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Funny News In The World Today – When politicians are compared to fruits and vegetables, it’s usually not a good thing. There’s Liz Truss and her old lettuce as UK PM, Donald “The Orange” Trump and his im-peach-ment woes with the late Zambian leader Michael Sata, who didn’t live up to the knobbly sweet potato.

But in Taiwan, politicians are lining up to be photographed with vegetables as the island heads into election mode.

Funny News In The World Today

Funny News In The World Today

It’s all because of Taiwan’s love of homonyms: words that sound the same but have multiple meanings.

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The politicians of the walkabout are filled with gifts garlic not Ward out of all vampiric tendencies but because the Chinese word is similar to the one “chosen”.

Funny News In The World Today

Radish daikon is also popular because it is said to be almost synonymous with “good luck” and they happily accept pineapple as a homonym for “prosperity to come”.

While Taiwan prides itself on the strength of its democracy, there are limits. Eggplants don’t seem to make it into bouquets of vegetables.

Funny News In The World Today

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Losing his head in football: Uruguay goalkeeper Sebastian Sosa and his World Cup hair. Photo: Anne-Christine POUJOULAT / AFP

After a hesitant start, World Cup fever is finally gripping the world. But not everyone is on board, as one man was arrested for destroying a Portuguese flag waved by Ronaldo fans in India because he mistakenly thought it was the symbol of a controversial Islamic group. .

Funny News In The World Today

Deepak Elangode was arrested after angry fans confronted him in the southern state of Kerala, one of the few places in the country where football rivals cricket.

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Funny News In The World Today

The billionaire Swiss head of the World Cup committee, FIFA, Gianni Infantino, moved many people by comparing the suffering suffered by the redhead as a child to the migrant workers who died as children in the heat desert to build a stadium in Qatar.

‘Now I feel Africa. Now I feel gay. Now I feel disabled.’ — Infantino FIFA. Photo: GABRIEL BOUYS / AFP

Funny News In The World Today

A Funny Thing Happened At Hamilton Coun. Terry Whitehead’s News Conference

Despite such stiff competition, our Cultural Sensitivity is the Gift of the Week to English fans who come to watch their team play in Doha dressed as crusaders.

While some fans have dressed up as knights over the years in a nod to the nation’s patron saint, St. George, money not sunk in centuries of rapine and plunder might look different in the Middle East.

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Funny News In The World Today

No one is immune to World Cup mania, not even Ugandan prisons, where guards are banned from using their cellphones during the tournament to keep inmates away.

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The governor of the prison, Gerald Bantag, was suspended while the police investigated whether the big hole in his garden was an escape tunnel or, as he insisted, “the deepest pool in Manila” that he would enter.

Funny News In The World Today

The governor of the prison, Gerald Bantag, said that the big hole in his garden is for scuba diving. Photo: Ted ALJIBE / AFP

Bantag — who is also accused of killing a journalist last month — now has a 25-meter swimming pool and apparently keeps pythons as pets and allows some inmates to ride horses around his compound. house garden inside the prison grounds.

Funny News In The World Today

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In another surprise, Bantag — appointed by controversial former president Rodrigo Duterte — told the justice minister that he dug holes to find treasure buried by the Japanese during World War II. European side, Istanbul, Turkey, October 5, 2021. (Photo Reuters)

From talking ducks to begging cats, scary croissants and fun memories: Let’s take a look at the weirdest, funniest and funniest news of 2021.

Funny News In The World Today

How we laugh in 2021! Yes, the year was plagued by COVID, fires and floods… but it brought some weird and wonderful news to lift spirits.

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Only US Secret Service agents guarding Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner can stop this…

Funny News In The World Today

The apparent favorite child of Donald Trump and his billionaire partner refused to allow agents to use one of the “6.5 bathrooms” in their Washington mansion, it was revealed days before his father left the White House in January.

Jared Kushner (L) and Ivanka Trump walk to the West Wing Colonnade after a bilateral meeting between Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, February 10, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Funny News In The World Today

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Beyhan Mutlu, a Turkish citizen living in Inegöl district in the northwestern province of Bursa, was reported missing in September after his loved ones lost contact with him for several hours. The man, after meeting his friends, went into the forest while drunk, where he joined a group in the area that helped the Turkish authorities “find” him.

Later, upon questioning, Mutlu found out that he was the one who made the search and rescue efforts.

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Funny News In The World Today

A Quebec woman stopped by police who was walking a man on a leash during the coronavirus curfew insisted he was “walking his dog,” which is allowed under the rules.

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South Korean officials are reminding expectant mothers to prepare shirts, socks and underwear and frozen food for their husbands while they are away at the hospital giving birth.

Funny News In The World Today

Acat warmed hearts in the western province of Izmir when her mother’s instincts and clear knowledge of the health care system brought her sick kitten to a clinic for humans.

The staff of the health director’s clinic run by the local municipality of Izmir’s Karabağlar district were shocked when a mother dragged one of her kittens into their office. A day later, she returned with another kitten. Doctors and nurses discovered that both kittens had problems with their eyes due to an infection. After initial care, they were handed over to the municipal Veterinary Department where they were treated and recovered. Stray kittens and their mothers are kept for later adoption.

Funny News In The World Today

Funny Fake News Network Anchor Stock Illustration

A Danish children’s television show about the accident of a man with the “world’s longest willy” has gone viral.

John Dillermand (John Penisman in English) uses his extremely long member to get out of difficult situations. But it also caused him deep trouble like so many people before him.

Funny News In The World Today

A boy gives money to a crow standing inside a toilet attendant’s cubicle, in Şanlıurfa, southeast Turkey, June 28, 2021. (IHA PHOTO)

Funny News Issue Number 37 Conversation,reading And Writing Prompts

Crows are no strangers to stealing from people, but one crow chick has found a legal way to make a living. The chicks, raised by toilet attendants in Birecik, a city in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa that is also home to the ibis species, shocked visitors by protecting them while the keepers were away. -servant It gladly accepted the coins and notes from the hands of its customers – and those who avoided payment faced a loud outcry.

Funny News In The World Today

A US study found that people who use profanities tend to be more intelligent, creative, honest and less likely to “engage in serious misconduct.”

An Indian man who was pronounced dead after a motorcycle accident began walking to the autopsy table as doctors prepared to cut him open.

Funny News In The World Today

Even A Pandemic Can’t Stop Politics From Being Funny On ‘tooning Out The News’

Yoshiro Mori resigned as head of the Tokyo Olympics last February after the ex-prime minister said the problem with women is… they talk a lot.

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A Turkish couple in northwestern Turkey are hiking in a nearby forest but find a new member of their family.

Funny News In The World Today

Enes and Minel Kılıç, who manage a cafe in Kocaeli province, found a lonely and sick squirrel in a hollow tree while walking in the forest near their house in the Yuvacık neighborhood.

John Adewusi Co Founder Of Funny African Pictures — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News

He was immediately taken to a veterinarian, they quickly got used to each other, with their furry friend, whom they named Alvin, refused to leave their side despite many attempts to release him back to his natural habitat .

Funny News In The World Today

Today, Alvin spends the night with the Kılıç couple, sleeping on a fur blanket in their own chair in their bedroom, and accompanies them during the day to a cafe, where he likes to eat fried potatoes and drink tea, overlooking the trees below. .

An entire California elementary school board has resigned after they were caught criticizing parents who smoke on a Zoom call.

Funny News In The World Today

Football News 2022: Harry Maguire, England Vs Germany, World Cup Watch, France, Paul Pogba, Kylian Mbappe, Results, Uefa Nations League, Latest, Updates

The pride of the French man was increased by the news that the most romantic panda in the world – who is naturally French – managed to marry eight times in one day with his new lover.

Pandas are not known for their strength when it comes to love, but keepers at the Beauval zoo said sparks flew when Yuan Zi got up close and personal with his young Chinese partner Huan Huan.

Funny News In The World Today

A French man who asked his neighbor if he could lend him his chainsaw “to get the body” was arrested in March for killing his lodger.

While We Watched

Taiwan is begging people to stop changing their names after scores were changed to “Prince Salmon” and “Salmon Fried Rice” to take advantage of the sushi chain’s prize in April for people whose names there are Chinese characters for fish.

Funny News In The World Today

US First Lady Jill Biden, a famous prankster who once placed herself in an overhead locker on Air Force Two.

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