Essay Writing For Class 3

Essay Writing For Class 3 – Fruits I enjoy the most: There are many fruits in our country that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Summer or winter, there is always a variety of fruits to choose from. There is also a wide variety of colors, smells and tastes. Mango, peach, papaya, peach, cherry, banana, grape, cantaloupe, we get it all here.

Below we have provided a short essay on “Fruits I enjoy the most” for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. This short essay on the topic is suitable for students in grades 6 and below.

Essay Writing For Class 3

Essay Writing For Class 3

Fruit is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. To stay healthy, we need to eat fresh fruits. But we should not eat the fruits cut in the market, because they are very unhealthy and can make us sick.

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The fruit should be washed well before eating. While some fruits are seasonal, others are available year-round. Some are very expensive and others are reasonable.

Essay Writing For Class 3

Mango and cherry are my favorite fruits. I enjoy them more. I love mango in all its forms: juice, jam and pickle. Alphonso, Dashiri, Langda and Savda are just a few of the dozens of mango varieties found in India. Our classroom is our second home and we all spend most of our time in our classroom. There are so many things that make it custom and we love being there. I’ve covered different angles of love in my class and I hope it helps you too.

Here I have provided several articles on this topic to give you fun and easy ways to make your own article for school projects.

Essay Writing For Class 3

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Every child loves his classroom because there are many memories he has in each classroom. Besides some memorable days, some decent things make my class the best. Every year we change our class, each class still seems the best to me, and this shows that my school is also the best.

I am a 3rd grader, my classroom is next to the basketball court. On the one hand, we enjoy a live basketball game while at the same time we can also enjoy the shade of the mango tree.

Essay Writing For Class 3

The perfect location for my class makes it comfortable and also encourages me to stay in my class.

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We always watch how the students train on the basketball court, and it really excites us, because they train hard and for many hours. I have seen many students who could not score, but practice made them a state player.

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Essay Writing For Class 3

Besides the basketball court, we also like to play with the leaves of the mango tree. Generally, we have to climb a tree to reach its top, but the top of the tree can easily be touched from our classroom window. Besides studies and friends, these things make my class decent and I love being there.

There are various reasons why I like something, and the above reasons help me to like my class. The classroom is where we learn and when we love to be, teaching them seems like fun. I love my class and my teachers as well as my friends.

Essay Writing For Class 3

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A room where I am with over 30 students, a space where my teachers come to teach me, a place where I do all sorts of infamous tasks. I call it my classroom, a place where I learn addition and subtraction and the difference between smiling and laughing in front of my teacher. My class is one of the best in my school for many reasons.

There are many things that make us different from others, and there are also many things that make our class different. I have discussed the points below.

Essay Writing For Class 3

Having good friends is always good, but when you have art lessons, how can you learn from them? They also love our principal and other teachers, and our class is truly one of the best in our school.

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We love a certain place, be it our home or school, where we like to visit or spend time. And for me, my classroom is where I like to be. When we love our place of learning, it holds a special place in our hearts. I love my classroom for many reasons, and I’ve listed some of them below.

Essay Writing For Class 3

Learning is an important pillar in our lives and we love to be a part of it. It helps us to have a better life and become successful in our life. Whatever subject you like but you should study it. Suppose a child likes mathematics and decides to read only mathematics, but it is really possible. To understand what is written, you must also read English. This shows that learning all the subjects is important and once you have the basic knowledge, you can choose according to your interest in higher classes.

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The best part of my class is that our teachers inspire us to think and develop our own ideas. There is a creative wall in my classroom and the student is free to post anything creative. It should not be copied from anywhere. This inspires us to benefit from our studies and provide some creative ideas. And it looks good to paint on the wall or any creative idea with your name written in bold letters. I liked him very much.

Essay Writing For Class 3

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In my school, each classroom gets a theme and the students have to decorate the classroom as it is. So, our topic is “space”. So the whole class looks so good I can’t put it into words. We have decorated our beaches like spaceships and indeed our classroom looks like a space center. The class panel is decorated to look like a spaceship window.

We have an achievement wall in our classroom where pictures of students are posted. Every week different competitions are held at our home matches and the winners are: Their pictures are posted on this wall. He inspires other students to do well and earn a place on that wall. Whenever there is any inspection in our school, many teachers and principals visit our classroom and they admire these students and also the idea of ​​the achievement wall.

Essay Writing For Class 3

We all celebrate the weekend in different ways, sometimes we go somewhere, and sometimes we just stay at home. Therefore, those who spend the weekend in a new place or doing something new are invited to express their opinion in their free time. It helps us to know those new places to visit next time and very new concept which is followed only in our class.

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My class activities are updated on social media by our teachers and this inspires us to do well. In this way we are also connected to many other people and I really like this concept.

Essay Writing For Class 3

Learning should be fun and my description is the best example. We celebrate together, study together and also have fun together. Others should also learn from our class and all the credit goes to my class teacher. They are so good that our classroom has become our favorite place. Everything about the classroom inspires us, and I’m proud to say it. This is my class. My classroom has also won the Best in category award this year, and every day we come up with new ideas to make it the best place to learn. Many students are used to dropping out, but these changes also encourage them to stay in class and learn new things.

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Essay Writing For Class 3

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Essay Writing For Class 3

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Essay Writing For Class 3

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