Music Happy Birthday

Music Happy Birthday – “Happy Birthday to You”, also spelled “Happy Birthday”, is a song traditionally sung to celebrate the anniversary of a person’s birth. According to the 1998 Guinness World Records, it is the most famous song in the English language. The lyrics of the original song have been translated into at least 18 languages. The melody for “Happy Birthday to You” comes from the song “Hello to All”.

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Music Happy Birthday

Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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Music Happy Birthday

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And now we can hear more of the Christmas song because it’s in the public domain (pssst, that’s why many restaurants come up with their own Christmas songs).

But have you ever wondered where this famous birthday song came from, who wrote it and how did they come up with this song? Keep reading to learn the surprising history of the birthday song.

Music Happy Birthday

In the late 19th century, sisters Patty and Mildred Hill wrote a song called “Hello Everyone” in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. He wrote a song so that Patty could sing it for her kindergarten students.

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This is a simple song. Children begin to sing: “Good morning to you, good morning to you.” And the teacher continues to sing, “Victory to you, hail you.”

Music Happy Birthday

While the students are singing in the morning, Patty finds a way to celebrate the students’ birthdays.

You see, “Hello Everyone” has the same melody as the song “Happy Birthday”. When the child’s birthday came, he made it a point to say “Happy Birthday” instead of “Hello everyone”.

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Well the word spread. The children began singing their favorite “A Christmas Carol” and they sang it until they reached the world event.

The Hill sisters were angered by this, and eventually filed lawsuits when big names used their song without their consent, such as composer Irving Berlin, who used the song’s melody.

Music Happy Birthday

Although the Hill sisters never sang “The Birthday Song”, others did. This is why the ancient law was so blind. However, today it is in the public domain, so anyone can use it without legal ramifications.

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From Marilyn Monroe to then-President John F. Kennedy appearing on The Lamb Show with “The Birthday Song” and singing in movies, shows, and even shows, everyone is singing it.

Music Happy Birthday

The birthday song has an interesting history that no one really knows about. It was never intended to be a “birthday song”, but the school teacher who wrote the song found a funny way to rewrite the song’s lyrics for a child’s birthday.

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Music Happy Birthday

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