Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park – The Canyon Hotel was built in Yellowstone National Park in 1910 by the Yellowstone Park Company to accommodate visitors to the Yellowstone Grand Canyon area and Yellowstone Falls. The hotel is built on a huge scale with a circumference of one mile. It was located on a hill to the west of the falls and dominated the landscape. It had the feel of a luxury resort that was built first. After World War II, it was declared obsolete by the National Park Service. Abandoned and derelict in the late 1950s, it was on the verge of demolition due to a fire in the 1960s.

The Canyon Hotel was one of four major hotels in Yellowstone operated by the Yellowstone Park Company in the early to mid-20th century. The company organized a tour of Yellowstone, stopping at the Mammoth Hotel, the Old Faithful Inn, the Lake Hotel, and the Canyon Hotel, and the entire trip lasted about five days.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

There were three other hotels in the canyon area. The first hotel was built in May 1886 by the Yellowstone Park Association, a predecessor of the Yellowstone Park Company. The prefab structure was intended as a temporary replacement for the summerhouse. This hotel is located near the Upper Falls. As agreed with the Ministry of the Interior, the building was to serve for one season and was to be demolished in August 1886 when construction of a permanent hotel was to begin. A sawmill was built, lumber was cut and sawed, but no work was done on the hotel until 1889.

Canyon Lodge, Canyon Village, Yellowstone National Park 1950’s

Architect Robert Riemer (left) and foreman Mr. George during construction of the Canyon Hotel in October 1910. To the left is the second hotel included in the new hotel.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

The new hotel was built about 1,200 meters south of Perst Canyon Junction. The site was an eastern meadow on a bright hillside overlooking the road. Built in 1891, the park manager called the building “the ugliest building.”

The latter hotel was a simple three-story wood-frame building with a trance-style lobby along the long side of the building. In 1901, the 250-room hotel was expanded by another 24 rooms, with skylights on the roof.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

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Foundation problems discovered during the original construction meant that the rooms had to be re-plastered in their original proportions during the 1901 work.

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The third hotel was designed by architect Robert Rimer, a close friend of Yellowstone Park Company president Harry W. Childs, who designed the Old Faithful Inn and Lake Hotel complex in 1903. In 1909, Riemer and Childs made a spectacular tour of Europe together, and under Child’s direction, they designed elegant hotels that contrasted with the old Loyalist Inns. With the help of Charles A. Popkin, the old hotel was restyled, but its character was completely changed, with a long, horizontal structure running along the slope, supported by a heavy gabled roof, and supported by the famous hip vault. The new hotel consists of 400 rooms with 100 bathrooms and is 750 feet (230 m) long, making it the largest building in Yellowstone.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

Construction began in June 1910 and the hotel closed in October. Almost all of the exterior work was completed by December, and the interior continued through the winter. The half-built hotel was opened to guests in June 1911 and inaugurated on August 2, 1911.

Review Of Canyon Lodge & Cabins

The hotel shows a distinct influence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School with its horizontal lines and dominant roof.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

The interior uses monolithic pilasters and exposed timber roof trusses, and the interior space flows down the hillside to a huge porte-cochere trance. Located on one side of the sloping transom, the lounge was 100 ft (30 m) by 200 ft (61 m) with panoramic windows overlooking the elegant, screened space, overlooked by an interior viewing deck and audience platform. .

In 1936, the Old Faithful Inn and Canyon advertised $2.75 a day for a room without meals, while a room with a bath and meals was $9 a day.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

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The basement housed the famous wine cellar, bowling alley and billiards rooms, as well as meeting and banquet facilities.

After World War II, National Park facilities were damaged, and in the 1950s, the National Parks could no longer accommodate the flood of automobile tourists. The Mission 66 program was proposed in 1966 to mark the 50th anniversary of the National Park Service as a comprehensive service program to improve and replace visitor facilities, the transportation system, interpretive facilities, and park infrastructure. A feature of the program is everything from park hotels for rail travelers to motel-style accommodations specifically designed for guests arriving by car.

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Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

New hotels should not be recommended. Perst hotels should be closed down once they become neglected and unprofitable.”

Canyon Lodge & Cabins, Yellowstone National Park

As the park’s primary concessionaire, Yellowstone Park Company was required to participate in the construction of new facilities to meet these new standards. A major new development in Yellowstone was Canyon Village, one of the largest projects of its kind at Mission 66. The brand new community just east of the resort includes a visitor center, shops, gas station and amphitheater. Guest accommodation was concentrated in 500 motel-style units in several separate buildings with twenty rooms centered on the new public cottage. The complex included new apartments for the park’s staff and, when fully occupied, could accommodate nearly five thousand visitors and employees.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

The site for Canyon Village was purchased on June 25, 1956, and completed in the late summer of 1957. It was immediately apparent that guests preferred the Canyon Hotel to the new facility. Due to financial difficulties from Yellowstone Park Company’s contribution to the Mission 66 project, the hotel was closed in part to encourage them to stay in Canyon Village.

In 1957, Lemuel Garrison, chairman of the 66th Mission Steering Committee, became superintendent of Yellowstone.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

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In 1958, Garrison noted that parts of the hotel were beyond repair and that there were problems with the unrepaired foundations of the 1891 building. Garrison speculated that parts of the hotel could be stabilized, or that the most spectacular pieces could be moved and incorporated into the Canyon Village development. Garrison finally decided to demolish the hotel in 1959.

From June 1959, it is planned to be demolished. Carlos Construction of Cody, Wyoming, was awarded the demolition contract for $25,000 after wrangling over the possibility of moving part of the hotel to the lake. Carlos has 900 days left to clear the hotel.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

On August 17, 1959, the 1959 Hebg Lake earthquake struck Yellowstone, destroying all of the park’s facilities. Considering the earthquake as a reason to demolish the hotel,

Yellowstone Canyon Lodge Hotel At Canyon Village At North Yellowstone Stock Photo

The hotel burned down on the night of August 8, 1960. The cause of the fire was never determined. This offer does not include inter-agency annual passes. If you are an Access Pass or Senior Pass holder (formerly known as Golden Access or Golden Age Pass), you can get a 50% discount off the standard rate at Bridge Bay, Canyon, Grant and Madison campgrounds. Offer does not apply to Fishing Bridge RV Park. You must present your ticket at check-in to receive the discount on your site only. Otherwise, you will be charged the applicable standard rate. For more information on inter-agency tickets, visit this page on the NPS website.

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Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Lodge and Cabins is a sprawling property with more than 500 rooms and cabins in Yellowstone. Located on the east side of the park near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, Canyon Lodge is open from mid-May to early October. In 2016, a 2-year redesign of the accommodation facilities resulted in a total of more than 400 guest rooms, including 5 new cottages, 2-bedroom suites, Superior Lodge rooms and Standard Lodge rooms. All 5 new homes are LEED certified. In 2017, the main public building, which houses the restaurant and souvenir shop, was renovated and reopened.

The apartment has a separate bedroom, a common lounge, an outdoor terrace, a fully equipped bathroom, a mini fridge with free drinks and snacks, a telephone, heating, a coffee maker, a hair dryer, an alarm clock and a fan. No air conditioning, no television, no radio, no pets or cooking. Rooms on the second floor are accessible by elevator. All rooms and cabins are non-smoking / non-smoking. This suite has 1 king bed, 1 queen bed and a queen sofa bed.

Canyon Village Lodge Yellowstone National Park

National Park Service

Deluxe rooms are equipped with 2 queen beds, veranda with chairs, bathroom, safe, telephone, mini fridge, heating, coffee maker, hair dryer, alarm clock and fan. No air conditioning, no television, no radio, no pets or cooking. Rooms on upper floors are accessible by elevator.

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