Jamaica Artist News

Jamaica Artist News – Alkaline returns with a new single, “All Bout.” The Vendetta boss wore his modeling hat while walking[Read more…]

Never play Alkaline music near Chronic Law. The deejay of St. Thomas was at a car party recently [Read more…]

Jamaica Artist News

Jamaica Artist News

Alkaline earns model status as one of the first dancehall artists to represent Givenchy[Read more…]

Why Spice Is Winning In Dancehall

JahShii artiste JahShii has won another award after emerging as Jamaica’s hottest artist and song[Read more…]

Jamaica Artist News

Alkaline is back on the airwaves with his new single, “Lone Madness.” The head of the Vendetta family has been able to [Read more…]

A new generation of dancehall artists brought much needed energy to the recently concluded Reggae Sumfest. For Aidonia, [Read more…]

Jamaica Artist News

Spotify Jamaica: Alkaline Most Played Artiste, Shenseea Most Played Female Artiste

Alkali was saddened by the sudden death of one of his fans following his New Law Concert in Kingston.

Skeng’s performance at last week’s New Law event organized by Alkaline has seen the artist in full [Read more…]

Jamaica Artist News

The dancehall star was in high spirits ahead of her New Rules show in Kingston this week. On Wednesday, [Read more…]

Tabby Diamond Death: Reggae Artist Killed In Jamaica Drive By Shooting, Aged 67

Alkali is paying attention to his fans for Vendetta after one billion views on YouTube and is also preparing to [Read more…]

Jamaica Artist News

Skeng will join Alkaline and company on stage at the upcoming New Law show. After a 2-year hiatus, Alkaline[Read more…]

Alkaline has shared more about his new single “Valum” released ahead of his big show at Reggae Sumfest 2022. About [Read more…]New School Reggae Artists from Germany Are Back to the Roots A New Generation wants to dominate the Jamaican music industry with new music. take the old school sound. Baz Dreisinger takes a closer look at the music revival and the artists leading it.

Jamaica Artist News

Koffee, Already A Grammy Winning Globetrotter, Is In Full Control For ‘gifted’ Debut

Chronixx is one of the biggest new artists in reggae, and part of a new generation of Jamaican musicians giving new old school sounds. By a hidden artist

Chronixx is one of the biggest new artists in reggae, and part of a new generation of Jamaican musicians giving new old school sounds.

Jamaica Artist News

Live bands. Heartfelt music. Key words. I’m probably picturing the Jamaican music scene in 1976, the time of Bob Marley’s life. But I’m talking about the sound that dominated this year’s Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica’s biggest annual music festival.

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Convicted In Tampa, Reggae Star Buju Banton Freed From Prison

Jamaican artist Chronixx, 20, performed live in front of nearly 10,000 fans at the annual event. He is the most popular Jamaican artist of the moment, and he is at the forefront of many musical movements: new school roots. Little Rasta meets hipster. Chronixx says it’s a reboot of what happened before.

Jamaica Artist News

“We don’t do it like Bob Marley or Burning Spear,” says Chronixx. “We’re using their program to bring in a new generation of workers.”

It was a sound in his ears from his childhood. His father is a successful musician known as Chronicle. Chronixx started writing songs at the age of 6 and began publishing as a teenager. He says he went to “reggae school,” which he compares to the high demands of medical school.

Jamaica Artist News

Who Is Vybz Kartel? All You Need To Know About The Jamaican Dancehall Artist

“Apparently, before you go out and do surgery on people, you have to study medicine, biology, chemistry – everything you need to be a doctor,” Chronixx said. “Well, artists don’t do anything different than doctors; it’s human medicine. So you have to learn your art. It’s a science. You have to learn history.”

Although “Know Your History” is an unspoken call for a new roots movement, it’s not about making a carbon copy of the music of the past – even though these artists’ ideas certainly screamed in the 1970s. Take new roots artist Protoje: He describes the style of his 2013 second album,

Jamaica Artist News

“The first song I knew word for word was Slick Rick, ‘A Child’s Tale.’ When I heard Slick Rick – that kind of flow – I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s great!’ I had never heard of such a thing. So I began to follow my style.”

Top Five Most Streamed Reggae/dancehall Artists On Audiomack 2021

Protoje wrote a song called “Kingston Be Wise” about the “Tivoli Massacre” of 2010, when 76 civilians were killed by Jamaican police and military forces, who were hunting Kingston for accused drug dealer Christopher Coke.

Jamaica Artist News

“I sat in the sky and watched the city burn that day,” Protoje said. “So I wrote about that to say, ‘Be aware of these times, be aware that there are a lot of geopolitics.’

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This message is also a command for the current topic: Write your own songs and have a conversation. According to Kumar Bent, the lead singer of the band Raging Fyah, that’s what the new film is all about.

Jamaica Artist News

Grammy Nominated Dancehall Artist Spice Featured In Forbes Magazine

“These movements that are happening now are awakenings of consciousness,” says Bent. “It’s not a song about a girl’s skirt; it’s about raising the bar.”

Add two more silent rules of engagement: First, don’t be silent – collaborate. Artists like Chronixx, Protoje and Raging Fyah form a collective, working together and writing together. Finally: Go straight. Chronixx plays keyboards, drums and guitar, and Raging Fyah headlines the live show. According to Protoje, who only record in the studio, the group’s comeback will draw Jamaican artists into comparison with American reggae groups such as SOJA and The Green, who have come to compete in the national singer for fame.

Jamaica Artist News

“We’re ready to go back there and play reggae music with these bands and show that the real sound is still Jamaica,” Protoje said. “Reggae music was born and raised here and we are ready to show that we are here to continue that tradition.” Artist and record producer Damien “D Howell” Howell has collaborated with Nicky B and Ding Dong on singles. Demwhich was released today (March 27, 2023) by Diamien Records.

Every Black Man Have To Fight’: Buju Banton On Prison And Liberation

Weekly contributors feature the latest Jamaican music and videos to add to your Reggae, Dancehall, Trap and R&B playlists.

Jamaica Artist News

Paula Llewellyn, the Director of All Prejudice (DPP) is well known for her bad looks, but she has shown that Ding Dong can turn her on with her dancehall anthems and dance moves.

In 2022, some of the Jamaican Dancehall artists seem to have made a significant mark that pushed them to videos and sound forward.

Jamaica Artist News

Download Latest Koffee Songs, Music, Albums, Biography, Profile, All Music, Videos

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong was named ‘Chief Dance Officer’ at the Magnum Tonic Wine awards on Saturday (October 1).

Dancehall star Ding Dong has called on the authorities to provide financial support to Jamaica’s leading basketball team, the Sunshine Girls, who have become the country’s free agent.

Jamaica Artist News

Ding Dong’s prediction that his song Bounce, with its dance moves spreading across Jamaica and the world, would become a “huge success”, seems to be coming true.

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Koffee: The New Toast Of Jamaican Reggae

Real Housewives of Dubai star Sara Al Madani has defended herself after claims of cultural appropriation after wearing an Afro wig at Jamaican-born Lesa Milan’s dance party.

Jamaica Artist News

As entertainment fans flock to the venues, selectors like Brandon ‘DJ Fade’ Metz are waiting to greet them with a mix of acts.

It’s high school graduation season in Jamaica, and so far Ding Dong’s recently released songs Bounce and Happiness seem to be the songs principals use to get the shake and dance to the polls across Jamaica.

Jamaica Artist News

In Memoriam: Dawn Scott (1951 2010)

Dancehall star Ding Dong laments the fact that Jamaican Dancehall dancers and dance producers have, over the years, often been abused and humiliated, despite their importance to type and culture.

Jamaican dancer and lecturer at the Edna Manley School of Visual Dance and Performing Arts, Maria Hitchins, has joined her partner Ding Dong, to dispel the notion that the Dancehall genre is in more bad than good.

Jamaica Artist News

Jamaican resorts are avoiding music and videos that promote a life of violence and crime and are banning such content from being displayed on their properties, according to a Dancehall artist. and Ding Dong.

Jamaican Artists Paint Murals To Revive Derelict Downtown

Last week was about Dancehall music as songs were released by some of the world’s top artists.

Jamaica Artist News

In this month’s 7 must-listen songs, we have music from all over the Jamaican music spectrum from upbeat instrumental dancehall to reflective reggae.

Dancehall curator/producer Foota Hype has described the first week of Shenseea’s Alpha album as “shameful” and has revealed that her 5.3 million Instagram followers are fake.

Jamaica Artist News

Jamaica’s Hottest New School Reggae Artists Return To Roots

2021 has come with many challenges for many but as we near the end of this Christmas season, Dancehall entertainers are here to give back to their communities and share the joy of vacation in these difficult times.

Ding Dong is back with his new Dancehall single, this time with two collaborators, American singer Safaree and popular singer Pata Skeng.

Jamaica Artist News

Dancehall queen Spice made a surprise appearance when she joined Bronx singer Capella Gray on stage at the Best Of The Best Music Fest at Bayfront Park in Miami on Sunday.

Reggae Revival In Jamaica Recalls Golden Era Of 1970s

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