Music Artist Ghost

Music Artist Ghost – Despite the amazing year we’ve all had, some of the biggest rock and metal artists are starting to release and announce new albums. According to Tobias Forge’s interview with Sweden’s VK, Ghost fans can expect to hear the band’s new album in the summer.

This article, translated into Swedish, says that although Ghost’s March 2021 tour schedule has been delayed until the end of the year, the new album will still be released this winter. It also shows that although these unprecedented times are often associated with Ghost’s music, Forge has not written new songs about the world’s plague.

Music Artist Ghost

Music Artist Ghost

It wasn’t just about infection in the medical field,” said the official, “but I have a feeling that in the future there will be doomsday documents and quarantines, and I think I won’t be involved. “

Why Ghost Are The New Metal Kings Of Occult Rock

Last June, Forge confirmed that Ghost will enter the studio in January of this year to begin recording.

Music Artist Ghost

He also talked about delaying it, but no one could do it because of the plague.

In fact, he also said that Ghost will do “absolutely zero” tours this year, so maybe he’s a prophet. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album. Copyright © 2023, Los Angeles Times | Service Agreement | Privacy Policy | CA Announcements Collection | Do not sell or share my personal information

Music Artist Ghost

Ghost Data Exclusive Interview

How Ghost – “occult, pop and satanic rock ‘n’ roll” – conquered metal and print

Instead, it’s Papa Emeritus IV, frontman of the Swedish metal band Ghost, singing from behind a latex and body-painting mask wearing religious garb or wings.

Music Artist Ghost

His persona is the demonic Pope of Ghosts, preaching war and plague as a prophet of doom amidst heavy guitars and clear pop lyrics. Some of the songs are cleverer than thought, from the warning about “belief that infects and spreads disease” in 2018’s “Rat” to the band’s new album “Kingdom”, which mocks empire-building as Russia brutally invades Ukraine. .

Future Sound Brought Ghost Note And 2ŁØt To Deep Ellum

Forge says that he is merely an observer in history and “the cycle of things” as human destructive forces repeat the disaster over the centuries. “Flags, plagues, flus and tyrants come and go,” he says. “Empires come and go. It’s always in cycles because at the end of the day we’re dealing with people.”

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Music Artist Ghost

From a homeless shelter in Sunland-Tujunga, Kathy Pellow runs the major label Sargent House, a place for experimental musicians, many of whom are women.

Forge, 41, is stripping and sipping coffee at a West Hollywood hotel after a night of heavy rock and pyrotechnics and a grand stage designed to display a gothic horror with stained glass windows. Offstage, Forge is impenetrable, wearing an expensive 1988 Candlemass T-shirt, his hair short and curly. He is a thoughtful and quick interviewer, a family man with a wife and fraternal twins in Stockholm. Last night’s show in Orange County concluded with a stadium tour with Danish band Volbeat, which was organized in advance of the release of the band’s fifth album, The End.

Music Artist Ghost

Ghost, Turnstile, Ozzy Osbourne, More Nominated For 2023 Grammys

In training before the trip, Forge contracted a “very mild case” of the Omicron virus. Eight other members of the visiting party now tried the best, along with four crew members. “The whole group had it at the same time, so we had a COVID drill,” he says. The tour went as planned and Ghost will return to the US later this year.

The group’s most recent record, “Prequelle,” won a 2018 Grammy for Rock Album and reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Top 200. The band counts Metallica and Dave Grohl among its biggest fans and attracts many rock fans from childhood. from children’s pop material to grown-up nostalgia for 70s rock hits.

Music Artist Ghost

“Soul has a different personality, which I like to see especially in metal,” says Sammy Chichester, editor of Revolver magazine, a close metal watcher.

Metal Band Ghost Addresses ‘satanic’ Accusations

Forge is able to find pop metal even though he digs his little appeal to the masses. Because of this appeal, Ghost has gone on to compete in some of the most extreme metal arenas. “It’s a common theme – metalheads like to argue,” laughs Chichester.

Music Artist Ghost

“The songs aren’t about God. They’re about a man,” says Forge. At the end of the day, we’re a witch, pop, rock ‘n’ devil band that’s here to entertain a bunch of regular people who are tired of that stuff. “

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Any conversation with Forge quickly reveals that he is a pop music fan, as he regularly mentions Leonard Cohen, the Bangles and the oddity of the Shaggs. Not your high priest of iron. “When I was a teenager I was a deadbeat/black metal in training and mission,” he says. “But I was always listening to a lot of other things. And that’s been true in every piece of music I’ve written.”

Music Artist Ghost

Ghost To Release New Album This Winter

Ghost formed in 2006 with Forge’s self-titled recording “Stand By Her”, steeped in thrash metal and rooted in Scandinavian black metal. The music that followed didn’t stray far from thrash metal, but showed a remarkable progression from the beginning, from heavy keyboard sounds to acoustic guitars.

The group has come up with a full picture full of crazy and strange Catholic traditions, underpinned by gothic flair and comedy. Forge stood at the microphone in the role of the demonic Popes Emeritus (Nos. I-IV) dressed in a happy papal outfit with a group of musicians wearing silver masks. (Flowers now appear in what looks like a gas mask from a dystopia.)

Music Artist Ghost

Forge, the lone member of the group, kept his identity behind makeup and an alias until he revealed his real name in an unsuccessful 2017 lawsuit filed by four former ghosts over wages.

Ghost Share Lyric Video For New Single “twenties”

Now, it’s everywhere: flashing cellphones at concerts. But artists like Mitsky and Bruno Mars are asking fans to watch the show, not their phones.

Music Artist Ghost

“The End” was recorded last spring and summer after the first plan to work with an American producer in the United States was canceled during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Instead, Forge teamed up with Swedish producer Klas Åhlund (Ghost’s collaborator on 2015’s Meliora), and spent some time working on the new song.

He wrote the tune for the upcoming album, a nearly seven-minute piece called “Thoughts in Spitalfields,” on a small electric piano in his daughter’s bedroom. “Twenties” appeared as a history of anger and oppression, in the form of “a demagogue gang leader, who spoke to his followers with complete contempt.” The 80s comedy “Griftwood” is inspired by former Vice President Mike Pence and leaders who use the Bible as a tool of political power.

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Music Artist Ghost

Concert Review And Photos: Ghost With Nothing More In New Jersey

This album also served as a series of hits – “Cobra Kai” and “Peacemaker” – that re-introduced the pop-metal era to the masses, with the help of the 80’s hit by Twisted Sister, Faster Pussycat. , Hanoi Rock, Ratt, Motley Crue, Scorpions and Def Leppard.

Ghost isn’t a throwback to the hair iron era, but it does have a taste of hook and melodrama. Forge didn’t get to see “Peacemaker,” but he did spend some quality time at home in Sweden watching “Cobra Kai” with his teenage daughter. “This series is something special,” he says of the show continuing the Karate Kid movie franchise. “And the music is good.”

Music Artist Ghost

Inside Ghost admits to nostalgia for what is often called “album-based rock,” the general category of rock represented by Journey, Alien, Boston and other radio acts of the 70s and 80s. Forge, who describes the genre, says: “I’m a big fan of the AOR group.”

Ghost’s Tobias Forge Says Spotify Saved The Music Business

Forge was raised by a single parent in Linköping, Sweden, and was taught to rock at an early age by a brother at the age of 13. Before age 10, Forge was buying illiterate English and German magazines, picking up metal, punk and rock. as long as he can.

Music Artist Ghost

As a teenager, his taste became darker and more extreme as he discovered hell metal from Europe and America – turning to something new in the genre after 1994 when he felt things were becoming more refined. he loved the sounds and the pictures.

As Ghost himself becomes more refined in his sound and approach, Forge knows that longtime fans want him to return to the band’s original form. Forge understands the sentiment and admits that he would love nothing more than to make a new album for his youth group to force them to do so.

Music Artist Ghost

Ghost Has Been Announced As A Headliner For Hellfest This June

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