Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

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I tested the feature-rich Google Nest Dog. See how it’s made and is it worth the money The Google Nest Protect is more than three times the price of a regular smoke detector, is it worth the money? Join us!

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

Few can argue the importance of having quality smoke detectors in your home. The sole purpose of these devices is to alert people to life-threatening situations, and there is no point in jumping on them. But don’t you need to log into an online smoke detector? This hands-on review of the Google Nest Protect smoke detector will answer that question.

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The Google Nest Security is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that costs more than three times as much as a typical combination detector (usually between $25 and $30). That premium price gets you a host of features, including advanced dual-sensor technology, voice alerts, wireless connectivity, active road lighting, and mobile connectivity, among others. Also keep in mind the value of Google’s trusted brand in a smart home market filled with low-quality products.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

I put the Google Nest Alarm to the test to help buyers decide if this smoke detector is worth the money. I put the Nest Protect to the test to see how easy it was to install and connect to my phone, and how quickly and how well it turned on in smoky conditions (simulated, of course). Read on to learn how it works so you can decide if it’s right for your home.

For those unfamiliar with Google Nest Protection, let’s take a quick look at the device, as it never detected smoke. The Nest Protect is essentially a three-in-one security device, featuring dual-sensor technology that offers carbon monoxide detection and two types of smoke detection. Most smoke alarms can detect a rapid fire or fire, depending on how it is detected. Google Nest Protection can handle both situations to detect dangerous situations quickly and accurately.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

Nest Protect Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector From Google Nest

What’s more, Google Nest Protect also interacts with the Nest app, which users can connect to smoke detectors to alert them to dangerous situations, even when they’re not home. If the Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide or smoke, or if the battery life is low, it sends an alert to the user’s phone. At the same time, it will provide detailed voice prompts to help reduce confusion in already crowded environments.

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Through the Nest app, users can also connect multiple Dog devices in the home—a huge plus, because if one device sounds an alarm, all of them will be activated. Since the Google Nest Dog offers voice alerts, it will provide anyone within hearing range with a detailed description of the danger and its location.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

Finally, while the Nest Dog may appear to be nothing more than a speaker, it has a built-in street light that glows blue night-time when it detects motion. When the siren sounds, the light turns solid red, helping residents find their way through smoky conditions.

Smoke Detectors & Smoke Alarms

From the moment I unpacked it, it was clear that the Google Nest Protect was unlike any other smoke detector I’ve ever used. It comes in a double flex box with clear installation instructions – not just what to put in, but how to install it properly. Although this detector is quite advanced, these instructions make it easy to install.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

With most smoke detectors, the first step is to install the base on or near the ceiling, which is the case with the Google Nest Protection. It comes with four high quality screws and a base inlaid with washer type material. The ring mounts to the roof without issue and seems to be of better quality and function than others I’ve tested at the same time.

When installing a standard smoke detector, this is where you put the batteries, bring the smoke detector to the base, and press the test button. Not so with Google Nest Protection. First, you must remove the page from the device to activate the built-in battery. Then you download the Nest app (more on that below) and scan the QR code on the back of the Protector to connect it.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

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The unit then went through a series of self-tests, after which I was able to mount it on the mount with no issues. In fact, there is enough adjustment in the base to allow me to make the protector very square relative to the wall (most serious DIYers will appreciate this).

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It’s helpful to look at installation (blocking the smoke detector on the wall) and setup (downloading the app and connecting it to the device) separately. As mentioned above, installation is easy. However, the series has a small quirk.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

As mentioned, the Google Nest Protect needs to be paired with a mobile device before it can be mounted to the ceiling. There’s a QR code on the back of the device designed to make setup as easy as possible. In theory, all it takes is to download the Nest app and scan this code. But it took me a few tries to successfully connect Google Nest Protect to the Nest app on my Samsung S21 Ultra. It’s definitely not a Wi-Fi issue, as I’m no more than 15 feet away from the router. However, the defense eventually rallied, and from that point on, everything was easy.

Google Nest Protect 2nd Gen Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Wired

Setting up your Google Nest Dog requires naming it, which is done through the Nest app. This is for several reasons, such as checking the status of individual devices, but mainly because voice alerts can reveal hazards and their location within the alarm assembly. I labeled mine “Office” because that’s the room I tested it in.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

Looking and feeling good is all the rage when it comes to smart devices, but does it really matter when it comes to life safety devices? Probably not, but that could be a nice bonus.

While testing the Google Nest Protection, I also tested several other smoke detectors. The Nest Dog stays put, blending into the room and looking more like a speaker than a smoke detector. Since the base (i.e., the mounting ring) allows the user to swivel to adjust the position of the device, a quick adjustment makes it square against walls and ceilings for a better look.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

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There’s also a navigation button in the middle, with a regular blue light that blinks slowly when it detects movement. However, this light turns bright red in alarm mode, and the button in the middle turns off the device. With many other smoke detectors, the mute button is hard to find and the motion is so small that I wonder if I hit the button if the alarm doesn’t immediately silence. With Google Nest Protection, there’s no guesswork involved—the button ‘snap’ is self-evident (especially since the alarm goes silent almost instantly).

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The Nest app is also well-designed – very simple to use (once the device is set up, that is). It is simple and easy to check the equipment status at any time.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

The nice look and feel of the Google Nest Protect doesn’t matter if the device fails, so I simulated the smoke scenario using a plastic smoke canister designed for smoke detection testing.

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After spraying the device with two cans of smoke quickly, the alarm went off 10 seconds later: “Office emergency smoke!” It then started beeping like a standard smoke detector and went on to describe the danger. Compared to other smoke detectors, the Nest Protect has one of the fastest alarm times. If this device were to connect to other devices, they would all alert with the same speed and clarity.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

When I turned off the siren, it immediately stopped beeping — a feature not available with many other smoke detectors. Press the main button once to mute the device.

The Google Nest Protect retails for $119 at just about every retailer that sells it, and it’s also available in multi-packs for small savings per device. That’s a lot of money for a smoke detector. But when I consider what the cheaper devices offer, I think the price tag is justified.

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

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In my actual testing, three of some models’ eight smoke detectors refused to silence at all, while others required several “faults” to stop the alarm. An app-compatible device is used for mobile access and costs far less than protection and requires a separate network purchase. In my testing, a device with voice commands wasn’t as transparent as the Dog, didn’t have editable room names, and didn’t sync with other devices.

Google Nest Protection does all of these things very well. The challenge I found was synchronizing it with the app, which is much easier than

Google Nest Smoke Detector Installation

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