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Essay Writing Hslc – Nowadays floods in Assam are very common natural calamities. It happens almost every year. So it is a great opportunity for us to give you essay on Assam flood in your AHSEC and HSLC exam at SEBA. Here is a well written essay on flood in assam in 300 words. You can also adjust the length of this essay by adding or deleting words yourself.

The following essay on Assam flood is very easy to understand for all students so that students studying in Assamese medium can also easily understand and memorize for their exam.

Essay Writing Hslc

Essay Writing Hslc

[Brief overview of Assam Floods Essay: Introduction – how floods are caused – damage – government measures and results – conclusion.]

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At certain times of the year, Assam makes news in newspapers all over India. It’s flood time. Every year the same old flood story repeats itself in almost the same way.

Essay Writing Hslc

With the arrival of the wet monsoon in May and June, it starts raining in Assam and continues for the next two to three months. This time of the year is the rainy season in this region and the main rice crop is planted during this season in the plains of Assam. Accordingly, the rain is welcome at this time. But often due to excessive rains, especially in the foothills of the Himalayas, the rivers of Assam cannot carry away all the water and the excess water submerges the lowlands of the two valleys. This is how floods happen in Assam.

Floods cause damage to standing crops in fields and houses and properties in villages. Certain areas like Majuli are affected by floods every year and suffer heavy losses. Erosion in some places on the banks of certain rivers, especially the mighty Brahmaputra, also usually occurs during floods. Many became homeless due to erosion.

Essay Writing Hslc

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The government built embankments along the banks of some rivers and saved certain areas from flooding. But sometimes these dikes prove to be a source of greater danger than ordinary floods. Whenever there is a breach in the garden, the water rushes forward with great speed, leaving a trail of destruction. Houses, animals and even people are often swept away by the rising water.

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However, floods are also good for growers. They leave a layer of salt on the fields that makes the land fertile. This allows them to collect a good harvest. There are plenty of fish even after the floods.

Essay Writing Hslc

Floods cause great damage to the country’s economy. The government must take effective flood control measures. The Central Government has already appointed the Brahmaputra Board. But so far there was very little he could do. The government must come up with such measures which will solve the flood problem in Assam once and for all.

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Essay Writing Hslc

Jintu Sonowal is a graduate student in Chemistry. He is also a part-time teacher, writer and web designer. He is also a regular contributor to many sites. He has written blogs on many topics like online earning, website reviews, etc. SEBA Class 10 English Model Paper – 2, HSLC General English Model Paper Question Answer, दुस्म शररेनिर इंगर न्कआर धकार रৰ for each chapter is given in the SEBA list so that you can easily browse through different chapters and select one according to your needs. Assam Board English Model Paper Class 10 SEBA can be valuable to excel in the exam.

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Essay Writing Hslc

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1. (a) Choose the meaning of the underlined words in the following sentence from the options in brackets.

Ans:- The ceremonies were held in the beautiful amphitheater formed by the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Yes, there are many buildings in India made of sandstone. Red Fort, Devani Aam, Devani Khas, Rang Ghar in Assam are some examples.

Essay Writing Hslc

Answer: – Lencho told his sons that the plague of locusts had left more than the hail.

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Answer: – The house was located on top of a low hill. From the house you could see the river and a field of ripe com mixed with flowers.

Essay Writing Hslc

Answer: – The double duty is: one’s duties to his family, parents, wife and children and duties to his people, society and country.

Answer:- The Indian legend is related to Bodhidharma, an ancient Buddhist. He felt drowsy while meditating. Then he removed the eyelids. Ten tea plants grew out of the eyelids. When the leaves of the plant are boiled, the liquid drives away sleep.

Essay Writing Hslc

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Answer: Mandela is a South African political leader and freedom fighter. In 1994, he became the first black president of South Africa.

Answer:- The tea garden at Deciabari was managed by Pranjal’s father, Mr. Barna. An hour later they arrived at the cattle bridge at the garden gate. There were acres upon acres of tea bushes on either side of the dirt road. The tea plants were neatly proved at the same height. Teams of tea pickers plucked newly sprouted leaves. The wreckers had plastic aprons. Each of them carried a bamboo basket on their back. Rajveer read a lot about tea. In fact, Mr. Barua was surprised to hear that. He says that Rajveer has done a lot of homework. Rajveer admitted he did, but hoped to learn while he was there.

Essay Writing Hslc

(a) They do not sweat or whine about their condition. (sings loudly/complains in a sad voice/cries with joy)

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Ans:- After killing the pirate dragon Custard he got a warm welcome. Belinda hugged him, Mustard liked him, and Ink and Blink circled him.

Essay Writing Hslc

The kitten was named Ink, the mouse Wink, the dog Mustard and the dragon Custard.

Answer: — Fowler, as Ausable says, was a writer, young and romantic. He imagined mysterious figures at night, gunshots, drugs in the wine. He was the author of detective stories. Ausable called him on the phone to meet him in his room. Accordingly he came and met Ausable in the frozen corridor of the French hotel where Ausable had his room. Ausable said over his shoulder that he had been told he was a spy. Then Ausable said Fowler must have felt disappointed. Then he told him about a paper in which several men and women had risked their lives. The letter reached him. He added that soon the paper could influence the course of history. Then Ausable turned on the light. Max was surprised to see a man standing in Ausable’s room with a small gun. The man holding the gun was Max. Ausable asked him what he was doing in his room.

Essay Writing Hslc

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Who was Ausable? How is Ausable different from other intelligence agents? How did he demonstrate his presence or mind and ability to think quickly in dangerous situations?

Answer:- Undoubtedly, Ausable is smarter than Max. The progression of the story justifies the more intelligent nature of Ausable and his approach to problem solving. He was the cool person who didn’t make a fuss and cried when he found Max holding a gun in his locked room.

Essay Writing Hslc

Ausable was so careful and cunning that in order to deceive Max’s threat, he created the company on the balcony which was nothing but imagination. He also created the platform for

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