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Essay Writing Design – For the third year in a row, Rebecca Graff asked the Writing PAD (Julia and Kay) to work with her interior design students to develop ideas for their final year essays. Once again, the Reframing technique is used, with students working on pre-printed A3 sheets to explore the context surrounding their essay topic. This exercise informs the project proposal and subsequent essay assignments.

This Reframing workshop takes place in the same way as the technology-led one (see previous post), although these students interact with the process differently, using their design skills in developing their frames:

Essay Writing Design

Essay Writing Design

Instead of repeating the written description of the workshop, as it suits the visual emphasis of the Written PAD, you can see the stages of the Reframing process in the image below:

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Comments from students were very encouraging in terms of our goal to overcome student writing barriers: “Really good session, I usually avoid writing essays but now I feel more confident! I’m ready to start. The environment was great and overall the session was very useful.”

Essay Writing Design

It was also great to hear that the Reframing method has value beyond the workshop, with one student commenting that “I will do this on every project!” and Rebecca tells us that “Students LOVE IT! They bring their own ‘framework’ of guidelines and refer to them often.

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Essay Writing Design

Essay Writing Explained Pages 1 50

Article to read? How many times have you asked yourself this question as a teacher? Although writing is a fundamental skill in any classroom, there are alternatives to written work that still allow you to assess key skills

Sheet of paper. Of course, if you really need to write an article, you will continue to read any essay. But if you need to assess concepts, analysis, or understanding, then there are other ways to do that than reading another five-paragraph essay.

Essay Writing Design

Check out these FIVE alternatives to the traditional essay to challenge your students in new ways while still assessing the same essential skills.

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An oral essay is when students present their essays out loud to the class in a presentation format. Instead of turning in a five-paragraph paper, students present their analysis to the class. They begin with a thesis statement and then “talk” through their evidence, explaining how it proves the thesis and what it shows. Students can complete this task individually or in groups. You can also require students to use visual aids to increase the effectiveness of their presentations.

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Essay Writing Design

Recently, I had my students present an oral poetry essay to the class using an ELMO projector to show their annotations. They work in groups of 2-3 students and give each other different parts of the “essay”. They are not allowed to use any notes other than annotations on the poem. It is important to tell students NOT to READ the essay in front of the class. That is not the point of the assignment. It is a presentation and should be treated as one – with eye contact and engagement with the audience.

Check out this FREE Oral Essay Guide in the Freebie Library right here. It will help your students get started with this alternative essay assignment.

Essay Writing Design

Formal Essay: Definition & Examples

Infographics and one-liners are graphical displays of information. Both outline key concepts and how they are related. There are some fantastic infographic templates that you can use for FREE on

For this alternative essay assignment, you can have students create an infographic or one page in response to a traditional essay prompt. The difference is that instead of using words to convey meaning, students use images, words, textual evidence, elements, techniques, etc. to convey meaning in a visual context.

Essay Writing Design

Recently, I had my students complete a page about Gothic properties that they shared with small groups and then displayed around the class. One page shows how the concept is presented in the Gothic text we read, and students show the relationship between the pictures and the words. I asked them to use three quotes from three different texts to support their analysis of Gothic features. This helps them review their assessment of the Gothic genre in a way that helps them create their own meaning from important ideas.

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If you want a ready-to-print guide to creating a pager, check out the Latest Novel Study Pack: 50 Projects and Assignments for any Novel from Bespoke ELA. In this pack, you will not only find one-page instructions, but 49 literary analysis activities.

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Essay Writing Design

While cube quizzes and saying-meaning-matter quizzes still involve assessment of writing, they do so in a more precise format that makes them easier to assess (time-wise) than traditional essays. This is how they work.

Dice quiz involves analyzing four text components. Here are the components I want to use:

Essay Writing Design

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Students answer each part of the cube to analyze the text. Because each part of the “cube” focuses on one element or technique, I can read very quickly and assess the student’s understanding of the text.

The Say-Mean-Matter quiz is also a focused assessment strategy that challenges students to analyze the text. In the “say-the-meaning-of-the-problem” quiz, students are given 3-5 items from the text. These items can be objects, character names, places, quotes, symbols, etc. Then students explain what the text literally says about the item (plot), what the item means (commentary), and why it is important (thematic connection). The brief format of these assessments breaks the analysis into focused parts that very quickly get to the heart of the analysis.

Essay Writing Design

Click here for a word-of-mouth editing template to use with your students. Don’t forget to subscribe to Bespoke ELA to unlock the Freebie Library there for more free lessons to print and use in your classroom.

Gre Issue Essay

A photo essay is a type of visual essay in which students select a series of photographs to relate to their text analysis. They then present the photo essay to the class, explaining how the photo relates to the text, what it reveals about the text, and why it is important (thematic connection). By connecting with other works of art (in this case photos), the teacher can assess the student’s understanding of the text as well as the analysis of key elements and techniques. Students can even record their analysis as sound and make a short film analyzing the text using related photos.

Essay Writing Design

As a follow-up to this task, consider challenging students to take their own photos instead of using existing photos from the Internet. This will add more critical thinking to the task – as well as artistic expression.

Satire requires a complete and thorough understanding of key concepts from the source. When someone creates satire, they create commentary and criticism about something else, which reveals a deeper understanding of the themes and ideas behind what is being satirized.

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Essay Writing Design

Best WordPress Themes For Essay Writing Websites

In order to make a satirical version of the text, students can make a parody of the original or put a modern lens such as the zombie apocalypse. I had my students make a satirical, modern version of the comic

And they enjoy using satire and humor in the story, but in order to do this they must first have a thorough understanding of the epic poem. The foundation gives them the opportunity to satirize the original in an effective way. Check out some of the comic book versions they’ve done!

Essay Writing Design

What alternative essay project or assignment do you enjoy doing with your students? Please share with us in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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And bespoke ELA. She has taught high school English for 10+ years in Dallas, Chicago, and New York City and holds an MA in Literature from Northwestern University. He’s always had a connection to the written word — through songwriting, screenwriting and essay writing — and he loves the process of teaching students how to express ideas. Meredith enjoys life with her husband, daughter and cute pups. Design essays are usually assigned to students. Design essays usually discuss the framework of an object or process. This type of essay is usually given to students who have courses related to the development of technology. Some of them are: information technology, web design, automotive and engineering. Furthermore, this type of essay is also given to students studying planning, such as architecture, fashion and art. understand several ways you can write a design essay and share with you some guidelines for composing your essay.

Essay Writing Design

Design can take different essay topics. This is because of the various meanings attached to it. Depending on the student’s course and teacher’s requirements, the design can be interpreted in different ways. With this in mind, here is a quick step-by-step guide:

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Essay Writing Design

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