Famous Musicians

Famous Musicians – We’ve compiled a collection of moments where world-famous musicians gave back to their fans when they needed them the most.

As with many national awareness days and celebrations, we’re not alone in why we think International Day of Kindness needs a day of dedication, because…well…not every day should be an opportunity. Be kind

Famous Musicians

Famous Musicians

Like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, we don’t need a special day to make people feel special, we should do it every day, right?

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But it’s not a capitalistic invention to spend money we don’t have, and like WMHD, sometimes we need to be reminded to be a little kinder. This means giving our partner’s ticket to a stranger who we know they want but can’t afford, or a stranger.

Famous Musicians

Although the gap between fans and artists may seem huge, there is no way that such superstars can help everyday people like you and me, but it is not always and in fact a heap. of artists taking advantage of their rights.

We’ve rounded up a series of moments when world-famous musicians gave back to their fans when they needed them the most.

Famous Musicians

Famous Musicians From Florida

One of the most famous acts of kindness in music was revealed recently when, in response to the Manchester Arena attack during her Dangerous Women Tour, Ariana Grande put on a ‘One Love Manchester Benefit’ concert to raise money for the victims’ families. The massive event was attended by the likes of Liam Gallagher, Miley Cyrus and Black Eyed Peas, with proceeds going to We Love Manchester.

We can’t talk about international superstar kindness without talking about Sir Bob Geldof. After all, live benefit concerts are perhaps the biggest charity concerts of our generation, and we’re often held up as examples of our favorite musicians doing something to give back to those who need it most.

Famous Musicians

Marching on one-sided boys who are no strangers to being cute, lovable boy Harry Styles visits a terminally ill fan named Campbell, who is battling cancer at home, and invites the family to one of his shows when he takes a slightly serious note, forgetting that the singer spent £3,000 on a pizza. will remain Homeless?

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This year’s X Factor judge Louis Tomlinson helped current contestant Anthony Russell get the help and recovery he needed after watching him on the show last year and being inspired by his story and knowing he had an appeal. . A year ago, he donated £7,000 to a young fan with cancer and cerebral palsy.

Famous Musicians

Perhaps the most emotional act of gratitude in recent years, Florence and the Cars surprised a 15-year-old fan in Austin, Texas, who was too ill to leave his hospital bed. Upon his return, he finally announced that he wouldn’t be good enough to do the FloMac concert he had set his heart on. And so the inn miraculously communicates with Florence and, in an incredibly moving display, brings Gage to bed. Despite being incredibly ugly, the girl continued to smile, enjoy life and forget about her hardships, she was only 15 years old and shared some precious moments with her idol when she played “Dog Days” for him. ‘. .

NEW: Photos show @Drake First School of Music student being presented with a $50,000 scholarship. Photos by Daniela Calderon. pic.twitter.com/Us757nsJBW — Miami Hurricane (@MiamiHurricane) February 5, 2018

Famous Musicians

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Drizzy Drake surprised a fan after he took a break from filming God’s Plan by donating $50 million to pay for a Miami student’s tuition, and Storm also donated £9 million this year so a fan of his could go. . Harvard – Talk about making a dream come true.

“Unforgettable” singer French Montana has launched a charity to help underprivileged children in America’s schools. But his efforts are not limited to America, after filming a music video in Africa he was so inspired that he decided to start a medical center in Uganda. France’s initial donation of $100,000 really helped the skiing campaign and encouraged other artists to join and participate in competitions such as his good friend Weekend, who matched his efforts.

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Famous Musicians

Miley Cyrus has championed body positivity and empowerment while advocating for inclusive and gender fluid movement change. His own charity, The Happy Hippie Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded with the aim of encouraging young people to fight against social injustice by protecting our vulnerable youth, especially homeless youth and LBTQ+ groups.

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He has also been involved in several high-profile campaigns that recognize the harm social media can have on young people. Melaye is fiercely against media portrayals, challenging preconceived notions about femininity and gendered beauty standards and openly questioning body exams by supporting the “Free the Breast Ball” campaign. Go Miley!

Famous Musicians

Of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete without an honorable mention courtesy of random act expert Taylor Swift.

A self-proclaimed “Swiftie” may forget Swiftmas 2014, otherwise known as “Taylor’s Gift,” in the form of a viral YouTube video that showed Taylor treating her fans and filming their reactions, including World War 96 superstars. . . .

Famous Musicians

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If that wasn’t enough, in 2016 Tybee donated a million dollars to Louisiana flood relief efforts to help displaced victims. Among many other acts of kindness that year, he also reportedly gave $50 million to a leukemia fan who missed his concert. Taylor Swift is truly a gift to give.

In 2016, Britney Spice donated the clothes off her back to raise money for flood relief in her hometown of Louisiana.

Famous Musicians

Justin Bieber threw one of his sick fans a surprise birthday party in 2015 — and even bought her a dress!

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A lifelong Bon Jovi fan, he was diagnosed with cancer and took his family out for dinner in 2016.

Famous Musicians

In 2017, Chris Martin took time out of his touring schedule to visit the ailing Coldplay superstar in hospital.

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Famous Musicians

Famous Musicians Who Use Stage Names

On the one hand, it comes with instant name recognition and an angle that can be used for marketing purposes when trying to differentiate yourself from other packages. On the other hand, celebrity parents may have unreasonable expectations of conforming to artistic and/or commercial standards.

Julian Lennon is perhaps the best example of this conflict. John Lennon’s eldest son was buried at the site in 1984, four years after his father’s murder. The fact that he looks like a Beatles star is definitely in Julian’s top 10. But later attempts to define his voice suffered from declining commercial profits.

Famous Musicians

Some, including children such as John Bonham, Ringo Starr, and Bob Dylan, created substantial careers for themselves. Others, such as the sons of Eddie Van Halen and Phil Collins, began their careers in their father’s bands while playing in packed arenas as teenagers. Calico Cooper has been an integral part of his father Alice Cooper’s stage show for years, and has also fronted his own rock band.

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Of course, being the child of famous parents is no guarantee of success. As you’ll read below, there are plenty of acts whose musical careers haven’t had a clean slate, with only a handful of songs or albums to their name. Faith in humanity. They certainly hold a special place in the news age, offering a rare ray of hope among a mass of stories that are hard to call “good news.”

Famous Musicians

This list of 10 times musicians who really went the extra mile (Bruce Dickinson, for example) is sometimes a secret, although we’ve definitely found out somehow. Imagine that there must be many more examples that we don’t know about and will never know about. Now, he has regained faith in humanity.

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Famous Musicians

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