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Hk Artist News – Hopeful: Hong Kong artist shares how her newspaper project covers the city’s dire news

Yanni joined the Post in 2021. She has a bachelor’s degree in communications and majored in international journalism. She previously worked for Reuters covering Hong Kong’s political news, including the passage of the national security law.

Hk Artist News

Hk Artist News

Hong Kong-based illustrator Error Wong, known on Instagram as Ah Keung, hopes the newspapers and other art she makes can bring joy to others. Photo: Jonathan Wong

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, published in March of this year, was unlike any other newspaper you would normally find on a newsstand.

Hk Artist News

The cover, printed on an A3 sheet of paper, did not include photographs. Instead, the page was filled with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. All stories are handwritten by Error Wong, a 24-year-old illustrator from Hong Kong.

Wong, better known on social media as Ah Keung, founded the newspaper earlier this year in an attempt to put a lighter touch on the difficult events the city is facing.

Hk Artist News

Journalism’s Future In Hong Kong Unclear Amid Crackdown

“I think my decision to make a living [from art] is crazy, but I do it because of my [newspaper] readers,” the artist said.

Ah Keung (full name not given), illustrator and creator of The Hong Kong Times, a monthly newspaper covering important news in Hong Kong. 25OK21 / Jonathan Wong

Hk Artist News

Last June, Beijing introduced a comprehensive national security law in Hong Kong that prohibits acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and interference by foreign powers in the city. About 150 people have reportedly been arrested since then.

The M+ Museum Has Removed Three Political Paintings By Chinese Artists As Beijing Continues Its Clampdown On Hong Kong

Later that year, Wong began designing letters that others could download for free from the Internet and use to write to prisoners.

Hk Artist News

Some of the letters contain fun texts, floral illustrations, and cartoon characters exercising. She does this to add color to the lives of prisoners behind bars.

After several months of working on these projects, she noticed that many people read the Hong Kong news in a rather overwhelming way.

Hk Artist News

Art Basel Hong Kong 2022

“Reading the news has been exhausting for all of us. Why not summarize the most important news of the month and then let my readers come back to them when they are ready?” Wong recalls his thought process.

In March of this year, she printed 100 copies at a cost of HK$30 each. Customers could buy her at select independent bookstores or through her Instagram account.

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Hk Artist News

All 100 copies sold like hot cakes, so now she prints 200 copies of each edition. Since then, her Instagram account has grown to over 7,800 followers.

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The main story of the first issue was about 12 refugees from Hong Kong who were caught by the Chinese authorities on the mainland while trying to escape to Taiwan by sea.

Hk Artist News

Since its first issue, it has illustrated the success of Hong Kong athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Other stories she has covered include the dissolution of the Professional Teachers’ Union and the Wall-fare inmate rights group.

“I don’t fill the entire newspaper with depressing news,” Wong said. “I also want this to be a place of recognition for the hard work of Hong Kongers.”

Hk Artist News

Mak2 Featured On South China Morning Post As One Of The Selected Artist Of Art Basel Hong Kong 2023’s Marketing Campaign

Of all the illustrations she drew, one is close to her heart. This is her drawing of a father holding a sleeping baby girl on the Mong Kok footbridge, overlooking many neon lights.

“A lot of [neon lights] were filmed. The culture of Hong Kong is slowly disappearing. Too much uncertainty for the next generation,” she said of the drawing.

Hk Artist News

In the beginning, Wong planned for the paper to run for 12 months. Fearing that her freedom of expression could face reprisals, she is unsure if she will continue to operate beyond one year. But she wants it to work.

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She now sells a calendar for 2022 with an illustration of each month, and its theme, emigration, is a hot topic in Hong Kong.

Hk Artist News

“I hope this will console everyone, whether they are here or already gone,” the artist said.

Lately, she has received more requests to have her newspaper delivered overseas as her clients move out of town. She estimates that 20 of her regular readers are leaving Hong Kong for good.

Hk Artist News

Hong Kong Collectors Finally Started Paying Attention To Local Artists During Lockdown. But Will It Last?

“In the process of painting, I realized that all I want is to cheer people up,” she said. “If people smile or laugh when they see my drawings, that’s enough.”

Click here to download a printable worksheet with questions and exercises about this story. Answers on the second page of the document. HONG KONG, CHINA: April 1, 2021 Modern and contemporary art specialist Christine Wang corrects Pablo Picasso’s “Woman in a Lilac Beret” painting, exhibited at the Bonham Gallery at the Hong Kong Admiralty. ahead of the New York sale in May 2021. A painting by Picasso’s greatest muse Marais-Thérèse Walter is on a world tour to attract buyers who have traveled from London and Paris to Hong Kong. The price of the masterpiece is estimated at 15 million US dollars. Live News/Jane Russell

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Hk Artist News

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Artist Offers Surreal Take On Hong Kong Life

Art sale artwork auction auction house auctioneers beret bonhams bonhams auction house bonhams hong kong bonhams new york bus china chn multicolored colors cubism expressionism femme au beret mauve girl in purple beret gloves hanging painting continues painting hong kong and hong kong modern art impression sal- teres walter marie-teresa walter master painter masterpiece modern artwork contemporary artists muse new york art sale new york auction pablo picasso pablo ruiz picasso painter painting picasso picasso on display at bonhams hong kong portrait post-impressionism purple beret spanish spanish artist art week surrealism, when the whole city is painted with art, including art fairs, auctions and museum events. Among them, Whitestone Gallery participates in Art Central, an event that is the heart of Hong Kong Art Week. In this article, we present Art Central and the Hong Kong art scene, which has regained its vitality after the global catastrophe caused by the coronavirus.

Hk Artist News

Art Central, which turns 8 in 2023, is one of Hong Kong’s most important art fairs. Since its founding in 2015, it has become an international art fair, showcasing the work of artists from Asia, Europe, the US and around the world. In addition to traditional paintings and sculptures, he also focuses on contemporary art, including the latest media such as installations and video works. There are also workshops and talks, making a fair that attracts many art lovers.

However, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the art industry. Initially, Art Central had to postpone its annual fair, which normally takes place in March, until May 2020. Unfortunately, this year’s fair was canceled due to the pandemic. Despite difficult conditions such as travel restrictions and access restrictions, it successfully passed in May 2022. This year, in 2023, it returned to its regular schedule in March and was able to receive many visitors.

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Hk Artist News

Body Brush: For Generating Virtual 3 D Painting

Hong Kong has a significant presence in the art industry, with major galleries and auction houses located in the city. March is usually the heyday of Hong Kong’s art scene, with a variety of art events such as the prestigious Art Basel in Asia, auctions by major auction houses, exhibitions at museums and events organized by galleries.

In recent years, Art Basel Hong Kong, one of the world’s most famous art fairs, and Art Central have been simultaneously held at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center. A concerted effort has been made to enable visitors to enjoy both fairs by issuing a single ticket for the two fairs. March in Hong Kong is a unique opportunity to appreciate the diversity of the Hong Kong art scene.

Hk Artist News

As the world slowly returns to a more open lifestyle after a restricted life during the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2023 Art Central Art Fair has become an event that shows a future in which art attracts art lovers more than ever before.

Art Basel Hong Kong Has Its Grand Reopening

This year the Art Center will run until March 25. The Whitestone Gallery website will provide staff details at a later date.

Hk Artist News

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The dinosaur in Luke Ching’s Tai Wai subway station ad is inspired by the “garbage bug” mascot of the 1970s Hong Kong anti-garbage campaign, with dots reminiscent of those depicted in Japanese artwork.

Hk Artist News

Hong Kong Freedoms Fade As Security Law Muzzles Dissent British East China Fujian Chinese Communist Party

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