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Essay Writing Brainly – Activity number 2. Directions: Write an essay using any pattern of written text. Choose a topic from the following. A minimum of 250 words is required. (50 marks). • Your dream place • Embarrassing experience at school or any other public place • Expectations of SHS life

Answer: I am fascinated by the beauty and cleanliness of this place. I would also like to eat authentic Japanese food that I love to eat. I also want the “Sakura Experience”. I am also curious to know about Mount Fuji, the famous mountain in Japan. I also want to meet and discover the culture and tradition of the Japanese people. I will make sure I have enough money to visit various famous places in Japan and stay in nice and fancy hotels. I would shop, eat, walk around and repeat. I would also like to visit their revered temples, wear a kimono and take lots of pictures. Of course I would love to experience it with my family. It’s a very expensive dream vacation but who knows, only time will tell if fate will give me this dream or not. So god help me. #FastExplanation:

Essay Writing Brainly

Essay Writing Brainly

9th grade (2015-2016): This was one of the worst school years I’ve ever had. It’s been one of those school years where nothing went right, my grades hit a new low, I lost my best friends, differences in ideas and grading methods led to fights with teachers. I was the most despised and most annoying person in my grade because of my bad attitude, difference of opinion, inability to relate to other people in my class, etc. The situation was so bad that I wanted to leave Saudi Arabia and continue my schooling in Chennai .

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New questions in English “And that’s how I met your mother” just when the CTTO stories start telling what story will come where and when. What does the first paragraph of the narrative say about who is involved and where and when it occurs? Evidence of Androlez’s bravery is found in the narrative text Answers and Evidence Forms How does Androlez survive? Lion in the forest killed by Ing Please answer and proof form text Hen and Hen What does it mean Colorado River, Nile River, Zhang Si Tiang River. There is something unusual about them. Each of them is polluted and destroyed by humans in some way. Modern installations by people have given us new opportunities to deal with nature. For me these days it’s a matter of business. It doesn’t matter if it harms the environment or not. but who cares?

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Essay Writing Brainly

Mr. Edward Abbey looked for some objections to the environmental perspective in his article “Damnation of a Canyon”, first published in 1971 in Beyond the Wall: Essays from the Outside, A Heart Near the Canyonlands, A Living Heart and That heart was Glen Canyon and the golden, flowing Colorado River.

(Abbey, 2003) He concluded the current conditions in Canyonland Country and the effects of industrialization on society in this beautiful and pristine environment. Abe investigates that Glen Canyon has never needed a change for the better. First, when he was a park ranger at the new Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, there were many animals and plants in a symbiotic relationship.

Essay Writing Brainly

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It was just a jungle. Second, Abe argues that the loss of that area began with a change in nature’s commercial profit function. Finally, he talks about the dam that led to this terrible situation and how he can’t find a vantage point for this building. Abe also refers to the poor living conditions of the animals, as we can see that many of them disappeared from the flood in Glen Canyon.

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Essay Writing Brainly

Although Edwards’ analysis has deep relevance, in my opinion, he underestimates the current state of the Colorado River and he forgets to mention who was the cause of these changes in the Glen Canyon area.

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There is a responsibility on every person, not just the people who live in the area, it is on all of us. Abby’s decisive morality activated a series of hypotheses about the future and legacy of Mother Earth; He pointed out how the sector would soon be damaged if everyone involved did not make decisions and summarize their priorities; Asking these people questions will present a challenge and prevent industry from taking advantage of the wonderful places in our world; He emphasized many aspects in his explanation, but did he give any solution to the problem?

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Essay Writing Brainly

Edward, speaking of all people, provides a sharp insight on the subject of environmental pollution, even as he downplays the economic use of Lake Powell and the dam. Many of Abe’s points are correct and no scientist can argue with them and he also has my point of view. I totally agree that Lake Powell is no longer a real lake, but just a simulated lake and a large reservoir. Overall, the tranquility and wildness have disappeared from nature. There is no doubt that people should do something about it. A simple discussion of this matter is useless. It reminds me of a situation where a woman found trash on the floor and instead of removing it herself, she started telling the men around her about it.

In fact, the dam’s condition is so bad that the monastery has done nothing to change it for years. He gave a speech, summarizing the weakest points of the enormous construction, but did not look the other way. Did he ask public opinion himself? Abe offers options such as a solar power system and destroying the dam like a spring. Obviously he does not mention the cost of the building. The workers who worked for us there benefited. In addition, there must be a paradigm shift in the entire economic policy. This exploration leads him to overgeneralize the problem. Abbey particularly appealed to the destructive activity and ecological devastation in the area, although nothing came of the construction of Glen Canyon Dam. If he wants to evaluate the people who brought investment in the sector, he should blame society as well.

Essay Writing Brainly

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Overgeneralization aside, how long will nature withstand human ecological pressure? In fact, a comparison of the former river valley and today’s reservoir is not appropriate for the information they show. Relying on the promises of the people, Abhay assumed that he was not in conflict with nature according to his will, that it was impossible to do anything with him; Yet he brags about lazy Americans and the possibilities of access, but it reveals a flaw, which is the U.S. may offend many conscientious residents of the U.S.A.

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Furthermore, Edward encourages himself to be a defender of mediocrity; Being a favorite in the public eye is “in” and it makes him famous. Greenpeace and other societies that try to draw attention to globalization are also useless. I would like to quote a writer who believes that nature will protect itself and protect its glory: “I say give nature a little time. In five years, ten years at the most, the sun, wind and storm will wash away the repellent. dirt .” Will clean and disinfect.”

Essay Writing Brainly

Finally, Mr. Edward Abbey did a good job in starting the discussion about this serious problem, maybe this step will inspire others to take some important steps towards nature. People’s thinking trend will change if they understand the real importance of our environment and climate change. I think AB did a great job. If this was a marathon action, I hope it comes to an early end.

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Brainly What is the main idea of ​​Destruction of the Valley? (2019, December 5). Retrieved from https:///paper-on-9220-the-damnation-of-a-canyon/

Essay Writing Brainly

“What is the main idea of ​​the destruction of Brainly Canyon.” , 5 December 2019. Accessed 2 August 2023. https:///paper-on-9220-the-damnation-of-a-canyon/

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Essay Writing Brainly

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Essay Writing Brainly

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