Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram – For Muslims, the choice of halal foods is not limited to the food they eat. When it comes to makeup and skin care products, they should also be careful as cosmetics and alcohol-based ingredients derived from haram animals are considered haram. Thus, Muslims are looking for cosmetics and skin care products that do not contain alcohol as an ingredient.

Alcohol is often used in moisturizers. For example, ethanol is used to lighten moisturizers and help the product penetrate the skin. Fatty alcohols such as cetyl and cetearyl alcohol are also used to make the moisturizer more uniform.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

However, not all alcohol mentioned above is haraam. Fatty alcohols (cetyl and cetearyl alcohols) are obtained from natural sources, making them suitable ingredients for halal skin care and makeup.

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Cetyl alcohol is a long-chain alcohol used as a thickener or emulsifier in cosmetics. It has moisturizing and emollient properties, making it an amazing skin care ingredient. The cetyl alcohol ensures that the ingredients in your skin care products work well together for a smooth application.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Cetyl alcohol is similar to cetyl alcohol. It can be artificial and is also found in plants such as palm oil and coconut oil. Cetaryl alcohol keeps the skin soft and does not irritate it. This alcohol is also halal and can be used to make lotions, creams and makeup.

Ethanol is widely used in skin care and color cosmetics. It is easily absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream, where it is distributed to all parts of the body. Muslims are forbidden to drink alcohol by mouth, so the presence of this type of intoxicant in the blood is considered forbidden.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

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Non-Muslims should also look for ethanol on the ingredient list of skin care products. It is known that, unlike fatty alcohols, ethanol strongly dries the skin. While it may be tempting to use products containing ethanol for instant cooling, it can lead to enlarged pores and worsened skin conditions. For example, many people turn to face mists that contain alcohol because a few sprays create an instant refreshing sensation. However, this refreshing effect is associated with a very harmful ingredient – ethanol!

Where can you find a non-alcoholic product that is still refreshing? Among our Korean skin care products, we recommend Skylake Herb Relax tonic. It soothes, hydrates, refreshes and balances sebum levels, leaving skin cool and fresh. And best of all, it does not contain alcohol!

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Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

We understand that with halal skincare brands on the market, finding halal skincare and cosmetics can be difficult. , we specialize in K beauty, including top Korean skincare brands in Singapore. We also have the best halal skin care products in Singapore for online shopping. Check out our wide range of products including non-alcoholic skin care products available here in Singapore. Halal law in Indonesia came into force on October 17, 2019. Halal-certified products must have the words “halal” or “halal” on their packaging. Information about products without halal certification According to Muti Arintawati, Deputy Director of LPPOM MUI, halal labeling will become mandatory from October 17, 2026. Currently, the focus of halal certification policy is on food and beverages.

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Products such as lipstick and toothpaste that are meant to be inadvertently ingested have the same halal certification requirements as food and must not contain banned or impure materials, Ms Muti said. For external use, such as body lotions and soaps, they must be clear and free of impure materials.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Exception: All animals taken from the sea are halal, even if they have not been killed2. Najis Materials Najis refers to contamination similar to that of what is considered halal. Anything that is exposed to impure material is called Muthannaji. It is forbidden to drink any impure and impure things.

Critical ingredients refer to source-derived ingredients (e.g. unspecified animals, halal animals slaughtered in an unspecified manner) and the synthesis process (e.g. introduction of haram process agents, contamination with haram or najis) does not follow the halal system. However, the use of ingredients from alternative sources classified as “critical” may still be allowed as part of a halal product after the manufacturer obtains a halal certificate of origin and production that is not contaminated with naji.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

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Glycerin, Vitamin E, Lanolin, Olive Oil, Propylene Glycol, Placental Enzyme, Sodium Stearate, Flavor, Sodium Oil, Sodium Cocoate, Water, Glycerin, Sucrose, Denatured Alcohol, Sodium Stearate, Flavor, Honey, Pentasodium Penthenate, D-C Tetrahidetium, Yellow No 10 , D&C Red #33

Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lanolin, Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Phosphate, H2O2, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Parfum, Ethhydronic Acid, Phosphoric Acid

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Octylmethoxycinnimate, Simethicone, Petroleum Distillate, Tetraisostearate, Bis-Diglycerol Polycyladipate-2, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Water, Candelilla Sulfur, Rice Wax, Beeswax, Titanium Hydroxide, Hydrogenated Jojofelate-Betylene, Booklet-Jocolin, Hydrogenated-Jocolin, Wheat Germ Oil , perfume, hydrolyzed collagen, propyl paraben, glyceryl stearate, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, methyl paraben, etc.

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Pdf) Prospects Of Halal Pharmaceuticals

Cera microcristaline, octyldodecanal, hydrogenated polydecene, cetyl palmitate, castor seed oil, myristyl myristate, VP/hexadecene copolymer, cetearyl alcohol, polyglyceryl-3-disostearate, parki butyrospermum oil, cocoglycerifate, cocoglycerimate, benpoloside, C20-40 alkyl stearate, c era carnauba oil simmonsia chinensis, pentoerythrityl tetraisostearate, panthenol, vitis vinifera seed oil, glycerin, cera alba, water, limonene, linalool, fragrance

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Sorbitol, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Saccharin, Titanium Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Alginate, Sodium Polyacrylate, SiO2, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Water, Xylitol, Flavor

*Important points or ingredients of these products are highlighted in red. Comparison of Current and Past Halal Certification Policies The table below shows the halal certification policies before and after October 17, 2019 in a presentation by Ms. Davy from Indonesia. halal auditor and also the founder of DRS Consulta. In short, Indonesia’s halal certification policy will be more standardized.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

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Issues of Halal Certification Ms. Muti also mentioned several issues that should be taken into account when developing halal products. These problems are still waiting to be solved in the future.

We provide a full range of services for entering global markets (including registration and filing, regulatory advice, personalized training, market research, branding strategy). Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Copyright: Unless otherwise noted, all content on this website © 2023 – REACH24H Consulting Group – All rights reserved – For permission to use any content on this website, please contact cleditor@chemlinked.com. Hair or skin care products containing alcohol can scare you. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or scalp.

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We all know that alcohol irritates certain parts of the body, leading to skin rashes or hair loss. However, there are many products sold on the market that have alcohol on their ingredient list.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

We can be careful about this, but you should be aware that there are some types of alcohol. The good news is that some of them are not harmful to you! One of the “safe” alcohols is cetearyl alcohol.

This substance is completely different from “ordinary” alcohols such as ethanol. But why use alcohol (any) for hair or skin care? Is it really necessary?

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

What Is Halal?

Cetaryl alcohol is a chemical found in cosmetic products. Cetaryl alcohol has several aliases, including cetostearyl alcohol and cetylstearyl alcohol.

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It is a mixture of fatty alcohols, consisting mainly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols, which can be obtained in the laboratory, but is classified as a fatty alcohol found in animal and vegetable sources such as coconut and palm oil.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

This type of alcohol is used as an emulsion stabilizer, opacifier and foaming surfactant, and as an aqueous and non-aqueous viscosity increasing agent.

Pdf) Halal Cosmetics: A Review On Ingredients, Production, And Testing Methods

That’s why it’s not surprising that you often see this alcohol in skin or hair care products because it gives the skin a softening sensation.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Now we know why it is included in the ingredient list of many beauty products. Simply put, it’s because chemicals help create smooth creams, thick lotions, and long-lasting foaming products. Cetaryl alcohol as an emulsifier prevents creams from separating into oil and liquid.

There are many types of alcohol with very similar names. The same type of alcohol even has many names, so it’s best if you can’t tell the difference.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

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So, are cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol the same thing? For reference, cetyl alcohol is also known as palmityl alcohol.

Meanwhile, cetearyl alcohol is composed of cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. They are all fatty alcohols (and therefore fat-soluble). They are a great addition to conditioners and air conditioners/humidifiers.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Alcohol and certain types of alcohol, such as ethanol, can cause dry, itchy, flaky, and flaky skin. You might think that this ingredient is going to be a nightmare for all of us, which is why you want to avoid it at all costs.

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However, alcohol is still found in hand sanitizers, hand sanitizers, and some aftershaves due to its ability to dry out quickly and tighten the skin.

Cetyl Alcohol Halal Or Haram

Fortunately, as a type of fatty alcohol, cetearyl alcohol does not have a chemical effect on the skin in the same way that other alcohols do. Instead, cetearyl alcohol provides a soothing and smooth feeling.

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