Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame – Darlene Love, Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty and Tom Morello perform on stage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert in New York on October 29, 2009.

“The incredible thing is that the man who created this music – the inventor of a half-century-old movement – is still here, alive and performing,” says Bruce Springsteen, sitting backstage at Madison Square Garden in New York. The dressing room is big enough for two chairs, a small round table and a wardrobe of matching gray sweaters and black jeans. “People forget,” he declared with a preacher’s fervor, “that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now, is living history.”

Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

It’s the afternoon of October 29, and Springsteen explains why it’s his honor, excitement and obligation to be here. Tonight, he and the E Street Band close out the 25-year Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert, followed by sets by Crosby, Stills and Nash, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkel, and Stevie Wonder, finally leading the audience to a beautiful garden send. . Back home at 1:30 am. with “(Your love lifts me up) higher and higher.” Springsteen will also return on October 30, joining the U2 headliners for a second night for some explosive cameos.

Inside The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts

But now Springsteen is recovering from a sound check that’s a show in itself. He traded blistering verses on Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” with composer John Fogerty for two hours, showing an emotion rarely heard in Sinatra as he and Billy Joel sang on “New York State.” Springsteen also saw Sam Moore of the Stax soul duo Sam and Dave charge through the Clash of “London Calling” with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and conduct the music of the E Street Band as Phil Spector’s orchestra for Darlene Love. A powerful voice in many of Spector’s great Sixties productions. As she and Springsteen walked off the stage, Love told him, “I haven’t sung in front of a wall of sound in a long time.”

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Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

It’s a dance party that’s all important historical hits; Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau, described the previous day’s rehearsal at SIR Studios as “40 years of music in four hours.” It is also a model of the peak and intersection that marks the best collaboration in both concerts: the union of Bonnie Raitt with CSN; Jeff Beck’s Chicago Blues Competition with Buddy Guy; Metallica’s heavy history lesson with Lou Reed and Ray Davies; Mick Jagger’s fierce vocal harmony with Bono on the U2 ballad “Stuck in This Time You Can’t Get Out”; Springsteen’s U2 moment, sharing vocals and making amends with Bono on “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

“Really, these artists are gems,” Springsteen said, speaking in a low voice to preserve his voice during the performance. “And it’s nice for our band because we hear them the way I want to hear them. When I go see Sam, I want to see him with my band.” In fact, that night, after he and Moore roared through “Soul Man,” Springsteen told the crowd that he learned what he knows about band leadership at Sam and Dave club gigs in Fort Dix, New Jersey.

Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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“Everything passes,” Springsteen continued. “I regret that when I was young I didn’t have the opportunity, I didn’t see Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters live when they were near their prime. So to have these voices here, in the form that they is in…”

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He shook his head in surprise. “In a perfect world, they’d be in a place like this every night. The world wasn’t set up that way. But tonight there’s a chance. And,” he added with a big smile, “we’re going to to be the home group.”

Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

All it started are the two biggest concerts in the world. “The first call,” says Jann Wenner, “was to Bruce and U2. And immediately they said yes. They didn’t hesitate.” The next call went to Mick Jagger, who said the Rolling Stones wouldn’t be able to get it together for the show. But he agreed to at least let the week open. Wenner said: “He said, ‘It’s too early for me to talk about it.’ I told him: ‘I will come to you with the intention of really working.’

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‘editor and publisher), was recognized at the start of the foundation’s upcoming 25th anniversary. Wenner, who began considering the program in mid-2008, said: “I know that the anniversary has God. power. “I think we have been given the right and the responsibility and the opportunity and the obligation to do it. do – and that if I decide I’m going to put my energy and time into it, it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.”

Events At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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