Illuminati In The Music Industry

Illuminati In The Music Industry – Beyoncé is many things—muse, icon, trailblazer, Sasha Fierce—but there’s one label she might not be too quick to claim: Illuminati. The pop goddess has been dogged for years with rumored links to the super secret society, with conspiracy theorists pointing to her and husband Jay-Z as the king and queen of the aging group.

But how did the Lemonade singer get connected to the Illuminati in the first place? And who or what is the Illuminati anyway? And, perhaps more importantly – why does it matter if he is, in fact, a ruling member of the secret society? Good questions, not so easy answers.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Queen Bey’s connection to the Illuminati actually stems from her relationship with her husband Jay-Z, who has been associated with the powerful secret society since the late 1990s. achieved success with a string of platinum albums, beginning with 1996’s Reasonable Doubt and spanning In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, Vol. 2… Hard Hill Life and Vol. 3… The Life and Times of S. Carter, conspiracy theorists began to speculate that the music mogul’s powers extended beyond mere talent and ability. In their eyes, Jay-Z was indeed a member of the Illuminati, a special group made up of the intellectual and political elite, who literally rule the world.

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Add to that Jay Z’s Roc Nation hand signature which includes holding both bellies in a triangular shape – believed to be a nod to the triangle symbol that ‘ representation of the Illuminati – and it is beginning to become clear how and why theorists see hints of the couple’s involvement everywhere. Beyoncé’s stunning Super Bowl performance in 2013, for example, drew conspirators into dismay when she lit up the Roc Nation hand symbol at halftime, a move that theorists took as evidence of her allegiance to the Illuminati.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Theorists also point to Beyoncé’s music videos, which are notoriously full of symbolism, as hints at the singer’s double life as Queen of the Illuminati. Her 2008 Grammy-nominated (but largely non-winning) music video for “Single Ladies” has drawn particular interest from theorists, with some arguing that messages can be heard when the song is played. play back.

Internet sleuths have even linked Beyoncé’s rise to fame to the untimely death of R&B singer Aaliyah in 2001, with theorists arguing that Aaliyah was killed because she had tried to escape Illuminati control. According to this statement, Aaliyah was supposed to be the rightful queen of the music industry, but after her death, Beyoncé stepped in to take her place.

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Illuminati In The Music Industry

The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction Ebook By Mark Dice

Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren’t the only hitmakers suspected of being members of the elusive Illuminati. Whitney Houston, Justin Bieber, Bono, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre is among those believed to also be among the chosen, using their combined powers to lead the New World Order.

But so far, none of the theories have been confirmed, although Beyoncé has had to address the current conspiracies in the best way she knows how: in song. Her 2016 hit “Formation” opens with a line that lives up to the rumors.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

“Y’all hate this Illuminati mess,” he screams on the first chorus. Very quickly, however, the hook begins and fans quickly forget about the Illuminati reference, instead watching her deal with much more important matters. Something attractive, perhaps?

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Twitter goes crazy over Donald Trump’s awkward kiss with a Republican not named Melania How a hip-hop conspiracy theory sheds light on cracks in America’s justice system Links between hip-hop and the system prisons appear in laws and words stretching back decades. If you find yourself between these two American centers, it can feel like a trap.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Conspiracy theories exist because we seek simple answers to complex questions. We often need an explanation for tragedy, inequality, confusion, even fear. The conspiracy theories that have gripped hip-hop more tightly, from 2Pac coasting in Cuba to Jay and Bey pledging their souls to the Illuminati, are all based on power: Who’s got it, who wants it , and what someone is willing to do to get it.

In Music Louder Than A Riot’s new podcast, we track the interconnected rise of hip-hop and mass incarceration in America. So it’s no surprise that one of hip-hop’s most enduring questions, a point of questioning and pride that stretches back to the roots of the art form, has to conform to a power conspiracy theory. In the spring of 2012 someone took the time to create a Gmail account. Username:

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Illuminati In The Music Industry

New World Order, Illuminati And The False Prophets — Opinion — The Guardian Nigeria News

The industry’s admission in that message felt like a key that could unlock a mystery linking two of America’s most powerful forces. He said that in a closed-door meeting in the 1990s, the music industry and the prison industry conspired to market music promoting criminal behavior to help law enforcement fill prison cells. .

Rhyme and punishment go hand in hand in America. Listen to a new podcast that explores the interconnected rise of hip-hop and mass incarceration. Higher than adversity

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Was this meeting held as described? Even though that sounds like a person who sent the letter with the name “John Smith,” the scene he painted brought to life an idea that could have formed in the minds of any number of avid rap fans. . For many, it is impossible to imagine that this powerful, new form of black art could exist without forces bent on criticizing, commercializing and take advantage of it. For many more, it is impossible to ignore the deep racism that informs the American justice system and how hip-hop, as an extension of Black America, would fall under the same umbrella of criminals seen.

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It allowed us to focus on communities where hip-hop is made and cultivated, which allowed us to see if the very idea of ​​this unstoppable meeting means anything to artists and think tank we rely on for the stories of how hip-hop, prison, and the police have remained intertwined for more than four decades.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

What did we find? Whether the actual conspiracy theory is true or not is insignificant compared to the real world events that inform the speculation. The dialogue created tells us that the fear and paranoia surrounding how the criminal justice system disproportionately affects black people in this country is real. That variety of responses represents how complex this connection is, how unstable it has been mixing in our headphones and our chatter and our screens for so long.

By looking at all the different parts of the culture, the answers to whether the theory is plausible or not raised more questions.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

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Charlie Braxton (southern hip-hop journalist, Mississippi): “Whether it’s true or not, we don’t know. But I can say this: After the LA riots, there was a lack of treason aware of the signing, and you saw an explosion of gangster rap records and apolitical records. Do you think they sign and promote by accident?” Homeboy Sandman (rapper, Queens): “The relationship between the image of people of color in the media and incarceration is so obvious that I guess it slipped my mind without knowing about this letter.

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Kim Osorio (former editor of The Source, The Bronx): “There is truth in that, right, because I think there was an agenda. I don’t know how effective it was, but someone somewhere had a meeting… “I think politics and economics are at the heart of a lot of what’s going on in the world, not just the world in general. So I’d be sorry to say that I didn’t think there was some sort of album.” Mick Jenkins (rapper, Chicago): “I think there’s been a lot of crazier stuff organized in America. … … I absolutely believe this is an easy line. And so I think it’s very likely that this happened. I think when you see the rise of both that and the images it shows of one influencing the other, it’s hard to argue that something like that didn’t happen.” G Perico: (rapper, LA): “I definitely wouldn’t say it’s impossible. Chances are it happened. Do you know what I mean? And I said it in a song, in a live version of “Pig Feet,” you know: “The people who own the prison also make the laws” … I was definitely feel it could definitely reset.

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Regina Bradley (hip-hop reporter, Atlanta): “It’s not true, guys. It was propaganda that people took literally. “I’m not saying that there aren’t direct connections between the prison industry and the media. That’s not what I’m saying. This very letter, however, was almost like a charm… I just feel it was used to reinforce

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