Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash – One of the most dangerous things that most people face in their lives is without a doubt bankruptcy (of any kind). While car accidents kill an average of 3,287 people a day (via The Wandering RV), fewer will die in heaven. According to Statista, the number of people who die in plane accidents is very low – less than one thousand per year. In 2020, only 137 people died in plane crashes – but it was also the year of Covid-19 when there were fewer flights. In 2019, at least 289 people died in accidents.

Despite the statistics, accidents do not choose celebrities, and only a few people die in plane crashes. Consider Aaliyah, who was murdered in the Bahamas in 2001 (via Billboard). Singer was aboard a twin-engine Cessna when the plane skidded 200 feet off the runway. Six people, including the singer, died instantly, while three others survived the initial incident, but were later injured.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Below is a list of famous people who had terrible experiences on the air, but luckily lived to tell the story. Keep reading to learn about famous plane crash survivors.

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Patrick Swayze is the only celebrity to have a near-death experience while traveling on a plane in 2000. According to Entertainment Weekly, the “Dirty Dancing” star was piloting a plane when things went wrong. The actor was traveling from Van Nuys, California to Las Vegas, Nevada when his plane went down outside of Phoenix, Arizona, authorities found the 1978 Cessna abandoned on a dirt road. AirSafe said the actor “heard a loud noise” at 13,000 feet, and his dogs started barking, so they thought he had lost power. He thought there was an airport to fly to, but it was a construction site. Swayze arrived at a development in Prescott Valley, Arizona, hitting a traffic light and a stop sign as the plane crossed the line.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

A few days after the crash, AP News reported that three people were charged with perjury after helping Swayze remove wine and beer from the plane before taking him to a nearby hotel. Soon after, his publicist denied that Swayze had been drinking. The actor shared with CNN that he didn’t even know about hitting things at the time of the accident: “I was so focused – I was so focused on getting down safely that I didn’t. He did – I don’t know. Also to remember to kill everything.”

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Travis Barker was one of the lucky victims of the plane crash that killed four others. According to Billboard, Barker completed an event in Columbia, South Carolina in 2008 aboard a LearJet 60. The plane was traveling at 150 mph when all four tires blew out. The pilot tried to stop the plane, but it was too late. The plane crossed the highway, “hit a fence and burst into flames.” Barker survived the crash, but the two pilots, Barker’s security guard and his assistant died in the crash.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Stars Who Have Survived Plane Crashes

In an interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in 2019, Barker recalled the ordeal and said he should not have survived. “When I jumped from the emergency exit when the plane exploded, I was in a hurry to get out of the plane, and I jumped into the plane that was full of fuel,” he said. “My whole body is on fire. I had jet fuel all over my body. I had jet fuel for three months. He had burns on 65 percent of his body and had 27 surgeries after the crash. He got on the plane.

“I don’t fly … I haven’t been on a plane since my accident,” he said. “I would take the Queen Mary 2 [cruise] to Europe, but I’d rather be on a ship than fall into the sea.”

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Harrison Ford is another famous person who was at the helm of his ship when it went down. In 2015, The New York Times reported that the actor was aboard a World War II training plane when it crashed into a golf course in Venice, California, shortly after takeoff from Santa Monica Airport. The site shared that the Ford experienced engine failure after take off. The Los Angeles Police Department said the accident happened “on the fairway to the grass at Penmar Golf Course.”

Celebrity Plane Crashes: Stars Who Died In Aviation Accidents

Paramedics took Ford to Cedars-Sinai Hospital for his injuries. In a tweet that has since been deleted by his son, Ben Ford told fans that his father was “beaten up” but is okay. “He’s every human being you’d imagine he is,” Ben said (via The New York Times ), adding, “He’s a very strong man.” According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the cause of the accident was a mechanical problem with a carburetor component that caused the engine to fail.

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Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Believe it or not, the 2015 accident is not the only one Harrison has been involved in. Air Safe shares that the actor flew around the 747 in 2017. In 2000, a tornado caused Harrison’s plane to go off the runway in Lincoln, Nebraska. And in 1999, Ford was training in a helicopter when it made an emergency landing in a dry riverbed in Santa Clarita, California, before overturning. Luckily, they live to tell the tale!

The late John McCain is another public figure who never had the chance to fly. According to USA Today, the politician has had three plane crashes in his life. All three of these incidents happened while he was a member of the Army, but one of them caused a serious incident for the politician. In 1960, he crashed his AD-6 in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas. The late Senator fell into the water, unable to escape and return to shore. In 1965, his T-2 training aircraft ran out of power. Fortunately, he got out at about 1,000 feet when the plane hit the trees.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Celebrities Who Died In Plane Crashes

McCain’s worst accident happened in 1967. He was flying over Hanoi when the right wing of his plane exploded after being hit by a bomb, resulting in his loss. North Vietnam held McCain as a prisoner of war for 5.5 years (via US News). “I pulled the handle of the injector and I was knocked out by the force of the injector – the wind speed was about 500 knots,” McCain recalled of the accident. “I didn’t realize it at the time, but I broke my right leg around the knee, my right arm in three places and my left arm.”

Of course, McCain was successful in his political career before his death in 2018, after doctors diagnosed him with brain cancer.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

Sandra Bullock is many things, including an Oscar winner, mother, and A-list celeb. But many people don’t know that he is also a plane crash survivor. In 2000, Bullock was on a plane to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died In Plane Crashes

The Guardian shares that the actor and his boyfriend at the time, Bob Snyder, went to a tourist hot spot to relax and unwind before the holidays. After the plane landed at the airport, it skidded off the runway due to pilot error. It is said that the pilot made a mistake in the lights because he was distracted by dangerous objects. Luckily, all the people on board survived the crash, but the plane was badly damaged.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

In 2001, Bullock told Entertainment Weekly that another aerial incident occurred while flying on a private jet with Harry Connick Jr. to promote his film “Hope Floats.” “I ran to get my bag, turned around, and I remember this flash of light and my glasses flew off,” Bullock said. “I didn’t know what happened. And Harry just said, ‘No one said anything. They just ran to the wing.’ There was blood everywhere. I cut the skin above my eye.” He was unable to speak to the media due to a black eye.

Investigators say Ed Robertson, who rose to fame from The Braincade Ladies, is lucky to be alive after a horrific plane crash. According to the Toronto Star, the singer, his wife and two friends crashed a private plane in Bancroft, Canada. The Cessna 206 float plane was attempting to take off from the ocean when it spooked and crashed into a wooded area. The plane landed on its nose, and the passengers escaped through the window. Because of this, gas also came out, which caused a big problem. Robertson was piloting the plane when it crashed.

Celebrities Killed In Plane Crash

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The deputy fire chief in the area where the plane crashed said the group was lucky to get out unharmed. “They all have a chance to get out there. I think

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