Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

Famous People Killed In Plane CrashesMusicians travel a lot, so the risk of accidents is much higher than usual. The list of country singers killed in plane crashes includes some of the biggest stars in country music history.

Bad weather and small aircraft can be fatal. Patsy Cline, immortalized in the 1985 film, died in a plane crash

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

, for which Jessica Lange was nominated for an Academy Award. Two famous country singers were killed in a similar accident, which happened in a small plane in bad weather. One of the oldest international music stars of our country died at the controls of his private plane during a heavy rain, while another singer died due to poor visibility.

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One of the singers who died in the plane crash crashed his test plane after running out of fuel, the same crash that killed key members of the influential group. One of the country’s most enduring superstars lost eight band members in a plane crash.

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

All but two of the list of country singers who have died in plane crashes happened while flying to the show, most of them during the difficult and odd hours spent in traffic. Many of them became legends, rumors and conjectures arose around them and took on a life of their own.

Most recently, Montgomery Gentry singer Troy Gentry died in a helicopter crash on September 8, 2017, hours before a Montgomery Gentry concert in New Jersey. Scroll through the gallery below to learn the details of the deaths of some of the country singers who died in plane crashes.One of the scariest things that can happen to many people in life is the inevitable accident (of some sort). It’s estimated that 3,287 people die in car accidents every day (via The Wandering RV), and many more die in heaven. According to Statista, the number of people who die in plane crashes is much lower, less than a thousand per year. In 2020, only 137 people died in plane crashes, but that was due to COVID-19, which had less travel. In 2019, 289 people died in accidents.

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

Plane With Lynyrd Skynyrd Onboard Crashes In Mississippi On Oct. 20, 1977

Despite the statistics, accidents do not discriminate celebrities, and few people have died in plane crashes. Consider Aaliyah, who was murdered in the Bahamas in 2001 (via Billboard ). The singer was traveling in a twin-engine Cessna when the plane crashed just 200 feet from the runway. Six people, including the singer, died instantly, while three others survived the initial impact but later succumbed to their injuries.

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Below is a list of celebs who had some scary mid-air encounters but luckily stayed to tell the tale. Read on to find out which celebrities survived plane crashes.

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

Patrick Swayze was the only celebrity to have a near-death experience while traveling on a plane in 2000. According to Entertainment Weekly, the “Dirty Dancing” star was piloting the plane when the job went awry. The actor was en route from Van Nuys, California to Las Vegas, Nevada when his plane crashed near Phoenix, Arizona, and authorities found the 1978 Cessna abandoned on a dirt road. Air Safe reported that the actor “heard a loud noise” at 13,000 feet and thought he was depressurizing because his dog started barking. He thought there was an airport landing below him, but it turned out to be an apartment building. Landing at a construction site in Arizona’s Prescott Valley, Swayze hit several street lights and a stop sign as he drove through an intersection.

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Days after the crash, AP News reported that the three men were accused of falsely claiming to have helped Swayze get wine and beer off the plane before taking him to a local hotel. Soon after, his publicist denied that Swayze had any alcohol on board. The actor shared with CNN that he didn’t know he hit the object during the crash landing: “I was so focused – I was so focused on putting it in a safe place that I didn’t – I didn’t even remember hitting it. Nothing.”

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

Travis Barker was one of the lucky victims of a plane crash that killed four people. According to Billboard , Barker had just finished an event in Columbia, South Carolina in 2008 when four tires blew out while the plane was traveling at 150 mph while aboard a Learjet 60. The pilot tried to abort the takeoff, but it was too late. The plane crossed the highway, “hit an embankment and burst into flames.” Barker survived the crash, but two pilots, Barker’s bodyguard and his assistant died in the horrific crash.

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In a 2019 interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, Barker recalled his ordeal and said he shouldn’t have survived. “When the plane exploded, I jumped out of the emergency exit and jumped straight into the jet that was full of fuel. “My whole body lit up. I had jet fuel all over my body. I burned jet fuel for almost three months (afterwards).” He suffered 65 percent burns and underwent 27 surgeries after the accident. Barker has not been on a plane since the incident.

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

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“I don’t fly… I haven’t flown since the accident,” he said. “I’d take the Queen Mary 2 to Europe, but I’d rather be on a raft than at sea.”

Harrison Ford is another celebrity who commanded his plane as it landed. In 2015, The New York Times reported that the actor was aboard a World War II training plane that crashed into a golf course in Venice, California, moments after takeoff from Santa Monica Airport. The shop shared that the Ford had engine problems when it left. The Los Angeles Police Department noted that the crash “had a moderate to heavy impact on the grass at Penmar Golf Course.”

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

Paramedics took Ford to Cedars-Sinai Hospital for his injuries. In a tweet since his son’s death, Ben Ford told fans his father was “beaten up” but okay. “He’s the guy you think he is,” Ben said (via The New York Times ), adding, “He’s an incredibly strong guy.” According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the cause of the accident was a mechanical failure in the carburetor that caused engine damage.

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Believe it or not, the 2015 crash wasn’t Harrison’s only one. In 2017, Air Safe shared that the actor almost flew on the 747. In 2000, wind blew Harrison’s plane off the runway in Lincoln, Nebraska. Also in 1999, a Ford helicopter crash-landed in a dry riverbed in Santa Clarita, California, before taking off while training. Fortunately, he lived to tell the tale!

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Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

The late John McCain was another public figure who didn’t get the best of flying. According to USA Today, the politician was involved in three different plane crashes during his lifetime. All three incidents occurred while he was a member of the Navy, but there was one incident that led to a series of horrors for the political figure. In 1960, he crashed his AD-6 Skyraider in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas. The late senator crashed into the water and barely escaped before returning to the surface. In 1965, his T-2 trainer lost power. Fortunately, he was ejected 1,000 feet as the plane hit a tree.

McCain’s worst accident happened in 1967. While flying over Hanoi, the right wing of his plane was hit by an explosive device and crashed. North Vietnam held McCain as a prisoner of war for 5.5 years (via US News). “I pulled the launch handle and I passed out from the force of the launch – the airspeed was about 500 knots,” McCain recalled of the accident. I don’t understand yet, but I broke my right leg at the knee joint, right arm and left arm in three places.

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

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Of course, McCain had a successful career as a politician before his death in 2018 after doctors diagnosed him with aggressive brain cancer.

Sandra Bullock is an Oscar winner, mother, A-list celebrity, and more. But most people don’t even realize that he is a plane crash survivor. In 2000, Bullock boarded a plane to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Famous People Killed In Plane Crashes

The Guardian reported that the actress and her then-boyfriend, Bob Schneider, were headed to the resort for some rest and relaxation before the holidays. When

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