Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Essay Writing Drishti Ias – The Election Commission (EC) of India recently introduced a bill for a special member, giving her the responsibility of overseeing the internal affairs of political parties in the country.

Q. Discuss the role of the Election Commission of India in developing the Code of Conduct. (2022),

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

For starters: legal marriage for women; child marriage; Jai Jaitley Task Force; Promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Upsc Eassy ( निबंध ) Pdf By Drishti Ias । Eassy Pdf For Upsc By Dristi Ias

The Supreme Court recently responded to a petition filed by the National Commission for Women (NCW) asking the government to set the minimum marriage age for Muslim women at par with other religions.

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Apple recently announced that it will increase the number of data points protected by end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in iCloud from 14 to 23 categories.

Subsidies for the 1st quarter are provided in the form of growing agricultural crops; How does crop diversification affect farmers’ economies? crop insurance; What does minimum support price and food processing mean for small and marginal farmers? (2017),

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Drishti Ias (pt + Mains) Hindi

Q2 How will replacing price subsidy with direct benefit transfer (DBT) change the subsidy landscape in India? Discuss. (2015),

Q3. What types of agricultural subsidies are provided to farmers at the national and state levels? seriously, analyze the agricultural subsidy system for the distortions it creates. (2013),

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Q. Widespread resistance of the malaria parasite to drugs such as chloroquine has led to attempts to develop a malaria vaccine. Why is it so difficult to develop an effective malaria vaccine? (2010)

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Rapid Fire Current Affairs

Jal Shakti recently chaired the 10th Empowered Task Force (ETF) of Union Minister Jal Shakti of the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG).

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Q. Discuss the Namami Gange and National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) programs and the mixed results of previous schemes. What quantum leaps can help improve the Ganges compared to gradual introductions? (2015),

Recently, Japanese space startup ispace Inc launched its own M1 spacecraft to the moon as part of the HAKUTO-R mission launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. For Previous: All India Quarterly Establishment Based Employment Survey (AQEES); quarterly employment survey Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS); International Labor Organization

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Drishti Ias 2022 Prelims Test Series (test Code 2213) –test 13 Hindi & English Medium (black & White)

Recently Part of All India Quarterly Employment Survey (AQEES), Fourth Edition (January – March 2022) Bureau of Labour, Published by Ministry of Labor and Employment.

Recently, the Ministry of Rural Development has launched ‘JALDOOT App and JALDOOT App e-brochure’ to better record groundwater levels.

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Q. “The best solution to depleting groundwater resources in India is a water harvesting system.” How to make it effective in urban conditions? (2018),

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Q. India is well endowed with fresh water resources. Critically examine why we continue to suffer from water scarcity. (2015),

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Recently, the National Environment Tribunal (NGT) dismissed a case filed suo motu against the granting of forest clearance for the 3,000 MW Dibang Hydel project, which did not meet the pre-conditions for national park declaration.

Q1 How do you understand the Myitsone hydroelectric project? How is it different from other hydropower projects? (2013),

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Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Drishti Ias Hindi Literature

Q2 Suppose the Indian government is considering building a dam in a forested mountain valley. What rational policy should be adopted in dealing with unforeseen circumstances? (2018),

World Rabies Day is celebrated every year on September 28 to raise awareness of the world’s deadliest infectious disease and unite partners to strengthen prevention and control efforts worldwide.

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

Every year on September 27th, World Tourism Day is celebrated around the world and this year it will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

Human Development Report

Recently, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has set up an integrated test site off the coast of Odisha. The Short Range Air Defense System (VSHORADS) missile was successfully test-fired from the Chandipur Land Portable Missile Launch Pad.

Essay Writing Drishti Ias

INS Sunayna recently arrived in the southern port of Victoria to participate in the annual Combined Maritime Forces Operation Southern Readiness (CMF) exercise.

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