Music Core

Music Core – Music shows are an integral part of K-pop tradition and unique to South Korea. It’s a great way to watch your favorite k-pop artist performances, but most importantly – it’s a great way to keep track of all the k-pop stuff.

Another fun factor of watching music is seeing the chemistry between the hosts! Last week we were able to check out some special episodes from KBS Music Bank, while today we came to see some special episodes from the host on MBC’s Show! Music core!

Music Core

Music Core

Show! Music Core first aired in 2005 and has a great history of having great presenters, mostly active singers from the industry! Sometimes they treat us with their special episodes that fans really like. Today we are going to examine some of them and boys – they wish they were a team together on their own. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to let us know who you like!

How To Watch Music Show In Korea (kbs Music Bank Edition)

We can not forget the legend that organized this beautiful event. It’s great that he left and he came back to do it all year round!

Music Core

It’s not your GG Baby, but you two took this song by 4MEN to show off their chemistry even more!

These two presenters make us forget when they sang this song! Newtro vibes existed before they became a thing!

Music Core

Hardstyle Music, Core, Gabber, Uptempo, Hd Phone Wallpaper

Seeing a couple of actors as hostesses for the first time in a long time, and fans were really surprised by the singing skills and Their dance!

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Christmas 2016 was specially planned when these three visible stars surprised us with a classic story – “Must be in love!”

Music Core

Lucky Cha Eun Woo has teamed up with Siyeon, not just the whole PRISTIN team to welcome Siyeon as the host!

Music Core Mcs

Hearts jump out of our eyes when we see this new couple owning Music Core!

Music Core

It’s a warm welcome to the latest Music Core presenters and they have been in charge of over a year of our weekly Music Core sessions!

Who says emcee stage can only happen in the first week? These three stars sang together another legendary song that brought tears to our eyes!

Music Core

Bts At Music Bank

What do you think of this list? In the eight years of history for this music show, these episodes are very symbolic. MC chemistry is something that many k-pop fans are looking forward to, and with more and more celebrities taking on the role of host, k-pop fans are happy to see some of their biases as hosts. Which episode is your favorite? Anyone miss this list? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK WORLD TOUR” has become the highest grossing concert tour in history, surpassing the Spice Girls, TLC and Destiny’s Child.

Music Core

Agust D’s ‘D-DAY’ (BTS SUGA) Breaks Record for Highest First Day Album Sales by Hanteo

Show! Music Core (tv Series 2005– )

Suspicion of ‘special treatment’ raised against BTS members Jin and j-hope based on ‘multi-vehicle’ sponsorship at the February 16 inauguration Mina along with Chani and Hyunjin will be releasing their first music show as a host. Gugudan’s Mina used to host shows with NCT’s Ong Seong and Mark. Ong Seong decided to step down in September 2018 and Mark left last month.

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Music Core

Music core is a special program that airs every Saturday since 2005. It presents different elements of the show every week, ensuring that the audience can watch and listen to the best K-pop songs.

SF9 member Chani is the lead dancer of her idol group. He is a popular Idol and even gained a lot of love through his role in the series. While filming 3MC, he said, “It was my first time hosting a show, so I was more nervous than ever. I am performing. When I show my skills as a presenter, I will become a presenter who shows a lovely smile to the fans.

Music Core

How To Attend Kpop Music Shows In Korea

Hyunjin of Straykid is the centerpiece and the perfect aspect of the team. He is widely loved for his rap and strong performances that make him one of the best K-pop newcomers. During the filming, she commented, “I’m scared, but I’m practicing my hosting skills while focusing on My voice and tone of voice, I have not yet shown a fresh smile, I will go. Live responsibly. ”

Mina also expressed her congratulations, “I’m still scared even a year later, but we as the three presenters will lead the show with great cooperation.”

Music Core

The new host is said to have set up special stages with the songs “Fool”, “Attention” and “I like” for the audience in Their first program.

Twice No.1 Encore(mbc《show!music Core》2020/06/20) 哔哩哔哩

Chani will be back with her team this month as well as the weekly guest of honor.

Music Core

. Meanwhile, Hyunjin will line up his tour with his K-pop activities. The busy Millennium film will have a schedule planned to attract fans in the exciting days ahead.

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