Music Distribution

Music Distribution – The best music distribution services. To help you make the best decision for you and your label, here is a list of the best music distribution services around the world.

Throughout history, technology has always found ways to bring people together. The explosion of online music streaming from companies like Spotify has given access to vast audiences worldwide at the click of a button and completely changed the landscape of digital distribution.

Music Distribution

Music Distribution

For every record label, digital distribution is a necessity to reach all their potential music fans. Today, smart music distribution has become very easy thanks to platforms like Forward that allow your music to reach as many ears as possible. Plus, it helps you get paid for your music.

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Traditionally, distributors brought records to stores, and record companies encouraged people to buy them by promoting their work. Along the way, each of these middlemen took a percentage of the proceeds.

Music Distribution

This system still exists, but technology has greatly advanced the role of the music distributor, not to mention the changes the internet has brought about in the way music is consumed. People spend more time online and spend less money on physical music, so it’s important for record companies to distribute their music through the best digital music distribution platforms.

Physical distribution usually only focuses on big labels that can sell a lot of physical records, so digital distribution has become the smartest way to distribute your releases, keep all rights to your music and start building a name for yourself.

Music Distribution

Best Music Distribution Services & Companies Of 2023

Music distribution is the process of getting your songs ready for listening or download on stores like Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, and Amazon Music, as well as social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

This also applies to physical distribution (such as selling records in vinyl stores) or monetization through services such as YouTube.

Music Distribution

Music distribution is done through a music distribution service like Forward, which helps record companies and artists get their music out into the world. They can be seen as an intermediary between the record company and platforms such as Spotify or Beatport.

A Comparison Of The Best Music Distribution Services

As we said before, the goal of digital distributors is to get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other streaming platforms and digital music stores.

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Music Distribution

Think of them as a digital music store: Once your music is there, people can stream, download and buy your music. In return, you receive royalties based on how and where your music is played.

Like traditional music stores, digital music stores receive music from digital distribution companies. But instead of sending out boxes of vinyl every week, digital distributors supply digital music to the big music stores we mentioned earlier.

Music Distribution

How Has Music Distribution And Consumption Changed Over The Last 100 Years?

So what used to take weeks or months to ship and produce, not to mention a lot of upfront costs, is now as easy and fast as a couple of clicks.

You might think that a record label could upload their music directly to a streaming platform, just like you would upload a video to YouTube or a file to SoundCloud. However, music publishing comes with some complications, such as tracking stats and paying royalties. All record companies need a distribution service like Forward to properly release their music.

Music Distribution

A distribution service basically sends copies of your music and metadata (titles, cover art, authors, headers, etc.) to various music streaming services and acts as a central hub for collecting playback and royalty data. This means you can upload a song in one release and automatically send it to as many retailers as you want. The music distribution service also acts as an intermediary between your pocket and platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or Beatport.

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Without a distribution service, labels would have to send a release to each outlet and streaming service separately, which is practically impossible these days.

Music Distribution

At Forward, we only receive 15% of royalties, and unlike other music distribution platforms, record labels retain 100% of their music rights.

There are many music distribution services. The key is to keep 100% of the royalties. Before you decide, try to find out all the fees and services they offer.

Music Distribution

Musicdigi Digital Music Distribution — Buzzsonic

Forward delivers your music to all the music retailers and streaming platforms that matter, including Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Google Music, Shazam and YouTube. We distribute to over 151 distributors worldwide. .

And the best part? Forward, like Lost on You, is the only electronic music distribution platform that donates all money raised from album sales to help children in the world’s poorest areas. What’s more, our platform includes cutting-edge technology, which means you can upload your song, artwork and post in just minutes from the palm of your hand, giving you more time for what matters most… the music!

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Music Distribution

Once your release is live, you can track streams, downloads and audience daily from the platform. You can also send music to your favorite artists using our ad pool to get feedback, upload music directly to YouTube and SoundCloud, and send newsletters to your followers.

I Made This Chart To Help You Choose The Right Free Distributor For Your Music!

From royalty accounting and sales analytics to distribution and marketing, Ampsuite can help you streamline label management, saving you time and money. The web-based system allows you to connect securely from anywhere in the world to manage your business on the go.

Music Distribution

Kontor New Media is a distributor of music, audiobooks, radio plays, music videos, TV series and feature films and certified MCNs. Equipped with a database that offers streaming analytics, services range from content management and delivery, sales promotion and marketing to in-depth royalty accounting.

Label Worx offers a wide range of services specifically designed for independent record labels. Provides a platform to efficiently manage many areas of a record label, giving you more time to focus on your music. They offer a complete and comprehensive service to independent record companies who want their music to be distributed efficiently and professionally in the global music market.

Music Distribution

Distribute Music For Free With Soundset

Manual Music is a company that deals with management, publishing (in partnership with BMG Talpa Music), digital distribution and of course publishing music on their labels, offering a wide range of genres in the electronic music scene, from electro. -pop and indie electronica to drive dance floor techno.

Proton Sound System is part of the powerful Proton family, which has distribution deals with 850 labels worldwide.

Music Distribution

Label Engine is a global distributor with a full set of free label features and tools. From inventory and distribution to marketing and demo management, Label Engine enables you to maximize revenue and reach with one easy-to-use platform. Label Engine offers distribution to hundreds of digital retailers worldwide and provides full analytics and monthly payments.

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How Music Distribution Works In Today’s Entertainment Business

The Orchard is a music distribution company operating in over 40 markets worldwide, offering a full suite of services to artists and record labels.

Music Distribution

Whichever dealer you choose, do your due diligence first. Google, look for reviews, contact their customer service and actually read their terms and conditions. This way, you can familiarize yourself with their services and have a better chance of choosing the right partner for you.

At Forward Music Distribution we have a more personal approach and we care and work hard to ensure that all the records we distribute on our music distribution platform can move forward and succeed in the music industry.

Music Distribution

Getting Your Music Out There: Distribution And Label Services

I hope you now have a better understanding of what digital distributors do, what motivates them, and most importantly, what motivates us at Forward. We want you to understand which elements are important in choosing the right partner and the right deal.

If you enjoyed this article and are ready to distribute your label through Forward, contact us now and a representative will be in touch shortly. If you want your music to reach a wide audience, it’s time to consider music distribution companies. But what is music distribution? What should you consider with distribution companies? Here, the professionals at Help For Bands tell you everything you need to know…

Music Distribution

Getting music into stores and into the public eye can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. How do you even know where to start?

How Much Are Musicians Paying For Digital Music Distribution?

Digital distribution companies provide the answer and are usually very helpful and provide a great way to help monetize your music while helping you reach a wider audience.

Music Distribution

Music distribution, also known as music aggregation, is the process of getting your music in front of your fans and other music listeners. Basically, you need digital distribution to sell your music in the digital market.

Each distribution company operates a little differently, but the process is the same for each. Artists and labels can upload their music, where it is then checked for quality, including metadata and file errors. Once everything is correct, your music will be sent to the relevant digital stores and platforms.

Music Distribution

Digital Music Distribution

Before you start and to speed up the deployment process, it is important

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