Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Female Patron Saint Of Healing – February 1st is the feast day of St. Brigid of Kildare (or Ireland). I first discovered this saint when we were searching for Lily’s name. As he is the patron of midwives, I wanted to intercede in the last months of pregnancy.

Since then I have learned more about this amazing woman known as Bridget, Bridget or the Gaelic Bride, Mary. He lived in Ireland in the fifth century. Although it is difficult to find much information about her life, it is clear that she was a holy woman who had a great influence on the country of her time.

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Brigid was born about 450 in Ireland. His father was an Irish chieftain or king and his mother was a slave in his court. He was probably born out of wedlock, but his father later claimed him and raised him with his other children. His parents may have been baptized by St. Patrick and may have heard the preaching of that great saint. He was interested in religious life from an early age.

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Brigid probably worked at her mother’s dairy, which flourished under her, although most of her produce was given away. She is known as a generous and kind-hearted girl who tries to help those in need.

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Bridge was nothing if not welcoming. A barrel of beer is said to make eighteen temples. As a child, he gave butter to the poor and turned water into healing milk. ~ Sisterhood of Saints Melanie Rigney. Briddet’s Lives of Nuns and Abbots.

She became a nun as a young woman and lived for a time with seven other young nuns at the foot of Croghan Hill. He then moved to Meath. In 470 he founded a double monastery (for both men and women) at Kildare (from Cill-Dara, the “oak temple” because it was under the oak).

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

St. Brigid Of Ireland

A priest was needed to ordain monks and priests, so Bridget appointed St. Conleth as the first Bishop of Kildare. He and Brigid guided the nuns and monks and for many years the monastic and episcopal tradition continued in Kildare. In The Big Book of Women Saints, Sarah Galick notes that Bridget was helped by her devoted cook, Flora, to welcome pilgrims to the church.

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In Kildare, Bridget also founded an art school and became famous for its illuminated manuscripts, including the Book of Kildare, which is unfortunately lost.

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

He was famous for traveling, preaching and healing in Ireland. Her early biographers describe many miracles resulting from Brigid’s prayers or intercession, including the healing of blind and mute children and the healing of lepers.

As Ireland’s Church Retreats, The Cult Of A Female Saint Thrives

Bridget was also said to be very shy and modest. However, he freely shared his gifts, time, and knowledge with his monastery and others. He smiles and engages us when we live in an unfamiliar social environment, giving us a beautiful reminder to trust in the Holy Spirit. ~ Sisterhood of Saints

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Some believe that the tradition associated with St. Brigid derives from ancient traditions about Celtic deities. For example, St. Brigid’s Day is a pagan spring festival, and Brigid is the name of a famous pagan goddess. For the Druids, the oak tree was sacred. In Ireland, Christianity integrated with existing traditions rather than trying to destroy them. Thus was born a unique Celtic Christianity.

One of the famous stories about St. Brigid is how she visited a dying foreign prince. As he sat by the bed, he picked up several runs from the floor and began to make them into a cross. The patient asked what he was doing. He replied that he was making a cross in honor of Jesus who died on the cross to save mankind. His comments about his faith led the priest to ask to be baptized before he died.

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

St Brigid — Woman’s Way

He died in Kildare on 1 February and was buried in Kildare Cathedral. Her shrine has been a place of pilgrimage for many years, especially on her feast day. In 878, his remains were transferred to Downpatrick, where the remains of other great Irish saints, St. Patrick and St. Columba, were interred. His name became the most common Christian name in Ireland, and many places in the country still bear his name (e.g. Brideswell, Templebride).

Centuries after his death, several other saints wrote biographies of his life. Cogitosus, a monk of Kildare, wrote the Life of St. Brigid a century after her death. Later, Saint Brocan Cloen (d. 650) wrote a biography in Celtic verse.

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Her holiday is February 1. St. Bridget is the patron saint of Ireland (along with St. Patrick), as well as infants, children, blacksmiths, boatmen, herdsmen, milkmaids, chicken farmers, sailors, midwives, poets, nuns, and sailors. . , scientists, printing presses, travelers.

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Brigid is empowered by the eight blessings and suggests that the nuns each choose one. Bridget chose Mercy herself. ~ Sarah Gallick, The Big Book of Women Saints

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

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Female Patron Saint Of Healing

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Saint Philoma with attributes: palm branch, whip, anchor, arrow. A plaster cast by Johann Dominik Machlknecht in the Gerdeina Museum, Urtije, Italy

Philoma (/ˌ f ɪ l ə ˈ m iː n ə / FIL -ə-MEE -nə), also Saint Philoma (Ancient Greek: Ἁγία Φιλουμένη, Romanized: Hagía Philouménē; Modern Greek: Agia Philouménē: Agia Philouménē ; Modern Greek: Agiaονοοοοουοοοουοέοοοουουουτνουουτουτοτουτουτνουτος ía) or Roman Philoma (

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

August 10, 304) was a young martyr found on May 24-25, 1802 in the catacombs of Priscilla. Three tablets covering the tomb were inscribed Pax Tecum Philuma (meaning “Peace be with you, Philoma”), indicating that her name (in Inscriptural Latin) was Philuma (Ancient Greek: φιλουμένη, Roman: philouménē, lit. ’beloved). )., its superlative form is Philoma. Philoma is the patron saint of children, infants and young people.

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In 1805 the remains were transferred to Mugnano del Cardinale. In 1835, several miracles were performed as a result of Philome’s intercession, including the publicizing of the healing of Pauline Jarico. John Vianney attributed the miraculous healings others had given him to his mercy.

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Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Between 1837 and 1961, his religious feasts were established in some places, but never included in the Geral Roman caldera for public consumption. The 1920 standard edition of the Roman Missal included parts of it in the Missae pro aliquibus locis (“Mass for certain places”) for August 11, noting that the liturgy used in those places was the same. common to virgin martyrs without a proper congregation of saints.

On December 21, 1833, the Holy Office declared that the revelations of the Third Dominican Sister Maria Luisa di Gesu (1799–1875) from Naples, which she received from Philoma herself, were not contrary to Catholicism.

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Saint Raphael Plaque

According to Gesu, Philoma said that she was the daughter of a Greek king and that he and his wife had converted to Christianity. Around the age of 13, she took a vow of virginity for Christ. When Emperor Diocletian threatened war against his father, his father and his family went to Rome to plead for peace. The emperor “fell in love” with young Philoma, refused to be his wife, and subjected her to a series of tortures; scourging, from its influence two angels healed him; drowning him with an anchor (two angels cut the rope and lifted him to the river bank); and shot with arrows (the first time his wound was healed, the second time the arrows turned back, and the third time they returned and killed six archers, several of whom became Christians). Finally, the emperor cut off his head. History says that the beheading took place at three o’clock on a Friday, just as Jesus died. Two anchors, three arrows, a palm tree and an elephant leaf on the slab found in the tomb were interpreted as symbols of his martyrdom.

His martyrdom took place on August 10 (and his relics came to Mugnano del Cardinale);

Female Patron Saint Of Healing

Her name means “Philuma”.

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