Essay Writing About Pollution

Essay Writing About Pollution – Essay on Pollution: Where we see everyone talking about pollution in air, water, food and everything. When we try to study this problem of pollution we realize that we ourselves are responsible for the cause of this pollution. People, generally, do not care to clean their surroundings and this leads to general pollution. This pollution causes poor health and causes many health problems

Below are two English essays for students and children on ‘Pollution’ in short and long form. The first essay is a long essay on pollution of 400-500 words This long essay on pollution is suitable for students of class 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well as exam candidates. The second essay is a short essay on pollution of 150-200 words. These are suitable for students and children in grades 6 and up

Essay Writing About Pollution

Essay Writing About Pollution

Below we have provided a long essay on pollution in 500+ words useful for class 7, 8, 9, and 10 and competitive exam aspirants. This long essay on this topic is suitable for students from class 7 to class 10 and those who are competing for the exam.

Environmental Pollution Essay 150 Words

Recently there was a drive in Delhi to convert buses and three-wheelers from diesel to CNG. Why does this drastic change seem necessary? This is because when the population increased, so did the number of buses and three-wheelers. Both diesel and three-wheeler buses emit fumes that enter the atmosphere and air This smoke contains unhealthy gases

Essay Writing About Pollution

People breathe this air As a result, their lungs absorb polluted gases that cause lung diseases and even bronchitis, asthma and tuberculosis. The increase in these diseases has led the government to think and come up with a policy to convert these vehicles to CNG Due to this, the rate of air pollution has reduced significantly

Then there is water pollution The water we drink is taken from rivers, stored and then piped to us What is happening in these rivers? Those rivers which were earlier called ‘sacred’ rivers Ganga and Yamuna drain all the water from the city and due to this drainage the river is unable to carry it. The river water is polluted with all the impurities in it and it is the water that is pumped into the city water tanks. Along with dirt and debris being washed off the ground during rains, ground water is also polluted.

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Essay Writing About Pollution

Argumentative: Pollution And Hybrid Cars Essay Example (600 Words)

Today all lakes, ponds and even wells contain contaminated water Large-scale industries growing to meet the needs of a growing population send pollutants into rivers, lakes, and ponds and make their water unfit for drinking.

People are cutting trees. This is because more people, more demand for fuel and wood Trees release oxygen during the day which cleans the atmosphere and tree loss means loss of the healthy gas oxygen.

Essay Writing About Pollution

Heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides in our agricultural processes is also a cause of air pollution

Environment Pollution: A Silent Killer Free Essay Sample On

When we walk around a city we find a lot of garbage with all the slimy things We are responsible for all this But this decomposition releases gases into the atmosphere that pollute the air We remove the garbage from our house, but we make the whole neighborhood dirty There is a lack of citizen awareness among the civic authorities and they are also unable to make proper arrangements for waste disposal.

Essay Writing About Pollution

Below we have provided a short essay on pollution for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, this short essay on the topic is suitable for students of class 6 and above.

Even the most used bags these days cause pollution because they are thrown away and not destroyed, but recycled. Recycled bags are very hazardous to health and anything placed in them becomes unhealthy.

Essay Writing About Pollution

Air And Water Pollution Essay Sample

Slums are a source of increasing pollution in big cities People live in very unhealthy environment, they face all kinds of problems and this is due to air pollution.

The problem of pollution is increasing day by day and it is a threat to the people of the country.

Essay Writing About Pollution

It is necessary that not only the administration but people in general should understand the seriousness of this problem and everyone should try their best to clean the environment. many trees; Dispose of waste properly Keep rivers clean, don’t allow unhealthy lifestyles to flourish It is everyone’s duty to protect the country from pollution.

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Essay Writing About Pollution

Burning fossil fuels, both power plants and cars, causes climate change by releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Long-term exposure can also lead to climate change that can negatively impact food, water and ecosystems.

Burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other industrial materials is the main cause of pollution.

Essay Writing About Pollution

The Devastating Effects In Comprehensive: Air Pollution Essay

Breathing in polluted air increases the risk of developing asthma and other respiratory diseases. High levels of particulate pollution are linked to higher incidences of heart attacks The burning of fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causes the earth to warm. There are different types of pollution such as land pollution, water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution. Whatever kind of infection it is, it has dangerous effects on our environment

Pollution is the addition of unwanted substances to the environment that can harm our planet There are 4 types of pollution; Water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. All types of pollution are caused by human carelessness We throw waste directly into water bodies, which causes water pollution Air pollution occurs when cars emit fumes into the atmosphere and make it difficult for all living things to breathe. Throwing our waste directly into landfills causes soil pollution Noise pollution is not visible, but it is a dangerous type of pollution that can damage our ears.

Essay Writing About Pollution

Pollution is a major threat to our environment and is caused by human carelessness towards nature Our land provides us with food and shelter, while we abuse it ruthlessly and plunder its resources Pollution is a direct result of our greed We throw garbage into waterways without caring for the creatures that live in it The balance of various gases in the atmosphere is disturbed due to the movement of vehicles on the roads. Even industries that emit harmful gases into the air contribute to air pollution When we cultivate the land excessively and uncontrollably, it loses its natural minerals So, when we use fertilizers to increase their productivity, it pollutes the soil Noise pollution is caused by factories, airplanes, aircraft etc It damages our ears and can cause hearing loss

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Pollution. Pellution Means The Presence Of Chwarted Thing In The Environm

Pollution has shaken the natural order of our way of life and has brought dire consequences to the inhabitants of the earth. The main cause of pollution is the unregulated and illegal activities of misuse of natural resources which do not follow the guidelines prescribed by the Pollution Control Committee across the country. The cause of pollution is called pollution It can be solid, liquid, or gas No matter what the pollution is, it can have a negative impact on our natural ecosystems if it is not checked.

Essay Writing About Pollution

Water pollution is a major source of pollution and has become an urgent problem in many countries We cannot survive without water So, when most of the water dries up or dries up, people will disappear The next major type of pollution is air pollution This is mostly caused by emissions from automobiles and coal-fired power plants

Recently, there has been a sudden increase in soil pollution due to deforestation and illegal logging in tropical forests. Another important yet overlooked form of pollution is noise pollution High decibel noise emitted by jets and airplanes contributes to noise pollution It damages the ears and causes deafness in severe cases

Essay Writing About Pollution

Essay On Pollution

Paragraph on Pollution – 250 to 300 words for class 9, 10, 11, 12 and students competing in exams.

Natural processes that have been going on automatically since the creation of the earth are disturbed This can be attributed to human exploitation of natural resources We, occupying the top floor of the environmental pyramid, should know

Essay Writing About Pollution

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