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Music Artist A – In 2018, popular music restricted all genres to try. Releasing more than 100 new albums on Fridays is common. Despite this (or if you get into Barry Schwartz’s opposite choice because of it), radio playlists and broadcast schedules seem to be declining. But pop has peaked in 2018 as artists have moved forward unexpectedly and trending their own way.

For the most part, hip-hop, which dominates streaming charts such as Spotify and Apple Music, dominated 2018 with the Atlantic-based Migos Trap, socially inclined Jay Cole and Travis Scott topped the album charts. Many artists stand by their friends: Drake’s sophisticated song “Scorpion” is released a billion times a week after it was released in late June. Huge popularity of his single (he topped the Hot 100 song charts for more than half of 2018). Post Malone, whose gorgeous rap style used as a freewill that haunted pop radio playlists for another year Not as prominent as Drake (Who could be who?), But his presence is still widespread. Feel. Cardi B, on her 2017 single “Bodak Yellow”, pushed her debut album to Gossip in 2018, at least bringing some feminine energy and a lot of demand despite her guest status for the artist. From Bruno Marsa (who added her to pay homage to his New Jack Swing “Finesse”) Maroon 5 (who threw her on the “Girls like You” bauble) DJ ​​Snake (who challenged her for pop hydra “Taki Taki “with his many heads) gave her the same level of exposure is almost the same as Drake.

Music Artist A

Music Artist A

The year began with Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé’s “Perfect” at the top of the Hot 100, although Beyoncé’s real victory came in June with the release of her unexpected album with Jay-Z’s husband “Everything Is Love”. Gilded and Dizzy It completes the Family Reconciliation album, which begins with the release of Beyoncé and Lemonade’s explosive 2016 concept and 2017 Jay-Z’s constive and introspective 4:44.

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Music Artist A

None of his songs have followed “Perfect” to the top of the Hot 100, but it turns out that the most popular moments of the year are created by artists breaking the record and going their own way. Fear! At the High Hopes disco, the call to optimism, wrapped in thick strings and extended by horns, still sounds like a call to the hand (or at least for the pop artist to take more strings from the Queen) every time it is on the radio. ; Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood” matched the ideals of a powerful melody with lyrics that felt very anxious. And Ella May’s sensuality with the hit “Boo’d Up” brought the influential R&B song back to the playlist after a long drought.

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For years, country radio shows seemed to have a hurried “No Girls Allowed” sign, which frustrated these women who wanted to continue the tradition set by Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. The Pistol Annies, the anti-convention trio of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angalina Presley, published Interstate Gospel, humorous music, a rich collection of dizzying stories about women living on the edge; Casey Musgraves’ sunset “Golden Hour” combines country-style storytelling with soft rhythms and smooth textures.

Music Artist A

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Musgraves went far to abandon the national tour and came to a halt with a bright icon of Harry Styles. It was the same track, followed by the charming Cam steely, who performed with the soul of Sam Smith and the Maren Morris genre, which opened for former One Direction teammate Stiles Niall Horan. In fact, Morris is one of the biggest names in pop in 2018 due to her insistence on “The Middle”, a lovely collaboration with EDM megastar Zedd and electropop duo Gray that works only because of Morris He, moreover, -numbers synth-trembles at the urgent request of a romantic woman.

Maybe Morris, when she enters the studio to record her next album, can invite Robyn, a Swedish electronic assistant who has her first album in eight years, Honey is a Victory. It tells the story of how she crawled out of her abyss with loud club rhythms and a walk in the ocean, nodding her head towards the gruesome rhythms of 2018 pop music before breaking out of sadness. Her and embrace a bright vision of the future. .

Music Artist A

The shaky demeanor was also accepted by Ariana Grande first with her “No Tears Left to Cry” mistake and then by “Thank You Next” her humorous name nodded to her newspaper headline that she In a hurry – recorded and released in a hurry after her breakup with brother Pete Davidson on Saturday night. The timing was perfect and bizarre; Perfect because it capitalizes on the debate on hot topics brought about by its fragmentation, and also because of the freedom from factory delays provided by the age of digital distribution. Strange because its release came just 2.5 months after the release of Grande’s fourth album “Sweetener” and a few months before the start of the tour that accompanied the album. He expressed the possible excitement provided by pop music, which did not work as expected, and it came from one of the biggest music stars, just adding to the intuition. Usually appear – The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis, James Brown, The Rolling Stones and so on.

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Most of these artists have created different musical styles. But what if you break them? We selected the main music genres and discussed who was the best in each of them. Subcategories were not considered. So no heavy metal grunge or funk is better. And we decided not to pretend we knew everything about classical music.

Music Artist A

Instead, we categorize it into rock, soul, reggae, folk, pop, blues, hip-hop, and electronic music. The results of the G.O.A.T. Because all kinds can surprise you or (gasp) make you crazy. But what’s new?

Let’s start with the Blues, which is probably the most influential genre the world will ever recognize as Rock and Roll. There B.B. King was probably the first artist to think of when you think of the Blues. Bessie Smith opened the door for every Blues artist to follow her. Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn keep the genre alive as it begins to drift. And of course, Robert Johnson is probably the most mythical character in the entire history of music. That’s not to mention Howlin ‘Wolf, Buddy Guy, Son House, W.C. Handley, Willie Dixon, Albert King, Freddie King and so on. But we will go with Muddy Waters, who turned the electric blue into an art form and, thanks to a trip abroad in the 1950s, inspired the artists who fueled the British invasion.

Music Artist A

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If we were to pick the most influential country music artists in general, we would pick Johnny Cash. If we wanted our favorite, it could be Dolly Parton. The one with the most visitors, then George Strait. The most influential should be Hank Williams or Jimmie Rogers. But what if we are looking for an artist who defines the history of the best and most influential country music for the future of the genre? It was Haggard who remained the best songwriter of its kind ever, inspiring the countless country singers who followed him.

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We will get it. Kraftwerk is not the sexiest option. Daft Punk, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers are cooler. And artists like Pet Shop Boys, Giorgio Moroder and Brian Eno have done special things with electronic music. But nothing would have happened without Kraftwerk. It can sometimes be difficult to identify a pioneer of one type. But this is Kraftwerk, a band that influences everything that happens.

Music Artist A

We are tempted to be different here. It will not be too difficult, thanks to the enormous influence of Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie, as well as the emergence of Joni Mitchell as a singer and songwriter, and Paul Simon’s incomparable ability as Songwriter. But how do you get on Bob Dylan? Not only is he the greatest folk artist of all time, but he is also the greatest American music artist of all time.

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It’s a debate that can accidentally turn on any street corner in an American city. Who is the strongest rapper of all time? If the technical skills speak the most, you can choose Biggie or Eminem. Cultural influence suggests that it is Tupac Shakur. But perhaps very few people have switched games with lyrical storytelling like Rakim or KRS-One. After all, you are looking for a complete package – skills, scope, effects and effects. In that sense, it’s a two-horse race between Jay-Z and Nas. You can not go wrong with one. Jay wins in the “What have you done for me recently” category. But Nas is still responsible for the best rap album of all time. It’s hard not to notice.

Music Artist A

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