Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Music For A Sushi Restaurant – You may already recognize the infectious horns of Harry Styles’ “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” when the song was featured in a TV commercial earlier this year. But the earworm with an unusual name is back with an equally unusual music video.

Directed by Aube Perry, the “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” music video takes place in the fictional Giles Lounge seafood restaurant. The brilliant marketing team behind Styles long ago set up a website and social presence for Giles Lounge, teasing curious fans with lines like “Visit Eroda” and “You’re Home.”

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

In the music video, Styles – with a full beard and a squid/merman in the lower half – is captured by the owner of Gil’s Lounge. Just before joining the contestants, Squid-Harry proves he can sing and provide entertainment for the diner’s guests.

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Now that he has shown his true worth, he has become the restaurant’s main attraction, forcing the staff to shower and pamper him as his star power rises.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

In an interview, Styles explained that the idea behind “Music for Sushi Restaurant” came to him while living in (no surprise here) a sushi restaurant: “I actually said, ‘This is music for a sushi restaurant. That’s really weird music. ,’ and then I said, ‘Oh, that would be a really nice album title.’ And when the song started to build, I just said, “Music in a sushi place.”

As the music video continues, Singing-Squid-Harry’s voice begins to fade and he is back in the menu. Is this a metaphor for the entire entertainment industry? Watch the video for yourself below. Knows how to entertain. Whether on stage or in his music videos, he always gives us something to talk about. Her latest music video for her song “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” definitely gives us something to talk about.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

When Harry released a teaser video featuring a shot from the music video, we started coming up with theories. I’m just saying that none of our theories come close to the video clip. “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”, the first track and third single from Harry House, is a fun upbeat song. We expected the music video to have a bit of a club vibe and that it would most likely take place in a sushi restaurant. We had no idea Styles would be on the menu.

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We’ve seen this music video countless times since it was released, and first of all, we don’t have Harry Styles in squid form on our bingo cards, okay? Being able to see how raw seafood is cut and cooked in different states, there are also some funny moments in the video. But true to the nature of styles, it has a much deeper meaning. At least it does for us.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

As soon as we saw the video for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” we realized it was an allegory for Styles and his life. The music video opens with her washed up on a sandy beach, where she is picked up by three fishermen. He is then taken to a sushi restaurant that looks like it won’t pass some health inspections, and after the workers take a picture with his won catch, they leave him on a table where they proceed to thoroughly prepare, kill and serve him. guardian.

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Squid Harry is shocked to see the workers chopping all the seafood and knows he will meet the same fate. That is, until he opens his mouth and starts singing. Everyone is enchanted and he literally sings for his life. As all the staff realize he can sing they keep him instead of losing him to entertain the customers because who wouldn’t want to see a singing squid?

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

As the video progresses, the more popular Squid Harry becomes, the more of a diva he becomes. And he is not very friendly to the people who work for him. Everything seems to be going well with him until he loses his voice. The moment this happens, it is clear that his life is over. You can see the fear and anxiety that has come over him because he is no longer useful to the people in the restaurant. In the end, it is used for its original purpose, and when Gilles Lounge signs off with sliced ​​squid and the title is changed to Gilles Sushi at the end of the video, none of that is told to you. so you probably didn’t pay much attention.

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Back to the meaning behind it all. “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” represents Harry’s fears. Everyone loved it when Squid Harry sang and served its purpose of entertaining the world. They took pity on him and gave him everything he wanted. That all stopped when he lost his voice. It shows that Harry is afraid of what his life will be like and where he will go when he can no longer sing to the world. His fear is real and he has spoken about it in interviews before.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Music For A Sushi Restaurant (harry’s House)

“Music For A Sushi Restaurant” is a weird video, we won’t disagree, but if you look beyond the surface to find the deeper meaning, you’ll see how sad it really is. Harry Styles is interested in leaving funny videos. But his latest is downright weird and a little disturbing

Album, the former One Direction member is literally having a meal at the aforementioned sushi restaurant. He wears an elaborate squid costume. Some kind of mermaid. He also has a long thick beard that makes him almost unrecognizable.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

The action takes place in a fictional restaurant called “Giles Lounge”. By the way, the fake restaurant even has its own website, where they call Harry’s “Catch of the Day”. Yum! An ad on the website said, “Our rotating menu changes with the Tidy,” and our chef did a great job!

Harry Styles Shares New “music For A Sushi Restaurant” Video: Watch

The video itself is like a nightmare. The fishmen find the squid that Harry landed on the ground, load it onto a truck and then deposit it at the restaurant. Then it’s time to prepare the dish. But the staff must lubricate it first! Sharpen their knives! Prepare boiling water! All this takes place against freaky sounding sound effects and a very nice beat.

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Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Nervous and sweaty the entire time, Harry-Squid continues to look slightly bewildered. The beard comes and goes, which is kind of weird. I think they think they should shave him first. “Can I touch your story?” asks a diner patron as he entertains the crowd. A little pre-dinner entertainment?

According to the Today Show, Harry spoke to NPR about the meaning behind the song “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.”

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

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He said, “I was with my producer at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles and one of our songs was from the last album.” “I was like, ‘That’s really weird music for a sushi restaurant.’ And then I was like – that would be a really nice album title, but as the song started to form, I just put ‘Music for a sushi restaurant.'”

Meanwhile, Harry continues to sell out concert dates and break box office records. He is currently playing the equivalent of a residency at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, California. On November 20, he leaves for Mexico and then to Australia and New Zealand.

Music For A Sushi Restaurant

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