Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone – The Old Faithful Inn’s awe-inspiring size is the first thing visitors of Yellowstone National Park notice, even from the distant observation bench overlooking the Old Faithful Geyser. This is the largest wooden cabin structure in the world.

Built in 1903-04 and seven stories high, the main feature of the inn is its sloping, gabled, and cedar roof that extends from the heavens to the top of the second floor. Reminiscent of an outdoor leather tent, the expansive roof gives visitors a profound sense of shelter. The 10,000-foot peaks just outside the towering volcanic plateau of Yellowstone inspired architect Robert Reimer to match their majesty with this grand inn.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

As humans, we need to control the wilderness, but paradoxically, we also need to retreat into the wilderness. The Old Faithful Inn serves as a bridge between wild and civilized worlds, offering comfort in the unpredictable rugged world of geysers, hot springs, and wildlife. One early visitor wrote of the view from the porch, “You see both ‘hell’ and ‘paradise’ before your eyes, [and] only once can you make your choices.”

See Old Faithful Erupt And Visit The Old Faithful Inn

In Yellowstone, elk, bison, coyotes and other animals roam the Upper Geyser Basin at will, drawn to the food available year-round due to its constant temperature. When staying at the Old Faithful Inn and from a safe distance, guests can experience wildlife from the boardwalk or from the comfort of the inn.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

Inside the hostel, the lobby is designed to create a sense of community and you will find travelers from all over the world, gathering here, sharing experiences and listening to live music.

If the cedar decorations on the ceiling were icing on the cake, in 1904, the inn headlined the “Widow Walk” – eight flag-shaped candles fluttering from the 13’x72” balustrade. Early morning visitors can reach this observatory by walking through the extension of the lobby. During the inn’s early years, traveler Clifford Allen noted: “Some of the group climbed to the observatory above the hotel and observed the situation from that point on…with the aid of telescopes and opera glasses. There’s no point in climbing this high.”

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

The Old Faithful Inn • National Park Lodge Architecture Society

This towering observatory is named for the early New England waterside homes furnished with widows’ walkways, though early inn visitors sought out geysers and bears rather than husbands returning from whaling adventures. One teenage resident imagined on a moonlit evening in 1913: “I dreamed that I was playing on a tall ship far out at sea. ‘She blew!’…My enthusiasm was gone and I just stared at the faithful old man as the night air filled with steam.

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During the inn’s early history, decorative flags and pennants flew over it. In addition to the U.S. flags and the state flags of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, the two flags read “Upper Geyser Basin” and the last two correctly read “Old Faithful Inn.” Another pennant was once created by the “Yellowstone Park Association”. Two of the eight flags were removed around 1927. Another flagpole appears to have been removed in 1954, with five flagpoles marking the top of the Inn. Bellman Gary Gebert raised the pennant “Yellowstone Park Company” on the fifth flag of his tenure (1969-1980). Recently, the fifth column has been designated for special use. In 2000, it was used to hang an employee-signed banner as a heartfelt memorial to Inn employee Sarah Hulfers. Today, the American flag and three state flags flutter proudly from the top of the inn.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

During the hotel’s first year, a navy-colored spotlight was erected to highlight the nightly Old Faithful Geysers geysers, trash-eating bears or “rotten loggers”, the term sometimes given to young lovers, during a widow’s promenade. Another spotlight was added to this skyline platform around 1910. These “stage” spotlights were removed in 1948. At that time, the Innkeeper closed the Inn and the upper portion of the Widow’s Walk for security reasons. Even after the spotlights no longer cover the inn, visitors can still experience the glow of the famous geyser at night. The first explosion after 9 p.m. — at least until the 1950s — was marked by a spotlight caught in a grove of trees at the end of the East Wing, operated by the National Park Service.

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Reimer has cleverly installed the Old Faithful Inn so guests can enjoy a beautiful view of the Old Faithful Geyser on arrival, but this view is not available to guests upon arrival. Perhaps he encourages guests to wander the outdoors and take part in the pedestrian-rich pilgrimage needed to truly appreciate the geyser basin.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

Walk down the porte-cochere – the original theatrical route – and imagine wealthy clientele leaving a horse-drawn or horse-drawn carriage in early 1900s garb. Long linen robes (rented coats to protect their fine clothes from the fine dust blown by horses, wheels, and the wind), women in stiff white blouses adorned with brooches, slim mittens, with pockets in their hats and pockets.

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Many of these dusty, weary people are no doubt used to the luxury hotels of the East and are ready for a little pampering. Their journey in the world’s first national park is often not easy and comfortable. The roads were rough at first: steep, deep tracks and occasional tree stumps. Roads are watered to keep them “good and dust-free”.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

Old Faithful Inn Dining Room & Bear Pit Lounge, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The decorative iron lamps hanging from the ceiling of the Porte Cochere cheerfully illuminated the entrance to the Old Faithful Inn in 1904 and still are today. Their bright light will be a welcome sight for weary travelers, hinting at the warmth and comfort inside.

Dining in the Old Faithful Inn’s grand dining room is a Yellowstone bucket list experience. A stone fireplace is the focal point of the room, while wooden beams hold the ceiling and ornate chandeliers complete the elegant yet rustic decor. Food is buffet style and the dining room is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reservations are required for dinner.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

The Old Faithful Inn has two more casual places to get food and drinks. Bear Pit Lounge is a great spot for drinks and appetizers, and BearPaw Deli is a takeaway. Are you ready to spend the night in the world’s largest chalet to watch the geysers erupt while sipping a glass of wine?

Old Faithful Lodge Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Imagine watching the sun set over the world’s most concentrated collection of geysers to the sound of live music, or envision yourself sipping a glass of wine in the comfort of your rocking chair in front of a roaring fireplace.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

When it comes to Yellowstone National Park, home to some of Mother Nature’s finest works, the Old Faithful Inn is a must-visit. The largest timber-built structure in the world, the Old Faithful Inn boasts three floors of rocking chairs and seating overlooking the spacious lobby and large multi-faceted fireplace. A high roof has 76 feet of stairs leading to a now demolished crow’s nest, which once hosted an orchestra for evening entertainment and dancing. (Unfortunately, an earthquake in 1959 caused structural damage to the base due to the influx of visitors.)

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The Old Faithful Inn was designed by 29-year-old Robert Reimer after the only hotel in the Upper Geyser Basin burned down in 1894.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

The Ultimate Travel Guide On Where To Stay In Yellowstone Park

Built in 1903-1904, the Old Faithful Inn complements the stunning natural surroundings with its rustic, dramatic architecture and stunning details. The wall sconce and electric chandelier simulate candlelight, the handrails, support beams, stairs and railings in rich and twisted wood make you feel like you are deep inside a secret treehouse.

The East Wing and West Wing were added under Reimer’s supervision in 1919 and 1927, respectively, and Old Faithful was added to a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

With more charm and some chic communal areas, it’s no surprise that the Old Faithful Inn is one of the most requested accommodations in Yellowstone National Park. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive history of the Old Faithful Inn, you might enjoy this Wikipedia article or Christine Barnes’ Old Faithful Inn: 100 Anniversary.

File:old Faithful Inn 2015 Yellowstone.jpg

13 Great Reasons to Stay at the Old Faithful Inn The Old Faithful Inn is an architectural masterpiece.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

According to Wikipedia, “In 2007, the American Institute of Architects conducted a survey to identify the 150 most loved buildings in the United States; the Old Faithful Inn ranked 36th.”

Dormitory windows adorn the inn’s exterior, and the porch porch frames the Old Faithful Geyser to create a dramatic first impression upon arrival. The world’s largest wooden structure features three-story guest houses on sloping roofs. A 76-foot staircase and roof go up to Crow’s Nest, the former providing guests with rooftop views of Old Faithful’s eruption.

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

The Great Indoors

The old house at the Old Faithful Inn also features second- and third-floor balconies with views of the lobby and dining room, a giant multifaceted stone fireplace and a giant handcrafted clock made of bronze, wood, and iron.

However, the inn’s biggest display is wood. Old Faithful Inn is locally made

Hotel At Old Faithful Yellowstone

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