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Korean Artist News – The Halloween raid in Seoul’s Itaewon district on Saturday left 151 people dead and 82 injured.

South Korean actor and singer Lee Jihan died in a gruesome Halloween stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon district on Saturday. 935 Entertainment, the agency that handled Lee Jihan’s work, confirmed this news. He is 24 years old.

Korean Artist News

Korean Artist News

151 people were killed and 82 injured in the horrific incident on Saturday. Thousands of people attend a Halloween party in Seoul’s Itaewon district, causing unfortunate circumstances.

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According to NDTV, the agency released an official statement saying, “Actor Lee Jihan, a precious family member of 935 Entertainment and 9Ato Entertainment, has become a star in the sky and has left us. Our sincere condolences to the actor’s family who are deeply saddened by his sudden death.

Korean Artist News

The statement said, “Lee Jihan is a sweet and warm friend to everyone. We can’t believe we won’t be able to see Ji-han again, the innocent actor who always smiles and says hello.

This 24-year-old artist became popular after participating in the singing competition Korea Produce 101. Then he entered the field of acting through the television show Today Was Another Nam Hyun Dae.

Korean Artist News

K Pop Star Goo Hara Dies At 28

Following the incident, India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar expressed his condolences on Sunday. He tweeted about the incident, “So shocked that so many young people lost their lives in the stampede in Seoul. Our condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones. We stand in solidarity with the Republic of Korea at this difficult time.

Meanwhile, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol declared a national day of mourning on Sunday. “The tragedy and tragedy that should not have happened last night happened in the heart of Seoul,” Yoon said in a statement. The president asked to review the security of the celebration venue and direct officials to ensure speedy treatment of the injured. It was the country’s largest outdoor Halloween celebration since the pandemic, with nearly 100,000 people, mostly young people, participating.

Korean Artist News

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Pooja Hegde says her career in entertainment has not been ‘smooth’: ‘Coming from a non-film family, I…’ Young Korean actor Cha In-ha has been found dead, local media reports. Reporting in South Korea. He is 27 years old.

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Korean Artist News

Cha’s agency Fantagio released a statement confirming his death, saying it was “deeply saddened to deliver sad news to everyone who sent so much love and support” to the actor.

A few days ago, Cha (real name Lee Je-ho) posted a photo on Instagram of himself posing with a white mug and staring gloomily at his cell phone. “Attention everyone,” he wrote.

Korean Artist News

South Korean Actor, Singer Lee Jihan Dies In Seoul Halloween Stampede

Cha’s death is the third death of a South Korean starlet in three months. In October, 25-year-old singer Sully died shortly after releasing a record about depression. Last week, 27-year-old K-pop star Goo Hara was found dead at his home in Seoul.

Cha has only risen to the forefront of the South Korean entertainment scene in the past two years. He is a member of the acting group Fantagio Surprise You and has acted in dramas including “The Banker” and “Miss Independent Ji Eun 2”. He recently appeared in the MBC drama “Love with Floss”.

Korean Artist News

Fantagio asked people not to spread rumors or speculation about Cha’s death and to allow the family to grieve unnecessarily. A private cremation will be held, the agency said.

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The series of deaths of young stars shows the grim reality of the South Korean entertainment industry. At the same time South Korean musicals and TV dramas were reaching new heights of international popularity, thanks to dramatic storylines, great talent, and nearly endless rehearsals, the system became stressful and frustrating.

Korean Artist News

The pressure appears to be coming from demanding that management and fans take to social media to denounce perceived faults in behavior and image.

In the case of Sully and Goo, both were found dead at home, and authorities ruled out foul play. The two seem to have been victims of cyberbullying because of their romantic relationship. Goo and Sully are close friends.

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Korean Artist News

Korean Actor Cha In Ha Found Dead At 27

Although there is no confirmation as to the cause of Goo’s death, it is known that he attempted suicide in March this year after an ex-boyfriend tried to blackmail him by threatening him and releasing a sex video. Amidst the dispute, Goo’s agency terminated his contract.

Song Yoo-jung’s death is the latest in a long list of Korean celebrities who are past their prime.

Korean Artist News

Fans of K-drama star Song Yoo-jung are still reeling from shock over his sudden death. The actress died on January 23 at the age of 26. “Yoo-Jung is a friend who always gives us joy with a bright smile, and a great actress who acts with passion more than anyone,” said Sublime Agency on Instagram. The cause of death was not disclosed.

Korean Actors Who Were Involved In A Scandal After Their Breakout Roles

Song Yoo-jung’s death is the latest in a long line of Korean stars to die young. We take a look at other popular celebrities whose untimely deaths shocked fans.

Korean Artist News

Oh In Hye reportedly committed suicide on September 14, 2020. She was found unconscious in her apartment and later died in the hospital. The 34-year-old actress graduated in Korean broadcasting and entertainment. He has acted in films like Sin of a Family, A Journey with Korean Masters, Eating, Talking and Fucking.

The 24-year-old actress died on February 7, 2020. Jung died of a chronic and unspecified illness. He appeared as a ghost in the popular drama Goblin and had a supporting role in Sulaiman Sulaiman. He had a small role in the 2020 film Search Out and also appeared in BTS’ music video ‘With Seoul’.

Korean Artist News

S. Korean Pop Artist Nancy Lang

The actor died in December 2019 at the age of 27. The cause of death was never revealed. His death is the third in a series of shocking deaths of Korean drama actors. He’s starred in Temperature of Love, The Banker, Clean with Passion for Now, and is currently playing Joo Won-seok in Love With Floss.

The actress, singer and model, better known by the stage name Sully, passed away in October 2019. He was found hanged himself in his house. He was 25 years old then. Sulli, who made her debut as a child actor in the 2005 historical drama Ballad of Xiaodong, is best known as a member of the K-pop group F(X).

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Korean Artist News

Jonghyun, real name Kim Jong-hyun, of the wildly popular band SHINee, committed suicide in December 2017 at the age of 27. Two weeks before his death, Jonghyun sent a 47 line SMS to a friend. He also asked for it to be released once he “disappears from the world (Ed)”.

Scandals That Rocked South Korean Showbiz

Tany, real name Kim Jin-soo, is a solo K-pop star who rose to prominence in 2016 when she released the song “Always Remember”. Tani died at the age of 22 years. The 2 year old was driving with other passengers. : On April 14th 2018 at 30am when a “structure” collided. The car was completely destroyed. His debut album will be released a few months after his death. Mostly speculation and gossip, with little or no clear news on social media and in the press.

Korean Artist News

Fans of K-drama and Korean pop culture tend to cover up their favorite celebrities falling in love in real life until their relationship ends in engagement or marriage.

Subhangi Saxena, 20, who studied at Banaras Hindu University, is an avid K-drama fan who watched more than 20 Korean shows and studied the language to understand the culture.

Korean Artist News

Five Evergreen Korean Actors In Their 40s

“It’s hard to hide an affair when you’re famous,” he said. “K-pop and drama fans always look forward to seeing their favorite on-screen couples dating in real life. Interestingly, many Korean celebrity couples who meet on the set of popular K-dramas are off-screen couples, some even married. One of my favorite K couples is Shin, Min Ai and Kim Woo Bin, because their true story is more interesting than the on-screen romance.”

From falling in love to facing adversity together, this K-celeb couple wants us to believe in love not only on screen, but in real life as well. Kim Woo Bin has been dating “Oh My Venus” star Shin Min Ah since 2015 when they first met for an editorial shoot. Later, the two lovebirds officially confirmed their relationship status in the same year. While Kim Woo Bin was battling cancer, his girlfriend Shin Min Ah stood up

Korean Artist News

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