Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac – The dog is the eleventh animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, coming after the rooster and before the pig. The last years of the Dog include 2018, 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958 and 1946, and the next year of the Dog is 2030 (Year of the Iron Dog). It is associated with the earth sign of branch xu.

The dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac. Recent years of the dog include 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese astrology, the Dog has a keen sense of justice, bravery and loyalty – treachery is not part of their vocabulary. They are brave, helpful, humble and kind, with a spirit of selfless devotion and incorruptible behavior.

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The 12 Chinese zodiac animals, like many aspects of Chinese culture, are based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which does not exactly correspond to our Gregorian calendar.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

When confirming your zodiac animal, if you were born in January or February, pay special attention to the beginning of the Chinese New Year: you may be the animal of the previous year (use the table below).

Dogs are friendly, loving, and fiercely loyal to their friends and family, maintaining these relationships for life and loyalty. They are also sensitive, innocent and loving souls who do not have strong intuition.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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They need praise and encouragement when they show their instinct to follow and protect. This makes dogs a reliable team player rather than a strong leader, both at work and in their love life.

Dogs have a strong sense of social responsibility and take the lead in protecting good from evil, although they would prefer someone to fight with them. For these devoted souls, emotions override rationality.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Their logic in life is simple, so you can always trust their actions and feelings to match their words. If they break the rules, which are not supposed to be good for them, it is to protect the ones they love.

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Dogs are loyal to friends and family, they treat these loved ones with true adoration. As a result they get to know the family, they will value this relationship in their life as more important than life itself.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

They are honest by nature and, as a rule, not only when it is necessary. As a friend, lover, or family member, there is no better zodiac sign to live with.

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Because emotions play such a large role in their lives, dogs often experience emotional disturbances. They may even be listless and lazy or obsessive. This can lead to serious complications in immature dogs.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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Dogs can tend to be impatient and hasty in their behavior which can upset their romantic partners and family members because it is hard to trust them with anything serious.

Female dogs are more cautious than their male counterparts, but their loyalty is not as deep. They may seem indifferent to most people, but once they trust someone, they will treat them like family.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Dog women are considerate and respectful of others, work well as a team, and are refreshingly outspoken. Once married, they will be loyal confidants to their husbands and loving caretakers of their children.

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Dogs are straightforward and docile, lively and active, and disciplined. They may appear boisterous or cheeky on the outside but, in fact, they are emotional and sensitive on the inside.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

After marriage, Dog men will try to find weaknesses in the nature of their partners and appreciate this imperfection in the person they love. It is this forgiving nature that makes them such a popular love partner.

The Chinese theory of the five elements assigns one of the five elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth – to each year, in addition to the zodiac. So dogs born in different years will have different personalities.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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Metal dogs are very conservative. On the outside, they usually look very good or very beautiful, which can attract the attention of people of the opposite sex, and they are useful in nature, which can lead people involuntarily.

Metal Dogs will not trust anyone but themselves, so they will succeed by working hard and making themselves very important at work. They are also great keepers, sometimes choosing a frugal lifestyle with few luxuries.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Seals are gifted with insight and foresight, but they are also very independent. Let them show their skills at work because otherwise, their managers will ignore their contribution, which will not take them anywhere professionally.

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At first they may be selfish and rejected because they have not learned to control their emotions. As they grow older, they will become more intelligent and more adept at using their money and emotions.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Wood Dogs are loyal, trustworthy and reliable. If someone offers them a favor, no matter how much time has passed, Wood Dogs will keep that in mind and look for opportunities to return the favor.

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They show the same loyalty in love but they can be more so, if they find that their love interest does not reciprocate their feelings, Wood dogs may have to heal their wounds for a long time.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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Fire dogs often have lofty goals, but for them these are not fantasies but realities yet to be fulfilled. And when they inevitably succeed through tireless dedication and effort, true praise will mean a lot to these humble souls.

Relationships are important to Fire Dogs and can affect them more than others, so they must learn to be more selective in who they surround themselves with, especially in choosing their love partner in life.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Earth Dogs excel at following – giving up is not an option for them. This basic security often draws others to Earth dogs, who can be trusted to always do the right thing.

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Romance will not interest these deep souls, even if someone else leads, Earth Dogs will follow. In general, Earth Dogs can be bold in making progress in life.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Dogs should choose red and yellow, 2 and 7, north and west, because of the effect of luck and fortune. On the other hand, it is better to avoid the green color, 1 and 6 and the southeast direction.

Your Ben Ming Nian, or zodiac year of birth, is also considered unlucky in Chinese culture, so be prepared to wear red (red underwear is a popular choice) throughout the year to ward off any bad luck.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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Dogs are receptive and loyal in love, often choosing compassionate partners who will reciprocate their true love. Instead of wild love, dogs often prefer to start as friends and gradually build a tested love.

They will think long and hard about a marriage partner before pursuing. Such a reliable way of matching means that dogs usually succeed in love, as they will naturally be able to develop love properly.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

The dog and the tiger share the same loyalty, although this takes different forms. While the Dog is selfless and doesn’t hesitate to put their partner’s needs before their own, the Tiger always provides protection as a loving master.

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That does not mean that they will not appreciate this rare trait in their partner or know that it comes from a unified view of good and bad, which will inform the family life the two will build together.

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Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

The dog and the tiger make a stellar pair as they complement each other well in everyday life and share common goals. Both will be loving and caring while giving their partners plenty of space and freedom.

The only thing, with their shared passions, these two should remember to pay attention to their partner and keep their love, lest work is all they have to talk about in the years to come.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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The Dog and the Tiger are both optimistic and kind souls who have a strong belief in promoting justice in the world. Because they share good qualities and generosity, this couple trusts their partner to act in a dignified manner.

The Dog is diplomatic, helping his arrogant partner, while the Tiger’s feisty feminine charm is exactly what the Dog likes in his partner. Make sure you create more opportunities to date even after you’re married.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

Since both the dog and the horse are open and relaxed, communication should be a breeze, and is half the battle in any relationship. Furthermore, what the Dog and the Horse want in life are also broadly aligned.

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So this is going to be one of those sweet, easy relationships characterized by a long-term commitment as the Dog’s loyalty encourages the Horse, who may be a lonely soul, to long for stability as well.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

When these two are combined, they will achieve everything they want with twice as much work and half the effort. Hence this is a good combination for a successful life filled with fame and fortune.

The Dog is more reserved and introverted than the Horse and will be drawn to the Horse’s passionate personality, while the Horse will feel the love in the Dog’s heart and work to uncover the hidden warmth and charm of his partner.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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Although there are many differences in the personality of the Dog and the Horse, in general, they will make a harmonious and contented couple as both partners are friendly types who treat each other with kindness and warmth, including their partner.

The dog is mature and, with continued effort, will work to ensure the longevity of this relationship, while the horse is lively and brings an open courage that keeps their love happy.

Born In 1970 Chinese Zodiac

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