Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain – NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Biology Chapter 20 Locomotion and Movement to Study Online for Academic Session 2023-2024 is a free PDF download. Also download NCERT Solutions for Chemistry, Mathematics, Business Studies and more. Join the discussion forum and share your views in the world of knowledge.

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Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

1. Skeletal or striated muscles: These are involved in movement and changing body position. They are also called voluntary muscles.

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2. Visceral muscles or smooth muscles: located in the inner wall of the hollow internal organs, have a smooth appearance and their activity is not under the control of the nervous system. These are called involuntary muscles.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

1. Amoeboid movement: These movements occur in phagocytes, where leukocytes and macrophages migrate throughout the tissue. Affected pseudopods formed by flow of protoplasm (as in amoeba)

1. Actin Filament: An actin filament consists of two “F” actins coiled together in a spiral. Both filaments of the tropo myosin protein run close to F-actins along their entire length. Troponin, a complex protein, distributes to tropomyosin at regular intervals, masking the actin binding site of myosin.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

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2. Myosin Filament: Each myosin filament is a polymer of meromyosin. Each meromyosin has two components; ball head and tail with short sleeves. The head is made of heavy meromyosin and the tail is made of light meromyosin. A head with short arms protrudes at a regular distance and angle from each other and is known as a cross arm. The head has an active site for actin and a binding site for ATP.

The sliding filament theory describes the process of muscle contraction in which thin filaments slide over thick filaments, shortening the myofibril. Each muscle fiber contains an alternating light and dark band containing a specific contractile protein called actin and myosin, respectively. Actin is a thin contractile protein found in a light band known as the I band, while myosin is a thick contractile protein found in a dark band known as the A band. There is an elastic fiber called a z-line that bisects each I-band. The thin filament is firmly attached to the z-line. The middle part of the thick filament that does not overlap with the thin filament is called the H zone. During muscle contraction, myosin heads or cross-bridges come into close contact with thin filaments. As a result, the thin filaments are pulled towards the center of the sarcomere. The Z-line attached to actin filaments is also pulled, leading to sarcomere shortening. Therefore, the band length remains constant with the original length, and the I band shortens and the H region disappears.

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Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

During skeletal muscle contraction, the thick filament repeatedly slides over the thin filament and releases myosin along the filament. This whole process happens sequentially. Step 1: Signals that initiate muscle contraction travel along the axon and reach the neuromuscular junction or motor end plate. The neuromuscular junction is the connection between a neuron and the sarcolemma of a muscle fiber. As a result, acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) is released into the synaptic cleft, generating an action potential in the sarcolemma. Step 2: Generation of this action potential releases calcium ions from the sarcoplasmic reticulum in the sarcoplasm. Step 3: An increase in calcium ions in the sarcoplasm leads to activation of actin domains. Calcium ions bind to troponin on the actin filaments and remove the tropomyosin wrapped around the actin filaments. Therefore, the active actin sites are exposed and this allows the myosin heads to bind to the site. Step 4: In this step, the myosin head attaches to the exposed region of actin and forms cross-bridges using the energy of ATP hydrolysis. Actin filaments are removed. As a result, the H region decreases. During this stage, muscle contraction occurs. Step 5: After muscle contraction, the myosin head pulls on the actin filament and releases ADP along with inorganic phosphate. ATP molecules bind and separate myosin and the cross-bridges break. Stage 6: This process of cross-bridge formation and breakdown continues until the stimulus causing the increase in calcium is reduced. As a result, the concentration of calcium ions decreases, which masks actin filaments and leads to muscle relaxation.

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Movement is a characteristic feature of living organisms. The different types of movement exhibited by cells in the human body are: Amoebic Movement: Blood leukocytes show amoebic movement. During tissue damage, these blood cells travel from the circulatory system to the site of injury to initiate an immune response. Ciliary Movement: Reproductive cells such as sperm and eggs show ciliary movement. This movement facilitates the movement of the egg from the fallopian tube to the uterus. Muscle Movement: Muscle cells indicate muscle movement. Topic Topics: Health related topics. New symptoms of COVID-19 What to look for? Prelims and Mains: Overview of mentioned conditions and symptoms.

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Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Context: In addition to the usual symptoms, a new study talked about “unexplained” skin manifestations in Covid-19 patients. The researchers identified five clinical patterns, including the so-called “covid toe,” which they observed in 19 percent of the cases studied.

This is a type of rash that is reported as an external manifestation of the toes of some Covid-19 patients. The researchers compared it to pseudo-chilblain lesions.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

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Topics covered: key aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e-government practices, models, achievements, limitations and potential. BharatMarket What to learn? For Prelims and Mains: Key Platform Features and Importance.

Context: All India Merchants Confederation (CAIT) will soon launch a national e-commerce marketplace ‘bharatmarket’ for all retailers in collaboration with several technology partners.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Topics covered: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting Indian interests. Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment or BOBBLE What to study? For Prelims: Basic processes related to BoBLE in BoB area. For Grid: Significance of Experiment and How BoB Affects Monsoon.

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Context: A team from the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom has created a scheme for accurate forecasting of monsoons, tropical cyclones and other weather-related forecasts as part of the Bay of Bengal Boundary Layer Experiment, or BoBBLE.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

It aims to investigate the impact of Bay of Bengal (BoB) oceanic processes on the monsoon system.

This is a project funded by the Earth Sciences Union Department and the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Design And Learning Centre

The Bay of Bengal (BoB) plays an important role in controlling the weather systems that form the South Asian summer monsoon system.

Monsoons are seasonal winds that change direction as the seasons change. Monsoon is a dual system of seasonal winds. They flow from sea to land in summer and from land to sea in winter.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Monsoon is the lifeblood of India’s economy as 2/3 of it depends on farm income and rain is the only source of irrigation for over 40% of the country’s cultivated land. More than 70% of India’s annual rainfall falls during the monsoon season from July to September. A good monsoon increases crop productivity, boosts farm incomes and stimulates the economy, while a weak monsoon increases food prices and hurts the economy.

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Topics covered: Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting Indian interests. Non-Aligned Movement Summit What should work? For Prelims: What is NAM, Objectives, Composition and Fixtures. For the network: Is NAM losing its relevance today, what is the way out?

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

Context: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends a video conference meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) on the COVID crisis.

This is the first time that PM Modi is attending the NAM meeting since he became the Prime Minister in 2014. The last time an Indian Prime Minister attended the NAM meeting in Tehran was in 2012, and then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was also there.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

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In both the 2016 and 2018 NAM Summits, India was represented at the Vice President level. The last NAM summit was held in Azerbaijan in 2019, before that in 2016 in Venezuela.

Azerbaijan will chair the group from 2019-2022 and the meeting will be chaired by the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. The title of the summit is “Together we stand against COVID-19”.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

The Non-Aligned Movement is an idea that emerged in the 1950s. NAM is the second largest platform of nations in the world after the United Nations. It currently has over 120 members.

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A new type of alliance has now emerged, defined more likely by economics and geography than by ideology. Adaptability is now a virtue, a sign of good leadership. Countries, especially small ones, can and should pursue more than one of their interests.

Essay Writing Kaise Likhate Hain

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