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Music Festival – Finding the perfect festival is a difficult task. More for the newcomer. And when you finally find your favorite festival line-up, here comes the stress. At the same time, you have to travel around the country to see your favorite DJs. But that brings more questions to the table. How long will the music festival last? How to sleep during the festival? Can you be there for every DJ set?

No need to worry. With your stress, you’re missing the whole point of the festival. It’s about enjoying music and having fun. Read on to find out how long most festivals last (including the big ones) and how to get enough rest so you don’t miss any of the action.

Music Festival

Music Festival

The electronic music festival lasts for 3 days. There is no set rule about how long the festival lasts, but most are held over the weekend. That way, more people will have fun. I can’t imagine the pain of going to work straight after the festival.

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But there are some exceptions to the 3-day rule. Some festivals, like Coachella, span two weekends. Double the fun! But if you decide to go on a couple of weekends, expect to spend quite a bit on travel expenses. However, the festival experience is priceless!

Music Festival

Music festivals usually start at noon and end at midnight. So you can dance and socialize for 12 hours. If you can dance non-stop all day, I’ll happily give you all my Candy. Congratulations, you’re officially a festival animal!

Again, some festivals don’t follow this rule. EDC night in Vegas starts at dusk and ends at dawn. ‘Until Dawn’ is a pretty cool festival mantra if you ask me. Dancing from sunset to sunrise is amazing!

Music Festival

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Unlike the festival, the praise is not long. Most underground rumbles last about 10 hours a night. Since compliments are seen in a better light these days, some open compliments last 24 hours.

In other words, it is very different from the festival. Once praised, they don’t stop dancing until the music ends. This is the rule. I went to the storeroom, barely drinking water. In addition, raves always maintain a more underground atmosphere, which makes them last only for one night.

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Music Festival

Then it’s time to catch Z. But for the festival, it’s not easy to sleep after the music stops…

Festival By The Sub Greater Hume Council

Many people tried to pull an all-nighter at the festival. Don’t be like them. Get enough sleep to dance stronger the next day. Plus, if you’re on vacation at a festival, sleeping isn’t easy.

Music Festival

If you’re camping at a festival and want to get a good night’s sleep, there are a few things to consider.

Wear an eye mask. No one wants to wake up at 6am, especially when the first set starts at noon. An eye mask is a must!

Music Festival

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We have already established that most festivals last for 3 days and last from 12 noon to 12 am. That being said, if you’re a newbie, check out the big festivals. If you do, you’re guaranteed a good time.

Coachella lasts two weekends (so 6 days). This ultimately means that some of the main acts will be playing on both weekends. A day at Coachella starts at noon and ends before midnight, so you’ll hear a lot of music.

Music Festival

EDC is a long weekend. But despite its three-day duration, it is the most interesting festival in the country. The party starts at 7-8pm and ends before 6am. EDC is the closest thing to an upbeat 3-day underground, so you need to be pumped for it.

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Ultra Music Festival is also a long-running festival. On Fridays, the festival runs from 4pm to 10pm or midnight, so it’s not that long. Saturday is the longest day – the festival runs from noon to midnight. But their game ends two hours early on Sunday because they have to go to work on Monday.

Music Festival

Like other festivals, Tomorrowland’s opening act is at noon and the last act ends at 12 am. The difference is that Tomorrowland will last 3 weekends! If you dance non-stop throughout the festival, you have my compliments. And my Kandi.

Music festival sets usually last 1 hour. However, it depends on how many acts are performed at this festival. For example, Martin Garrix is ​​a festival headliner and his set lasts 2 hours.

Music Festival

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Although the sets are getting shorter as more DJs arrive at more music festivals, they can still last up to 30 minutes!

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While underground ravers like me are used to a whole night of mellow noise, there are great music festivals all weekend long. Or even two or three full weekends! But don’t let that stop you from hopping on your favorite festival and jamming all night. After all, this is something to be angry about!

Music Festival

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Asean India Music Festival 2022: Bridging The Best Of Southeast Asian And Indian Music

Whether you’re a music lover or a festival goer, check out the best music festivals in Asia. From the cool slopes of Japan to the pristine beaches of Thailand, you can go to the caves of Vietnam or the circuit of Malaysia. Get ready to hit the ground running and experience some of the most unique places in Asia.

Music Festival

Pulling out all the stops for its tenth anniversary, Good Vibes Festival is rolling out its biggest festival line-up for three days this year. International artists belting out dance tunes include The Kid LAROI, NxWorries, Gryffin, local artists like Airlitz and rising Instagram star DJ Jovynn. Good Bites serves food in the food village and now accepts plant-based options. And for the first time, the festival has a Ferris wheel that will provide the perfect backdrop for selfies.

After the huge success of its first event in 2022, Summer Sound returns with a lineup of 30 regional DJs. Held in the beautiful surroundings of Koh Phangan, this two-day festival brings together top underground artists like Acid Sister, Bongomann, Kartik Shekar and more. Dance all day and night on one of the two stages and enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset.

Music Festival

Asean India Music Festival

This annual summer festival will pump up the energy with delicious treats, fashion, art and fun games from an amazing line-up of musicians. In its 8th edition, We The Fest will see more than 20 musicians from Indonesia and around the world, including The Strokes, The 1975, Lewis Capaldi and Dhruv. Welcome event open to festival-goers of all ages (even babies in strollers), book a Cabana or grab a VIB (Very Important Banana) ticket. But if you are traveling to Jakarta, there are also accommodation packages with hotel partners.

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It will be held from July 21 to 23 at the Senayan GBK Sports Complex located at Jl. Pintu Satu Senayaan, Gelora, Kekamatan Tana Abang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daera Husus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia. Ticket price is 1500 thousand MNT.

Music Festival

Japan’s largest and most popular outdoor music festival has something for everyone: Feel Big at Fuji Rock. The three-day festival at the scenic Naeba Ski Resort has seven main stages and features over 200 musicians from all over Japan and the world. Featuring legends and stars like Foo Fighters, Lizzo, The Strokes and Alanis Morissette, this year’s line-up promises to blow your mind. Camp at one of three sites or relax at nearby hotel and B&B options with hot springs. Either way, it looks great!

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It will be held from July 28th to 30th at Naeba Ski Resort, located at 202 Mikuni, Yuzawa, Minamiuonuma Ward, Niigata 949-6212, Japan. Tickets from ¥22,000.

Music Festival

Held at the beautiful M Luong Cave, Equator Festival returns in 2022 after a world-class event featuring over 25 artists and DJs. Japan-based band 5am, LA’s Mez and Norway’s Skatebird rock the Garden Stage, lighting up the cavern. Rock out in the cave, breathe in a yoga and healing workshop, or catch a performance by Peach x Genderfunk x Snug. The three-day event will sell a maximum of 1,000 tickets this year.

Open from 7 April to 9 April at Mỏ Luang Cave, 227 QL15, TT. Mai Chau, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Vietnam. Ticket price is 1,540,000 VND (including ticket processing fee).

Music Festival

Outloud Music Festival Nashville

Taiwan’s premier beach music festival is now in its tenth year, bringing you 51 hours of non-stop music at a new location called Secret Island. Located on a peninsula near Baisha Bay, Secret Island connects the coast to the peninsula’s ecosystem. This means that the festival can be found in the thick of the forest

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