Music Instruments

Music Instruments – Before knowing about Indian Classical Music Instruments, let’s study the history of Indian music. In one of our lessons on Indian classical music;

It is divided into two genres, music from northern India known as Hindustani and music from southern India known as Carnatic music. Source: Indian Classical Music for Beginners.

Music Instruments

Music Instruments

Sitar is one of the Hindustani musical instruments and is made of plucked instruments. The sitar was invented in the 1800s. Northern India Popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It looks like a gourd. The neck is long and broad, and both sides are hypnotic pegs. The sitar is played at a 45-degree angle on the legs of seated musicians. The string in this Hindustani musical instrument is metal. All of them are plucked with the right finger while the left hand grips the strings with gentle pressure between the strings.

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The name Sitar is derived from the Persian word ‘Sehtar’ which means “three strings”. Pandit Ravi; Shankar, Pandit; Nilkil; Banerjee, Annapurna Devi; Both are veteran sitar players in India.

Music Instruments

Sarodhi is a popular Hindustani musical instrument. Sarodhi reached India in the 16th century and the modern form was developed in the 19th century. It is one of the earliest instruments in North India. It has four to six strings; Some of them are folded into two courses in Octave. This Hindustani instrument is made of wood and resembles a sitar. However, Sarodhi is not worried. A triangle used for wire drawing.

Other veteran Sarod maestros are Ustan Amjad Ali Khan of Bangladesh; Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta, Zarin Daruwalla and many others.

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Music Instruments

Musical Instruments Names, Definition And Pictures

Sarangi Hindustani instrument is also called Saranga. It is a bowed stringed instrument with a short neck. It is also popular in the world of Hindustani classical music and world music. Famous actors in Sarangi in India: Ustad Faiyaz Khan, Dhruba Ghosh, Sabri Khan, Ustad Sultan Khan and many more.

Basuri is a Hindustani classical wind instrument. This instrument from the Indian subcontinent is found in Hindustani classical music. Vash, Murray, Varney They are also called Van Hee. It is a flute made of bamboo and blown sideways. Ravi Shankar Mishra is the best producer of Basuri in Hindustani music genre.

Music Instruments

Basuri is of cultural and religious importance among Hindus. Basuri Artists in India – Hariprasad Chaurasia; Ronu Majumdar Pandit Raghunath Seth.

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Instruments like Shehnai, Tabla, Pakhaaj are popular in classical Hindu music. 4 types of Indian classical musical instruments;

Music Instruments

It is part of a stringed instrument. In the Western music world, they are called Chordophones. Here are the Indian stringed instruments.

It is a drone instrument in Indian classical music. Since it is an accompanying instrument, it cannot be played at every concert.

Music Instruments

List Of Musical Instruments

Western music is called Membrophone or Drums Instruments. lined with animal skins; Such instruments are:

Synthesizer Electronic-Tabla, Electronic-Tanpura belongs to the category of electronic instruments.4 Common Carnatic Classical Musical Instruments Mridangam

Music Instruments

Mridangam is an instrumental and rhythmic instrument in Carnatic classical music. The song has two heads. Made of wood. The left side is pitched an octave lower than the right side. The Mridangam is similar to the Hindustani instrument Pakhawaj. Also used in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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Khanjira is a popular South Indian rhythmic accompaniment song composed by Manpoondia Pillai. This instrument is made from the lemon tree and also from dried gourds or laki.

Music Instruments

This instrument is very popular in Carnatic music. Because it is an ancient instrument in playing, Ghatam is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Ghata’. It is a large pot with a narrow mouth. The ancient poet Sage Valmiki first mentioned this pot as an instrument in the Ramayana poem around 500 CE.

A tempura or tambura is a drone instrument. It is popular everywhere in the music world of India. Popularly known as Tanpura in Hindustani music and Tanbura in Carnatic music. This instrument has four strings; long neck It is made of Ivory or wood and comes from India.

Music Instruments

Top Music Instruments In The World

Nellai Krishnan, Indira Sheshadri, Gowrishankar Guruswamy Jayank Naidu Prakash Naik and many other Tanpura or Tanbura actors have marked their names in the Indian music world.

Not just Tempura or Tamburah, but Harmonium, Veena, Violin Santoors are instruments found in both parts of India.

Music Instruments

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