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Music Indonesia – Indonesian music is not well known outside of academic circles, which is a real shame – as one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world, Indonesia is also incredibly diverse in music, and has something for everyone. Here is a sampling of some of Indonesia’s most interesting music styles:

A brightly colored Balinese gamelan is prepared with dancers during a traditional wedding ceremony near Karangasem in East Bali. (Gillian Irwin/)

Music Indonesia

Music Indonesia

“Gamelan” translates more closely to “orchestra” because it refers to a group of instruments together, but there aren’t many instruments that are similar to Western music.

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, an instrument that looks a bit like a xylophone but consists of brass keys suspended over bamboo resonators. They vary in size and scope, but are all struck with the same type of wooden mallet, called a

Music Indonesia

, currently the most popular style of Balinese gamelan music, so named because of its exciting and bombastic nature:

Javanese gamelan is the older brother of the Balinese style It uses the same instruments (although usually with different scale tones), but the music is in a completely different style. when

Music Indonesia

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While modern (musically, it began to develop as a genre in the early 1900s), the Javanese gamelan dates back to the ancient court. It is slow, refined and smooth This is reflected in the dance music, which usually uses small but precise steps and gestures

Monopoly refers to the bamboo instrument The instruments are hung on a bar and the musician vibrates each angklung separately to create each note. Therefore, playing even a very simple melody requires a full orchestra of musicians, ready to play their notes quickly and in time, or some very nimble fingers. It’s like a piano, but with a lot more effort

Music Indonesia

Kronkang is a relaxing and old style, but popular as background music in restaurants. It is usually a

Traditional Music Of Indonesia

(like a ukulele), flute, modified cello or violin, string bass, melody and singer or vocalist. These instruments may change depending on what is available or needed for a particular song The result is a swinging, beachy style of music that serves as an interesting bridge between Western tonality and a traditional Javanese sound.

Music Indonesia

Dangdut is another very popular new music genre in Indonesia It draws from popular Indian music in terms of style and scale choice, and was considered inappropriate by some critics due to the dance style that usually accompanies the infectious, throbbing table rhymes. Contemporary dangdut draws influences from Middle Eastern pop, Western rock, hip-hop, R&B and reggae in addition to Indian Hindustani music, and you don’t have to look far to find its influence on many popular dance forms.

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Indonesian music is worth exploring, and these styles are just the beginning A simple Google search will turn up many more species popular in the archipelago What is your favorite?

Music Indonesia

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About the Author: Gillian Irwin is a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the SMAN 3 College of Nursing Special Regions. He graduated from Muhlenberg College in 2013 with a BA in Music and English. It hosts different ethnic groups with different cultural traditions that have their own unique beauty. One such tradition is fascinating cultural music Traditional local music includes strong singing and harmonies and is strongly influenced by European and Malaysian classical music.

You can have a great time learning about traditional musical instruments while #StayatHome Here, we recommend five traditional instruments that will allow you to explore its unique and wonderful surroundings.

Music Indonesia

Also known as seruling, the suling is a Southeast Asian bamboo ring flute used in various traditional musical performances such as gamelan, gambus and Malay dangdut. The flute is made of a long, thin-walled bamboo tube called a tamiang and a thin rattan mouthpiece surrounds the mouthpiece. Originating from Malaysian culture, this musical instrument is incorporated in many Southeast Asian countries

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This simple flute produces melodies or tones that are traditionally defined as sounds of joyful learning There are many regions among them that use the flute as a traditional instrument and have different local names for it In Java, Sunda and Bali, the instrument is commonly called suling, in Minang it is called salung, in Toraja it is called lembang flute, in Halmehera it is bangsil and in West Nusa Tengga it is called silu.

Music Indonesia

Gus Teja is one of the most popular swing musicians You can listen to his soothing performances on YouTube and Spotify

A gamelan is a set of traditional Javanese musical instruments, usually consisting of the gong, kenong, gambang, selmung, and many other instruments. The gamelan creates soothing sounds that create an atmosphere of peace that is consistent with the principles of Javanese society Etymologically, gamelan comes from the Javanese word “gamel” meaning to beat/beat and the suffix “an” makes it a noun. Therefore, the word gamelan can be defined as “hitting/hitting things”.

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Music Indonesia

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Gamelan Ageng or all gamelan musical instruments is usually an accompaniment to puppet shows such as wayang kulit, wayang orang, Ketoprak, Javanese dance and other performances. Besides Java, gamelan can also be found in other cultures such as Sundanese (known as “digong”), Bali (known as “gamelan”), Banjar and Lombok.

The sound of gamelan is known all over the world Russia also has Gamelan Dadali Moscow, their own gamelan music group made up of local Russian women trained by experts from the Moscow embassy. You can listen to their performance on YouTube

Music Indonesia

A traditional instrument made of bamboo tubes, the angklung is common in the West Java region. appears The melody is produced by shaking the instrument so that the bamboo tubes collide with each other. Since November 2010, Angklung has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. There are several types of angklung: angklung caneks, angklung dogdog lodger, angklung gubrag and angklung padeng.

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Historically, angklung comes from the Sudanese word ‘angka’, meaning tuna, and ‘lung’, meaning broken. Hence, anglung means ‘broken or incomplete voice’ According to Jap Kunst’s book “Music in Java”, in addition to West Java, the angklung can also be found in South Sumatra and Kalimantan regions, and the people of Lampang, East Java and Central Java also use the instrument.

Music Indonesia

During the Sunda Kingdom (12th century-11th century), Anglang was served as a form of worship to Nai Sri Pohasi, a fertility goddess. It is also said that Angklung was played as a morale booster during the war.

There is a place in West Java called Saung Anglung Udjo where you can see, among other great things, Anglung musicians perform live and learn how to make musical instruments.

Music Indonesia

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In West Java there is a place called Saung Angklung Udjo where among many great things you can see live performances by Angklung musicians and learn about instrument making. Listen to their harmony music performance on YouTube You can also listen to Anglung music composed and performed by Tjoek Suparlan on Spotify.

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Sasando is a traditional musical instrument of the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and is made of bamboo and palm leaves. It was created by two shepherds on the island of Rote in the 17th century They realized that a soft melody could be produced from a vessel used to draw water Originally, sasando strings were made from palm leaf sticks, but after the arrival of the Portuguese, they were replaced by steel strings commonly used in viol instruments.

Music Indonesia

Sasando is played using both hands and each hand takes opposite directions The right plays the instrument while the left selects the melody and bass It requires a certain skill set to play sasando Initially, sasando consisted of only 7-10 strings made of natural materials By the 18th century, more strings were added and the number increased from 24 to 28 Today, Sassando uses 32 to 48 strings

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The philosophy behind the shape and sound of Sasando is unique and has a special meaning in the lives of Rote people The nine strings present in Sasando’s original form were used to symbolize the life cycle of the human child in the womb.

Music Indonesia

Consisting of rows of small gongs placed horizontally, the kolintang or kulintang is a musical instrument that is usually accompanied by a large hanging gong and drums during a performance. Part of Southeast Asian gong-chim culture, the kulintang has been played for centuries in the East Malaysian region.

In this, the kolintang is known as a wooden percussion instrument originating from the Minahasa region of North Sulawesi. It is usually made from local woods such as telur wood (Alstonia sp.), sempaka wood (Elmerilia ciampaca), wenung wood (Octomelus sumatrana Mic.) and waru wood (Hibiscus tiliasis) and other strong but light fibers.

Music Indonesia

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The kolintang is played by striking it with a wooden stick wrapped in cloth It is usually part of musical performances held during traditional Minasa ceremonies, such as the worship of ancestral spirits. However, in effect

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