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Music Disc – Minecraft has many items that players can collect in-game to improve their collection. One of the most popular of them is Minecraft Music Disc. We’ll see how we can get that.

Minecraft has many features that keep players coming back to the game. A blocky world is one of them, but music with beats and notes that invite the player into the world is also a big feature. There are currently 13 unique soundtracks available in the game.

Music Disc

Music Disc

Music Discs are special items that play music when used inside the Minecraft jukebox. The discs are named and each has a track that the player can collect.

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Music Discs are Dungeons, Woodland Mansions; Dungeons, An extremely rare item that can only be found naturally in Buried Accounts and Bastion Remnant chests.

Music Disc

The soundtrack features unique styles in 13 genres created by C418 and Lena Raine.

In addition to random loot, players can also obtain music discs through this guaranteed method. The only way to get them is by looting them from the crawler mobs. However, The player can simply kill them to get the disc.

Music Disc

Minecraft 1.19 Music Disc Guide

Players must ensure that the reptiles are killed by skeletons or stray arrows. Drop the music disc only when killed by this arrow. Drops are random among the 13 discs.

In rare cases, If an arrow from a skeleton triggers TNT that kills a creeper. It will also drop a soundtrack.

Music Disc

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Music Disc

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Music Disc

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Music Disc

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Music Disc

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