from the neck to all important organs; Arterial nerves, on the other hand, spread from the main veins to all parts of the body.

Peripheral nerves are connected to the outer parts of the body and carry messages to the brain. When the blood vessels enlarge, the blood pressure decreases. Blood pressure rises due to narrowing of blood vessels. When blood pressure changes in different parts of the body, it affects health.

Music Is Haram In Quran

Adnan Sami’s Outrageous Comments Over Music In Islam Shook Up

The function of the secondary nerves is to generate heat, and the function of the central nerves is to have the opposite effect. it is caused by nerves

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