Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia – Tom Simpson began his collecting career with a deck of baseball cards in Meigs, Georgia in the 1950s. They came in wax packs – five cards plus a pink sticky Pepto-Bismol swab. Nickel used to bring you a trip to collectible nirvana when a Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays card appeared.

Unfortunately, the baseball cards of his youth were destroyed or lost. But instead of trying to rebuild his old card collection, Mr. Simpson spent the next few years building a collection of sports, music and other memorabilia that he organized on the 25,000-square-foot property he shares. His wife, June Simpson, lives in Thanotas, Florida, outside of Tampa.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

Mr. Simpson’s collection includes game-used items covering the 1961 New York Yankees; Mickey Mantle’s autographed bat used in the ’61 World Series, which he purchased at auction in 2009 for $20,000, Roger Maris’ autographed ball from the ’61 season, Tracy Stallard’s autographed ball that served Maris. Home run #61 and a ball autographed by Sal Durante, the fan who caught it in the stands.

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Mr. Simpson has autographed baseballs from Babe Ruth and Mantle, gloves belonging to Ty Cobb, a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan, another autographed by the entire 1992 US Olympic gold medal basketball team, and boxing gloves Muhammad Ali. – All this is exhibited in this museum-like cave inside the house.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

The property, called Mission Largo, is located along the western shore of Lake Thanotosa on approximately 22 acres with approximately 700 feet of shoreline. Mr. Simpson, 77, and Mrs. Simpson, 74, sold their Tampa-based Medicare cost-containment business, Health Advocates, to AmerisourceBergen in 2006 for $83 million. Construction of the Tampa property began in 2008. area and Ms. Simpson grew up there. The property was completed in 2012. It has six bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a seven-car garage.

The building’s design was influenced by the Adamson House, built in 1928 on the Pacific Coast in Malibu, California.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

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The design of their Tampa home comes from Mission Santa Barbara, a variation on the classic Spanish Colonial style. However, design often took a back seat to the eclecticism and collections of The Simpsons. According to builder Gary Brown, CEO of Tampa-based Sterling Bay Homes, “the owners wanted the exterior to have a traditional colonial design, but each room had its own life and style.”

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“It’s a Santa Barbara mission, but we’ve mixed it with other influences,” Mr. Simpson said. According to him, only the construction of the house cost 13 million dollars. Another $3 million was spent on landscaping and architectural work. Add in a barn that was used for weddings, plus a two-level indoor lagoon with a waterfall, and the total construction cost was $21 million.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

The main house features a 20-seat, 1,500-square-foot replica of the Tampa Theater. The ceiling and walls of one of the home’s hallways are decorated with Fender guitars signed by The Beach Boys, Aerosmith and others, as well as Liberace’s stage jacket, John Lennon’s newsboy cap, Elvis’ .38 rifle and the gun he used for “Uncle Junior.” soprano Tony Soprano stars in the first episode of The Sopranos Season 6. That’s what Mr. Simpson calls them on the Walk of Fame, and if you’re keeping an eye out for collectibles, you might miss the terrazzo floor with a brass rod bearing the names of famous people The Simpsons have met on their charitable travels.

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At the end of the Walk of Fame is the arcade, where old Yankee Stadium seats are converted into bar stools. Plush furniture is spread throughout the room, and a scale model of Tropicana Field is painted on the astroturf-like carpet. Mr. Simpson’s collectibles are scattered across the field and hung on the walls. Without design, the cost to build a game room was about $150,000 a decade ago.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

Some of Mr. Simpson’s collections are modern. One of the lighted displays — one of many — features a 2004 Stanley Cup-winning Tampa Bay Lightning jersey, Johnny Weir’s Olympic skates and an Olympic soccer ball signed by Mia Hamm. The exception is the bat, which is signed by Minnesota-based pool artist Fats.

The old stuff seems pretty fragile. “The signature on the Babe Ruth ball is showing signs of fading,” Mr. Simpson said. He won the ball at auction in 2009 with a winning bid of $6,500. “Ty Cobb’s gloves look like little kid gloves. I don’t know what can be done to save them. He said he has purchased autographed and game-used items at auction and they have been vetted by industry appraisers and come with certificates of authenticity.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

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The value of these items varies depending on factors such as their condition and age. The legibility of the signature also affects the meaning. Sportsmemorabilia.com offers approximately 52 autographed Babe Ruth Mr. Simpson-like balls. The most expensive model as of November 30 is $356, $357.99. Ty Cobb’s Mr. Simpson glove sold for $8,000 at a Huggins & Scott auction in 2009.

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The house has not only collections, but also surprises. Not far from the game room, the decor changes again, this time to the presidential one.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

Seats from the old Yankee Stadium, which was demolished in 2010, are installed on barstools and placed in the ballroom.

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A life-size replica of the Oval Office of the White House, including a carpet with the presidential seal and a model of the desk used by former President John F. Kennedy.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

“I was in California when I came up with the idea to do the Oval Office and the house was already being built,” Mr. Simpson said. He purchased a replica of the desk used by former President John F. Kennedy in the Oval Office from Arte de Mexico, an architectural firm based in North Hollywood. The table appeared in the 2005 film National Treasure.

“Nothing in the room was oval,” said Mr. Brown, the builder, “when Tom called and asked if his study could be turned into an oval study. The walls and windows were already up, so we had to make the interior of the wall, which was oval. We put it there to emphasize it. Oval, vaulted ceiling.” The office occupies 900 square feet on the third floor.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

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Mr and Mrs Simpson’s philanthropy means they often host events at home where Mr Simpson likes to show off his collection. “It’s a really great feeling to show your collection to guests,” he said. “One acquaintance who was in Cooperstown said he liked my collection and that it was better organized than the Baseball Hall of Fame.” The space has plenty of memorabilia, a bar and plenty of room to watch the game.

The house lacked storage space for Los Angeles business executive Gary Cypress’ extensive collection of baseball memorabilia. Instead, Cypress created a private baseball museum in a warehouse that houses his collection, estimated at $30 million. The warehouse has 30 different galleries and Cypres occasionally opens it up for youth charities. Items inside the museum include a Jackie Robinson jersey, a fur coat worn by Babe Ruth and a rare Honus Wagner baseball card valued at $500,000.

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Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

You probably don’t need a warehouse to store all your valuables, but these secret places will keep your valuables safe.

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There’s that, and then there’s the style Georgia Smithwick and her son Peter rock when the Houston Texans play. They appeared in their tricked-out trailer during the Texans’ playoff game against Indianapolis this season in Houston.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

Barry “Hatchet” Vagnoni, a self-proclaimed geek and die-hard Eagles fan since 1954, built what he calls “The Locker Room” as an addition to his home to store all his Eagles memorabilia, as well as provide seating for 100 people. 150 people.. People are watching games there. No one can access the “locker room” but must become a member of the “locker room”. “Dressing rooms” were named the number of the nation. 1 went down to Bud Light and the van won Philly’s Coolest Sports Fan from Dunkin’ Donuts. “The Hatchet” You don’t have to worry about getting everyone on TV, but if you do, here are some tips to make it easier for everyone to tune in.

A dedicated Julius Erving fan has amassed a collection of the shooting guard’s memorabilia. From the warmup to the jersey to the shoes, it looks pretty cool on one of the NBA’s best players. You will be shocked by some of the gems featured on the Antiques Roadshow.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

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Reggie Jackson has built a Hall of Fame career on his ability to hit home runs, and this career highlight really knocks it out of the park. This collector has all the Jackson cards he’s collected in a display they built themselves using an IKEA hack.

If you have a few bouncers in your house, you’ll want to know these tips on how to tie up their gear.

Hall Of Fame Sports Memorabilia

This collection room spans 25 years

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