Music Artist Him

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Music Artist Him

Music Artist Him

Fete Chinoise was delighted to present renowned lyricist Wing-Him Chan and our exclusive gala performance on Saturday 28th January with our featured artist and special guest Yoyo Sham from Hong Kong. They are two of the most talented creators and producers in the music industry in Asia, and we are honored to have them both with us in Toronto. On January 30th, we had a special chat with Wing-Him at Tone Labs Studio in Markham with radio personality and Fete Chinoise committee member Joseph Tsang. In the evening workshop, we learned about his compositional journey for artists like Yoyo Sham, Phil Lam, Keung To, Ison Chan, and many others, as well as tips for incorporating Cantonese into music notation.

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Asian Heritage Month is a great time to celebrate authors in the Asian-Canadian community, and immigration attorney Nancy Lam is a newcomer to the scene. Her first novel

Music Artist Him

, based on her mother’s journey from China (Hong Kong) to Canada from the 1940s to the present. Told through the perspectives of a mother, daughter, and granddaughter, the story explores the myths and realities of the immigrant journey in North America, including complex relationships, generational challenges, and trauma.

On April 22, 2023, the art world mourned the death of 85-year-old sculptor Ju Ming 朱銘. He was an internationally renowned Taiwanese sculptor known for his abstract sculptures in bronze and steel. unexpected sharp shapes and a modern palette. Many of his works are on permanent display in public places around the world.

Music Artist Him

Clack: Marvin Gaye’s Genius Timeless

Art reflects our ever-changing culture and has the ability to change the values ​​and attitudes of society. Racism and injustice have been major issues during the pandemic, especially in the Asian community, reminding us to stand up to anti-Asian racism, discrimination, and violent hate in North America.

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Halifax-based multimedia artist Jenny Yujia Shea talks a lot about growing roots. It’s probably because she’s had her life taken too many times to count. Not surprisingly, much of his creative work centers on themes of displacement and dislocation, which he attributes to two defining moments in his life: the uprooting of his childhood neighborhood in central Beijing, followed by a decade spent navigating the immigration process in Canada. .Shea’s work is beautiful, yet vibrant.

Music Artist Him

This year was an important event in the family of artist Don Kwan: ​​it will be 100 years since they settled in Canada in November 1922. One of 8 children, Kwan is the third generation of his family and the proudest offspring of he. His grandfather immigrated to Canada when he was only 11 years old. As part of the first wave of Chinese immigrants, his grandfather suffered from China’s discriminatory immigration laws, which imposed a tax of $50 per person (an incredible amount in the 1920s) on each new Chinese arrival. Like many of this generation, his grandfather later married and had children in China before the family moved completely to Canada after World War II. A woman has accused country music star Jimmy Allen of sexual harassment and assault. She worked as her manager for two years, according to a federal lawsuit filed Thursday.

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The 25-year-old said she graduated from college with honors and was hired as Allen’s day-to-day manager on Wide Open Music’s management team, according to the Tennessee complaint.

Music Artist Him

The lawsuit alleges that the company knew Allen posed a threat to subordinates and failed to protect her from the “extreme sexual harassment, abuse, grooming and manipulation he endured to keep her job.”

Beginning in May 2020, “Allen openly and publicly sexually harassed Plaintiff by making comments about her status as a single woman, her innocence, and how attractive she found her to be,” the civil lawsuit continued. “He did this from the stage, in front of the production team and the crowd. During briefings after the performances, Allen would ask the plaintiff personal sexual questions, even if she was a virgin.”

Music Artist Him

Bow Down To God, Not Me’

She said Allen sexually assaulted her after filming “American Idol” in March 2021 when she was “incapacitated and unable to consent to her,” the lawsuit says.

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Last October, the woman went to a supervisor and “reported that she was assaulted and sexually assaulted, told she could no longer tolerate Allen’s abuse,” but “instead of reassigning her,” the company put her on leave before firing her. . according to her civil action.

Music Artist Him

“It is deeply disturbing and upsetting to have someone who I consider one of my closest friends, colleagues and confidantes make allegations about them that are absolutely not true. I admit we had sex for almost two years,” Allen said in a statement.

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“During that time, he never accused me of doing anything wrong and said it was something he wanted to continue our relationship and friendship indefinitely.”

Music Artist Him

“Only after the situation between us ended did he hire a lawyer and ask for money, which made me question his motives,” the artist said in a statement. “The simple fact is that his allegations are not only false, but extremely damaging. I have worked very hard to build my career and I plan to vigorously defend his claims and take all other legal steps necessary to protect my reputation.”

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Elizabeth Fegan, disputed Allen’s claim that the prosecution had asked for money. The lawsuit does not specify the dollar amount requested by the plaintiff.

Music Artist Him

A2im Featured Executive: Rob Weitzner, Evp At Artist Growth

“The only request we have made of Allen and her legal counsel is for a meeting to discuss Allen’s conduct and the resolution of our client’s claims. Our client never made a monetary claim,” Fegan said in a statement.

“The answer was a resounding no, and his team followed suit with threats to take action to publicly discredit my client. My client had no choice but to be proactive in defending him by filing a complaint.”

Music Artist Him

The lawsuit drew immediate fallout, as Allen’s label, BBR Music Group, said he was parting ways with the artist, at least for now.

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“Due to today’s allegations against Jimmy Allen, BBR Music Group has decided to end all activities with him effective immediately,” the label said.

Music Artist Him

“We have suspended our representation due to the recent allegations against Jimmy Allen, which we take very seriously,” a company spokesman said.

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And Allen was scheduled to perform at CMA Fest in Nashville next month. But a representative for the Country Music Association told NBC News on Friday that Allen is no longer with the group, citing “allegations of sexual assault by his former manager.”

Music Artist Him

H.i.m (his Infernal Majesty) Dark Light Tour Poster Us Poster —

Wide Open Music was also listed as a defendant, and a company representative could not immediately be reached for comment.

Three weeks ago, Allen and his wife Alexis “Lexi” Allen filed for divorce because they are pregnant with his third child.

Music Artist Him

They have daughters Naomi, 3, and Zara, 18 months, and Allen is the father of Aadin, 8, from a previous relationship. Ville Germanni Valo (pronounced [ˈʋilːe ˈʋɑlo] (list); born 22 November 1976) is a Finnish singer. , composer and musician. He is best known as the lead vocalist for the gothic rock band HIM.

Him (finnish Band)

Born and raised in Helsinki to a Hungarian mother and Finnish father, Valo began his career playing bass and drums in various bands around the city. In 1991, he was the founder and lead singer of HIM, which would become one of the most successful Finnish groups of all time and would receive its first gold record in the United States. Outside of HIM, Valo has worked with other bands and artists throughout his career, including Agts, The 69 Eyes and Apocalyptica. In 2020, Valo V.V. began his personal career under the pseudonym. His debut album, Neon Noir, was released in 2023.

Music Artist Him

Known for his deep, resonant baritone voice, Valo has the eighth-highest vocal range of any known singer in popular music on VVN Music. He is also the creator of HIM’s signature heartagram, which has gained immense popularity outside of the band’s fans. Valo has won several awards in the music industry and has been considered a sex symbol by various publications.

His father, Kari Valo, worked as a taxi driver before opening the sex shop that she later operated.

Music Artist Him

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