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Good News In The World – Welcome to the good news of the gospel. If you’ve made it here, you’re looking for positive stories and we’ve got you covered. Here are today’s positive headlines. We hope they inspire and motivate you.

The first 3D printed military school built in Ukraine New device can reduce shark catches by 90 percent; First woman to referee a Men’s World Cup; Rolls-Royce and easyJet have successfully tested a green solution for the aviation industry. and Lessons from the 95-year-old, which won best new artist at the Latin Grammys.

Good News In The World

Good News In The World

Click the video above for the full story and explore further below. The first 3D printed school in Ukraine

Good News In A Bad World

More than 2,000 schools in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed since the Russian invasion began last February, but the pioneering project hopes many Ukrainian children will be able to resume their education.

Good News In The World

TEAM4UA, a non-profit technology and humanitarian startup working with city authorities, is behind this ambitious initiative that aims to build schools using 3D printers.

Several companies have offered to donate technology to help lay the groundwork for the world’s first 3D printing school to be built in a war zone. It has already been placed on the street of Lviv, where people displaced by the war live. .

Good News In The World

Good News About Covid 19

Jean-Christophe Bonis, founder of Team4UA, explains why the first goal was to build a 3D printed educational building: “Because there are many internally displaced people here [in Lviv]. Refugees from other parts of Ukraine and these children must be. You can go on flowing and surviving.”

Bonis says that his goal is to create a pilot first, “something relevant and the best way to mix the needs of the school on the ground. Many people lost everything, so the hospitals, After building the houses, I will help. But that’s the next step. First, to show then to expand.”

Good News In The World

The bluefin tuna fishery kills sharks annually; About 100 million skates and rays are dead.

The Greatest Good News In The World” Gospel Tract

Since 1970, the global population of oceanic sharks and rays has fallen by 71 percent due to this practice, but a clever new tool should mean that the cuts have been significantly reduced.

Good News In The World

SharkGuard pulses every two seconds to repel sharks and stingrays from hooks. The pulse short-circuits electrical sensors around the shark’s mouth, causing the fish to swim away.

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SharkGuard pulses every two seconds to repel sharks and stingrays from hooks. LUSA

Good News In The World

Good News Kids

Dr Rob Enever, head of science and suction at Fishtek Marine, the conservation engineering company that designs and manufactures the device, explained that sharks and rays (as the elasmobranch group is called) have a unique way of protecting themselves from other fish . They have receptors in the skin.

“There are actually little gel-filled sacs in and around the nose that are very sensitive to electric fields. They are very sensitive in a way that other fish are not.”

Good News In The World

The logic behind the invention is: “If the fish you don’t want to catch is sensitive to electric fields, you should research electric fields to make sure you don’t catch sharks, but we do. We catch tuna.”

Do You Want The Good News Or The Bad News First?

In tests carried out in the longline tuna fishery in France, SharkGuard has been shown to be very effective in reducing the number of sharks and rays caught by commercial fishing gear.

Good News In The World

“We could see that the impact of SharkGuard was, in this example, a 91 percent reduction in blue shark bycatch and a 71 percent reduction in snapper catches in that fishery,” he said. .

“We’re hearing all the stories of species in steady decline,” he said. But there are companies like us and others doing great things.”

Good News In The World

The Happy News

France’s Stéphanie Frappart became the first female World Cup referee to referee the Costa Rica-Germany match on December 1st.

Referee Stephanie Frappart of Qatar During the World Cup Group E soccer match between Costa Rica and Germany at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. Thursday, December 1 Matthias Schrader/Copyright 2022 The AP All rights reserved

Good News In The World

Their assistants were the Brazilian Neuza Back and the Mexican Karen Díaz Medina, who became the first team of female referees to participate in a men’s World Cup.

Spreading The Good News Around The World

In March, Frappart became the first woman to take part in the qualifiers for the 2020 Men’s World Cup and Champions League.

Good News In The World

The French referee said she did not particularly expect to be selected and said: “It is a great honor to represent France at the World Cup.”

But she is clearly focused. “I’m going here with very big emotions. But it’s clear that the important thing is on the pitch.”

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Good News In The World

And Now, The Good News: Pessimism Isn’t Warranted. If You Can Take The Long View, The World Is Getting Better

Referee Stephanie Frappart chats with Germany’s Kai Havertz during the World Cup Group E soccer match between Costa Rica and Germany at Moises Castillo/Copyright 2022 Al Khor, Qatar. all rights reserved

They earned the position by passing the same aptitude tests as their male counterparts and maintaining the same performance standards.

Good News In The World

Britain’s Rolls-Royce and easyJet say they have marked a world first for the aviation industry after successfully testing an aircraft engine powered entirely by green hydrogen created by wind and tidal energy.

And Now For The Good News… By Ruby Wax

The luxury carmaker said the ground test was “an important step in demonstrating that hydrogen can be the carbon-free aviation fuel of the future.”

Good News In The World

Rolls-Royce and EasyJet aim to demonstrate that hydrogen can help the aviation industry reach its goal of reaching net zero by 2050.

Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics, didn’t create his first superhero until he was almost 40 years old when he published The Fantastic Four.

Good News In The World

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Miguel de Cervantes was fifty years old when Don Quixote was published, and the French artist Paul Cézanne was the same age when his work was recognized.

Angela Álvarez, who is now 95 years old, is the oldest person to be nominated in the Best New Artist category at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Good News In The World

Angela Alvarez poses in the press room for Best New Artist at the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards at Mandalay Bay Michelob Ultra Arena on November 17.

Good News From The Next World By Simple Minds (album, Pop Rock): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song List

Alvarez told Spanish agency EFE that he began writing songs in 1942 with the dream of becoming an artist in Cuba, but it took him eight decades to release his first album with the encouragement of his grandson.

Good News In The World

“What I feel is something wonderful and beautiful and I can’t find words to describe what I really feel. I am very happy and satisfied with what has happened in my life,” she said.

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Good News In The World

Good News Stories From 2019 Illustrated By The Happy Broadcast

Until next time It may be hard to find among the headlines, but remember that some news can be good.

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My Europe World Business Sport Green Next Travel Culture Video Here are all our plans to grow: Spain Türkiye Algeria Tomorrow Qatar Podcasts Climate space Dubai Angola Depth of field 360 The new Uzbekistan Explore Azerbaijan Digital garden City Nation Galaxy Brain Investor Everything you want Explore Greece Kerala Under the Hood Brazil Crans Montana Sparkle Invest in a Green Future COVID-19 has dominated the news cycles and captured most of our attention and energy as it affects every aspect of life around the world. The epidemic further highlights existing and growing gender inequalities, such as unpaid care work and domestic violence in our homes. While these urgent needs are at the forefront of our thoughts and actions, today we also want to celebrate some of the milestones we achieved in the summer of 2020.

Good News In The World

Join us as we celebrate some of the highlights of gender equality and women’s rights that you may have missed in recent months.

The Week’s Good News: June 23, 2022

In May, Sudan’s government approved an amendment to its criminal law that effectively bans female genital mutilation.

Good News In The World

Anyone who performs FGM, whether in a medical facility or outside, faces up to three years in prison and a fine.

In June, the US Supreme Court upheld a civil rights law to protect gay and transgender workers from discrimination.

Good News In The World

The Good News In A World Of Fake News, Part 3

The original Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited discrimination based on sex, also applied to discrimination based on sex and gender, according to the ruling.

New Zealand law in place since 1972 ensures that women and men receive the same pay for the same work, but this year’s Equal Pay Amendment Bill emphasizes pay equity and tackles some of the persistent causes of the gender pay gap: women underpaid and undervalued.

Good News In The World

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