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Google has launched a feature in the YouTube Music app that lets users transfer files with just one tap.

Music Google

Music Google

In line with his plan to retire Play Music. Google announced on Tuesday that its Music Libraries service began inviting users to transfer personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music. “To make sure everyone has time to transfer their content and make it available on YouTube Music, we’ll be giving users plenty of notice that Google Play Music will be available this year,” YouTube said in a blog post. will not be available at the end.” Tuesday. It said, “All Google Play Music users will soon receive an email with your complete Google Play Music history and content, along with detailed instructions on how to move podcasts to their new home. Be initiated,” he said.

Hundreds Of Albums And Tracks Free On Google Play Music Right Now

YouTube Music has over 50 million official songs; Albums and high-quality audio as well as deep cuts; Provides B-sides, live performances and remixes. “We’ve increased the number of songs from 1,000 to 5,000 so that more of your favorite songs are available,” the blog post reads.

Music Google

After the migration, users will be able to listen to their uploaded and purchased songs from Google Play Music or add up to 100,000 personal songs to their library on YouTube Music. It will increase by more than 50,000 compared to Google Play Music. Paying members can access any song, program, download any music video for you or do Smart Downloads (for Android only), so even if you don’t have service There is always something to listen to.

Pricing is currently the same between Google Play Music and YouTube Music. Listeners can enjoy the ad-supported version of YouTube Music for free, or YouTube Music Premium lets listeners listen in the background. You can enjoy it without downloads and ads with a paid subscription of Rs 99 per month.

Music Google

How To Download Music From Google Play Music On Your Iphone, Android, Or Computer

Ad-free on all YouTube for Rs 129 You can try YouTube Premium for background listening and enhanced offline playback. Google Play Music Unlimited members will automatically receive YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium equivalent based on benefit level. At the same price as their current subscription, the company said.

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(This story has not been edited by staff and is published from an aggregated news agency feed.) Google reintroduced YouTube Music in May of last year, making it widely available to everyone in June. Made available. At this point, we’re told to expect it to stick with Google Play Music, but Google wants just one music app instead of two at some point. The future will be YouTube Music. That much is clear.

Music Google

But here we are over a year and not much has changed. While Google Play Music is still alive (it just doesn’t see regular updates), it’s outdated. I was mad as hell, until Google gives us a date of death, uncertainty will persist. However, it is still there; work (most of the time); There is a premium subscription level and includes our entire music collection.

Paint With Music By Artists In Residence At Google Arts & Culture Lab: Simon Doury, Caroline Buttet

YouTube Music, on the other hand, gets more regular updates, but it’s still nowhere near being the Google Play Music app. In the year of Google’s relaunch as the main music service, it’s tables, Sonos support; Added integration with Google Clock alarms and the ability to open local files. Turning it off doesn’t help though.

Music Google

I mean YouTube Music seems more like YouTube to me than a music app. selection of music; Accessing videos rather than just editing and playback seems to have a more visual focus. I can’t explain it well, but everyone loves apps like Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

Build apps first. Music is the main thing because it can be old school even if there are some additional features that can be brought in like videos or lyrics or whatever. YouTube Music seems like a shell of YouTube that cares more about watching your videos than just throwing them into a playlist and going. Part of this is probably because you have to pay a premium to listen to music when the screen is off, which is ridiculous.

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Music Google

Google Play Music Data Will Be Deleted On February 24: Here’s How To Transfer To Youtube Music

Another part of YouTube Music, outside of the app itself, has been weak to date. I said this in December last year. our Google Play Music collections; Remember how Google told us that all playlists and the likes “soft-land” on YouTube Music? Yes, it hasn’t happened yet. Play Music collections are not synced or included or integrated into YouTube Music.

It left me in a position I didn’t want to be in. I decided to hit YouTube Music to see what Spotify was doing until Google figured out what it was doing. I’m not sure what Google actually knows. I want to quit Spotify and not have Spotify and Google Play Music/YouTube Premium subscriptions at the same time. Like many of you, I’m still stuck on the $7.99 price tag for early Birdplay music.

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Here’s another thing – what service does Google want new subscribers to use? Google hasn’t disabled access through Google Play Music, and you can always get YouTube Premium for YouTube Music. I know membership gives you access to both. However, after a year, Google doesn’t want to start moving people to a single option. Google’s Play Music service is officially dead, but it looks like the Android app needs one last go. An update that will allow users to completely remove Even those who have migrated to YouTube Music need to download the update as this is the only way to hide the app permanently.

Latest Google Play Music Update Adds Settings For Download And Wi Fi Streaming Quality

As discovered by 9to5google, the latest update for the Play Music app allows users to hide the app and all data associated with it. Many Android smartphones come pre-installed with the Play Music app, but even though the service has been discontinued, Google has yet to find a way for people to uninstall it.

Music Google

Unless you have a smartphone that doesn’t allow you to uninstall Play Music. You may have already uninstalled the app after switching to YouTube Music, so this update is useless. Others who can’t should update the Play Music app, but tap the “Hide app” and/or “Delete all local data” options.

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Once both options are selected; The Play Music app no ​​longer appears in the app drawer. Also, you will no longer be able to run the app on your Android phone.

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Google Play Music Now Deprecated And No Longer Available

If you install these apps from the Play Store, they contain malware and must be deleted.

It’s been two years since Google Play Music was put on death row because the displays used in the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S23 lines could hurt your eyes and give you headaches, and today Google announced a major step toward ending Google Music: importing YouTube Music. Library. People who use Google Play Music as an online music locker can now import their uploaded music collections to YouTube Music and leave Google Music behind forever. Leaving Google Music behind won’t be an option either: A blog post today revealed that Google Play Music will shut down “later this year” and Google said it would provide “ample warning” before the ax. . RIP Google Music.

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YouTube’s official blog details how this will work. “Starting today, we’re excited to officially start inviting Google Play Music listeners to migrate their music libraries, personal taste preferences and playlists to YouTube Music.” YouTube’s language about “starting to invite” people will tell you that this feature is in Google’s frustrating “rollout” system. This means that it takes weeks to announce services and then roll them out to customers before they can use them. Every Google Account. If you still cannot transfer your music, please continue to wait. Google says you’ll receive an email once the migration process has been activated for your account.

Google Play Ending Its Music Service; What Happens Next?

If you have access to the service, you can go to (or click the pop-up in the YouTube Music app) and start the transfer. “Your uploads, purchases, installed songs and albums, personal and subscribed playlists, likes and dislikes, syndicated stations, and personal taste preferences will migrate instantly,” Google says. It’s a one-click process. But Google says in a video that it “could take a few seconds or a few days” depending on the content you’re transferring.

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Google Play Music has a few pricing options. Radio was supported by advertising.

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