Music Gallery

Music Gallery – More than 1,300 objects from the internationally renowned collection of musical instruments are on display in a stunning interactive gallery.

The incredible exhibition includes a wide range of musical instruments from around the world. The gallery displays the largest number of musical instruments in the UK.

Music Gallery

Music Gallery

Watch a short film that connects the instruments on display to the cultures and contexts in which these instruments are played around the world.

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An interactive soundboard lets you hear the sound of your favorite instruments. and learn new things

Music Gallery

Exhibitions in the Music Gallery include objects from the Dolmetsch, Wayne, Adam Carse, Percy Bull and Boosey & Hawkes Collections. Learn more on our Collections page.

Music Gallery Hands on Space is open from 10:00 to 17:30 on weekends and public holidays, and from 14:00 to 17:30 on weekdays. Sometimes school groups use this space.

Music Gallery

Velour Live Music Gallery: A Home, A Church And A Venue

Today, more than 40 instruments are on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Some of these can be viewed in the Music Gallery on the At Home With Music screen.

More than 3,000 objects from around the world help you see other ways of life and help you gain a deeper understanding of other people, places and cultures.

Music Gallery

They connect us all to global cultures and natural environments. Encourage us all to shape a positive future for the world we share.

Yesteryears Music Gallery, Maginhawa

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Music Gallery

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Music Gallery

Online Music Gallery Using Html And Css

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Music Gallery

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Velour Live Music Gallery

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Music Gallery

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Music Gallery

Bso Band Feb Ui

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Music Gallery

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The 12th Music Gallery, A Virtuous Harmony

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Music Gallery

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Music Gallery

Music Tuesday: Ballad And Dance

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Music Gallery

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Museum Of Making Music

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Music Gallery

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Music Gallery

The 8th Music Gallery

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