English Essay Writing Competition Topics

English Essay Writing Competition Topics – Interschool Competition Essay: Interschool competitions are held in various subjects, throughout the year involving several schools. This is a very healthy thing because a student is evaluated, not only within the school, but also compared to the students of all other schools. The competition gives the younger generation a boost and boosts their confidence while gradually developing a positive attitude towards the competition.

Below we have given long essay on Inter School Competition in 500 words useful for class 7, 8, 9 and 10 and competition candidates. Long essays on this topic are suitable for students of class 7 to class 10, and also for competitive candidates.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

Two months ago I had the privilege of participating in an inter-school extempore competition. First, a screening competition was held at our school. About twenty students gave speeches on the subject. “Is women’s education necessary to dignify the Indian society? We have all prepared well, but the final result only has the names of the three best participants. My joy was unlimited, when I saw my name on the list. I had no idea that I would be selected I have done well, no doubt, but representing my school in an inter-school competition is a huge responsibility.

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The competition is a month away. One month? Too little time to prepare for every subject under the sun, I picked some recent subjects and started preparing seriously. I want to win success for my school. It doesn’t matter to me if I don’t win, but at the same time I want to get a good reputation for my school. My father helped me a lot, he pointed out my weaknesses and within a month I was ready to face the competition.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

The day of the competition came. Oh! It was a very gloomy rainy day. My mood fell but my parents encouraged me and said I would make it. I reached the hostel, where the competition was scheduled to be held. There were many participants who were all waiting patiently for the competition to begin.

The referee came and the rules of the competition were announced. The topic is “Global Warming”. Each student is allowed to speak for seven minutes, after six minutes the warm-up bell will be rung. After the warning bell, the student can speak for one minute only, after which he will be disqualified. There are fifty students from prestigious schools.

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English Essay Writing Competition Topics

Pcc Essay Writing Contest

As my turn approaches, I feel sweet pearls come out on my forehead. Even though I was ready, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. My name was called and I approached the stadium. Before you start. I prayed in my mind asking God to help me.

I started talking and I was so engrossed in my speech that I didn’t realize how much time had passed until I heard the bell ring. I finished the topic and returned to my seat. I can’t believe the contest is over. All the other students, well speaking, indeed the cream of the student community present there. What they have to say is simple and interesting. I didn’t think, I had a chance to win. It was a very tough competition.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

After three hours, the competition was over. We wait patiently for the panel of judges to announce the results. It was as if time had stopped. Finally one of the judges came to the seat. When he announced the decision, there was thunderous applause. There are three prizes. Each award recipient was awarded a cash prize along with a certificate. My name tops the list of prize winners! I was so happy that tears flowed. I got my prize and went home a proud winner! So happy that I shed tears. I think I have brought glory to the school. I am grateful to God and feel very humbled by His reward. Writing essays is a big part of a high school education, and for good reason. Learning to write clearly, concisely and persuasively will pay off big throughout your life. But sometimes the hardest thing is just deciding what to write. If you’re looking for ideas, check out this huge collection of high school essay topics. There’s something here for every type of essay, so pick one and start writing!

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When writing an argumentative essay, remember to do your research and present the facts clearly. Your goal is not necessarily to persuade someone to agree with you, but to encourage your readers to accept your opinion as valid. Here are some possible argument topics to try.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

A cause and effect essay is a type of argumentative essay. Your goal is to show how one specific thing directly affects another specific thing. You may need to do some research to get your point across. Here are some ideas for cause and effect essays.

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As the name suggests, the writer in a compare-and-contrast essay points out the similarities and differences between two things. They combine descriptive writing with analysis, making connections and pointing out differences. The following ideas work well for a compare contrast essay.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

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Bring on the adjectives! Descriptive writing is about creating a rich picture for the reader. Take readers on a journey to a faraway place, help them understand an experience or introduce them to new people. Remember: Show, don’t tell. These topics make excellent descriptive essays.

An expository essay provides a clear description of a specific topic. You might define a word or phrase or explain how something works. Expository essays are based on facts, and while you can explore different points of view, you don’t necessarily say which one is “better” or “correct.” Remember: An expository essay educates the reader. Here are some descriptive essays to explore.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

Humorous essays can take any form, such as narrative, persuasive, or expository. You can use sarcasm or sarcasm, or simply tell a story about a funny person or event. Although this essay topic is easy, it still requires some skills to handle it well. Try this idea.

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Think of a narrative essay as telling a story. Use some of the same techniques as you would for a descriptive essay, but make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to write a narrative essay from your own point of view. Take inspiration from this narrative topic.

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative essays, but they rely less on facts and more on emotion to engage the reader. It’s important to know your audience, so you can anticipate any counter-arguments they might make and try to overcome them. Try this topic to persuade someone to come to your point of view.

What were some of your favorite high school essays? Come and share your prompts on the HELPLINE group on Facebook. Also, check out The Ultimate Guide to Student Writing Contests!

English Essay Writing Competition Topics

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English Essay Writing Competition Topics

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English Essay Writing Competition Topics

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English Essay Writing Competition Topics

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English Essay Writing Competition Topics

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