Essay Writing About Covid 19

Essay Writing About Covid 19 – It’s hard to tell my own story, filling the pages with family turmoil, addictions and hardships that most people never experience. A combination of these things, along with poor judgment, led to my 5 year sentence in the Department of Corrections. I never imagined that the world would face a global pandemic during this already difficult chapter of my life.

Covid-19 emerged in March 2020, spreading fear and panic not only in society but across the world. Life changed completely for me too. Our routine has stopped. I fear not only for my health, but for the health of my family and loved ones outside these walls.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

Essay Writing About Covid 19

For everyone’s safety, prison visits have been suspended. I look forward to seeing the smiling faces of my loved ones every week, reassuring me that they are safe and well. Our service stopped because the minister could not come there or come out. We had very little contact with others outside of the few female inmates in my facility.

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All this to protect us and ensure everyone’s safety. However, as a result, the already difficult times are trying even more for us behind these walls. Depression, loneliness, anxiety and fear become a daily reality.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

During this difficult time in my life, I discovered many things about myself. I discovered that I am a strong woman, much stronger than I realized. I developed compassion and empathy for others far behind me, following a desire to help others on their journey. I have also learned that my higher energy does not burden me more than I can handle or handle.

Through my own strength, the support of family and loved ones, and the guidance of my Higher Power, I have done my best to overcome the pain and difficulties presented by Covid-19. I try every day to keep in touch with family and friends through phone calls and letters. I found a better way to express my feelings through art and writing. I meditate and pray daily and participate in the classes held here. Most importantly, I try to have a positive attitude and hope for the future.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

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In conclusion, I hope my words will touch the hearts of those who can relate or suffer in these difficult times like me. This pandemic affects people from all walks of life, including me, but I personally hope that we can persevere and overcome this problem together. I hope that our personal struggles will make us stronger, healthier people as we work toward the common goal of defeating this virus and keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. Diary of his illness during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Credit… Wright State University

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Sherry Denny is in her fourth day of self-quarantine at her home in Springboro, Ohio, as she contemplates dying from the coronavirus. As he sat in his chair and checked the number of the state governor’s dead and sick, he knew that tomorrow would come. Mrs Denny, 55, was distraught, trying to put her feelings into words.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

“Wow,” he began to scribble on an old piece of sketch paper, quickly realizing the exact words weren’t easy. “That’s all I can say. My emotions range from sadness to fear to anger. “

The Challenges Arising From The Covid 19 Pandemic And The Way People Deal With Them. A Qualitative Longitudinal Study

Earlier in the week, a woman in Nevada turned to a special version of the newspaper. Mimi J. Premo recorded a video on her cell phone, giving voice to the drama fatigue many Americans feel. And in Indianapolis, in an interview recorded by two university research assistants, a man with diabetes and H.I.V. He spoke very well about how the speed and unclear delivery method “bothered me”.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

The three accounts, snapshots of an intimate moment during the pandemic, are a response to calls from historians and archivists across the country to document this extraordinary moment in history.

Universities, archives and historical societies, from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History to a small college radio station in Pennsylvania, are rushing to collect and curate personal accounts of how people are coping with this public health crisis as described in papers and newspapers. , oral history in audio and video and social media.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

Me & Covid 19: An Essay Writing Contest

They are Ms. Denny and Ms. People like Premo are invited to share stories and content in real time from the 2020 coronavirus and its aftermath. The idea is to connect community narratives and provide a holistic view of the outbreak, which will help the public, researchers and policymakers better understand how the epidemic entered our lives.

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Article by Sherry Denny. One of the first submissions to Wright State University’s Coronavirus Public Memorial Project.Credit… Wright State University

Essay Writing About Covid 19

Whether it’s a cheeky handwritten journal or a cute Instagram post, the collaborations offer a glimpse into a country the virus has taken over from coast to coast. The story involves sickness and death. A profound disruption of American rhythms and customs, evidenced by the empty shelves and streets. Inadequacy of shelter in place. How people persevere and still manage to find happiness.

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“What we record as participants is what future generations remember,” said Mark Tebeau, one of the project directors of the virtual archive created at Arizona State University.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

A group of historians and artists launched A Journal of the Plague Year: A Archive of Covid-19 on March 13, two days after the World Health Organization declared the pandemic a pandemic. The name is inspired by Daniel Defoe’s book “A Journal of the Plague Year”, which tells the story of the bubonic plague in 1665 London from one man’s point of view.

With the help of graduate students and scholars from about 20 universities, we collected more than 1,400 files from 500 participants from around the world, including Australia, Peru and China.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

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A public and digital historian who directs the university’s public history program, Mr. Tebeau said they’re also reaching out to marginalized communities to make sure they’re included. Same project.

One of the first entries was from Ms. Premo, 36, a customer service representative who lives near Las Vegas. He hadn’t left his home for nearly a week in mid-March when he posted the video. In the clip, just two minutes long, he wonders who will be the next victim of Covid-19. Neighbors? Are you friends? Family members?

Essay Writing About Covid 19

“No matter how many Skype sessions I do, no matter how many times I’m on Facebook, no matter how many times I write in my journal, no matter how many times I try to smile through tears, it’s completely different,” Ms. Premo said.

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“Living with this uncertainty,” he pauses in the video, “it’s sad, but no matter what happens, I think hope is what keeps my soul alive.”

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Essay Writing About Covid 19

Last week, the Library of Congress received its first Covid-19 collection: street scenes from New York, New Jersey and California by photographer Camilo Jose Vergara. In addition to documenting household life, masking practices, health workers, economic impact and public welfare. The Library of Congress also collects Internet content, data, and maps.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History commissioned a Rapid Response Collection Team to document the epidemic. “Museum staff are working to develop a plan that strikes a balance between the imperative to document unique aspects of historic landmarks as they occur,” the museum said in a statement. A statement, “There is a need to provide a long-term historical perspective..”

Essay Writing About Covid 19

Embassy Of India, Caracas, Venezuela

In response to the pandemic shutdown, story-sharing nonprofit StoryCorps has moved to an online platform for the first time. Interviews recorded in a physical studio can be conducted using video conferencing technology. Audio and footage from each interview will be archived in the StoryCorps archive and the Library of Congress. And students at Newman University in Pennsylvania started a series called the Coronavirus Diary on the school’s radio station WNUW-FM. Listeners record themselves sharing pandemic stories through voice memo apps or by sending phone messages to stations. Magazines fly by the hour.

Local archives also need oral histories and materials. The Atlanta History Center, for example, is asking city residents for digital documents and physical artifacts (the latter will be collected when the center reopens). The project, called the Corona Collective, puts together a seemingly ordinary — random feather sign — a handmade sign thanking emergency medical personnel to help tell the story of how everyday life in Atlanta has changed.

Essay Writing About Covid 19

“Goodbye,” an image featured in “A Journal of the Plague Year,” an archive of the fictional coronavirus pandemic.

What Historians Will See When They Look Back On The Covid 19 Pandemic Of 2020

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