Essay Writing Descriptive

Essay Writing Descriptive – Previously: Unit 11.2; We discussed how to study and teach the Form 2 subtopic ‘Analyzing factual information from the media’.

In this unit, we discuss how to study and teach the Form 3 subtopic Descriptive Composition/Essay Writing.

Essay Writing Descriptive

Essay Writing Descriptive

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The Chase An Example Of Descriptive Writing Free Essay Example

Descriptive writing is writing that requires the writer to use all five senses. Smell, touch, sight, hearing, and feeling help you describe someone or something specifically.

Essay Writing Descriptive

Describing something or someone is a more accurate way of getting to know that person than before. Almost everything is explained either by appearance or by content.

By the end of this subtopic, students should be able to clearly describe people, places, and events. Students should be able to write different descriptions of things, situations and people using their five human senses.

Essay Writing Descriptive

Descriptive Essay Writing Techniques.docx

At this stage, teachers guide students through the process of writing a good descriptive essay. These steps are combined with the essay writing format introduced earlier in this blog. Here are the steps to write a good descriptive essay:

(i) Select a topic. Teachers can choose topics for students to write about and provide specific topics from life that can be written about in pairs or groups.

Essay Writing Descriptive

(ii) a good introductory paragraph; After choosing a topic, students plan an appropriate introduction to it with a thesis statement. Writing an introduction to an essay helps the writer move forward.

Unique Descriptive Essay Topics To Spark Your Imagination

(iii) integrating the senses; Since it is a descriptive essay, it is rich in sensory details and words that make the reader feel, touch, taste, see, and smell. For example, a statement like this: “We left the forest and reached the village when we met a stranger.” Make me feel

Essay Writing Descriptive

(iv) preparation of an essay outline; This is the stage where I list all the details and points that the author explains in separate paragraphs. Each listed point has its own paragraph in the body.

(v) Draft of the text of the article. Then, write your essay discussing the points outlined in your essay outline. Use sensory details to bring the previously mentioned points to life.

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Essay Writing Descriptive

Descriptive Paragraph Checklist

(vi) Write a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes the entire essay without addressing the points discussed and reiterates the introductory sentence of the essay. In other words, what is said in the introduction is related to what is discussed in the body of the essay. It also suggests and provides ways forward on specific issues.

(vii) review the article; Drafts of essays and writings should be edited. Revising is important because “no one is perfect” and they can end up writing without encountering some errors. When writing assignments, homework assignments, group assignments, or individual assignments (not tests), it’s a good idea to take a short break and come back to your essays with fresh eyes and energy. . As you revise your essay, write down any changes you notice.

Essay Writing Descriptive

(viii) End it. Read the essay again and check the mistakes at the end. Your essay is now in good shape.

Descriptive Essay Graphic Organizer Worksheet

Teachers and students discuss descriptive writing/writing characteristics using model writing. Teachers should remind students that an expository essay, like any other general essay, has an introduction, body, and conclusion. A key feature of descriptive essays is the use of human emotions and figurative language.

Essay Writing Descriptive

Teachers can lead students to discuss, research, and write about common topics in society. Therefore, students select a topic under the guidance of the teacher and brainstorm the main ideas and points of the selected topic. Here the students are taught basics based on common aspects of life like poverty, gender issues, HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, road safety, early and forced marriages, corruption, illiteracy and causes of murder. You will be advised. Albino for selection

Karema is a village in Tanganyika District, Katavi Region. It is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The village is famous for its fishing industry and has excellent beaches that people enjoy during different holiday seasons. As you approach Kerema, you will be amazed by the view of the endless sky. Looking at that lake, it seems like the sky is stuck to it. There is no clear boundary between the water and the horizon. The following features make Karema village one of the only villages on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

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Essay Writing Descriptive

Solution: How To Write A Descriptive Essay

First, all types of fish are available during a good fishing season. Visit a home and you can see ‘Mikebuka’ cooked, roasted or dried. The people of this village are happy to have fish in their daily diet.

Second, next to Karema High School, there is a dirt road between Ikora and Karema that passes through the village of Karema and goes directly to the shores of Lake Tanganyika. The school is built with utility poles at the bottom of several hills. This road serves to connect Karema village with other villages. It also facilitates communication and business.

Essay Writing Descriptive

Beautiful view. Climb the hills behind the village of Karema and you’ll find spectacular views of Lake Tanganyika: beautiful houses, boats like sardines, long, beautiful sandy beaches, the distant mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the brilliant blue water touching the land. Can see the sky horizon.

Narrative Descriptive Essay

It is the land of “Mikbuka” and “Dagger”. As soon as you enter Karema village, the wonderful sweet smell of grilled and fried fish known as ‘Mikebuka’ hits your nose. And in a good fishing season, you can smell “Mikebuka” and “Dagger” catches. Truly, your appetite for fish will be satisfied and you will be satisfied while you are at Kerema.

Essay Writing Descriptive

It is also home to Kasomo Beach. Walk through the village to the beach and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the sand and rocks. The singing and lapping of the waves is soothing to people, especially visitors. People love to hear those sounds. Kasomo Beach is one of the famous beaches on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Especially during the holiday season many people flock to the beach seats to swim and sunbathe. Some people prefer to enjoy the cool air inside the ‘misonju’ while others prefer to sit on the beach sand and enjoy the roughness, dryness, cleanliness and heat of the beach sand. The great thing about beach sand is that it doesn’t make your body dirty. Clothes are also dried on the sand.

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Karema village is generally a blessed village that everyone who visits is proud of themselves. It is a place to escape from stress. A place where you feel comfortable every time you step foot. Finally a country without hunger. This is Karema village. Kasomo Beach Home!

Essay Writing Descriptive

Descriptive Essay Thesis

Teachers can guide students to form groups or work in pairs to write a first draft (discussion draft) on a topic of their choice.

In this phase, students are guided to edit and revise their drafts, focusing on the content of their chosen topic. The work should be revised and edited in relation to the material covered. Here we have to make sure that we are not off topic or subject.

Essay Writing Descriptive

At this stage, students make sure their work is punctuated correctly. Teachers should guide students to correct typos and other mechanical errors in writing. Their work should be free of irrelevant content, grammatical errors and mechanical errors.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay: Format, Example & Steps

This is the stage where students check the work with their eyes. Groups of students exchange their writing and solicit comments from another group.

Essay Writing Descriptive

After exchanging tasks, these groups should use the comments given by their peers about their work to improve their work.

Assign students to write descriptive essays. Discuss with them and choose a topic or form a group and have each group choose a question and write an explanatory essay about it. Try to select relevant questions. Create a checklist to mark your work.

Essay Writing Descriptive

How To Write A Solid Descriptive Essay: Unique & Practical Tips (with Examples)

Having an oral or written description of something or someone is very important in everyday life. We see, hear and touch, but it is important to describe what we do not know. Consider the situation when explaining something to someone who has never encountered a particular subject. However, as this person explains,

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