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Big News Today In The Us – Joe Biden, the US presidential nominee, is pushing for a just energy transition, improving transmission infrastructure and rejoining the Paris climate agreement.

President Biden is campaigning with a bold agenda, and “it looks like it will be delivered in the first few weeks of his administration, and we stand by that big, bold vision.”

Big News Today In The Us

Big News Today In The Us

Presidential candidate Joe Biden offered a different vision of the US energy future than the one shaped by the Trump administration—in a podcast over the weekend, ten days after Election Day.

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The current administration has taken aggressive steps to clear BLM land for the oil and gas industry, fund clean coal and CCS projects, and effectively bolster the ailing US coal industry. The Trump administration has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and is not acknowledging the science of climate change.

Big News Today In The Us

In recent congressional testimony, Kate Kelly, director of public lands at the Center for American Progress, said, “The Trump administration is favoring oil and gas over renewables,” noting that the administration has conducted quarterly lease sales in oil and gas industry and offers 500,000 hectares. again this year during a pandemic when there was an oil glut — at a minimum bid of $2 per acre.

He compared it to “Zero acres and zero competitive lease sales” for renewables during this administration. Royalty rate waivers are granted for oil and gas while wind and solar receive retroactive fees. He said there is “great harmony” in how the two industries are treated.

Big News Today In The Us

Breaking News: China & Usa Joint Declaration On Climate Action Collaboration

Congressman Jared Huffman said the government has followed an “Oil of the above energy policy.” He said the government is “giving away our public lands” in the rush to develop oil and gas.

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Big News Today In The Us

The cookie setting on this website is set to “allow cookies” to give you the best browsing experience. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click “Accept” below, you agree to this. Hurricane Fiona made landfall on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico on Sunday after causing power outages across the island and threatening to dump “historic” levels of rain. Fiona, a Category 1 hurricane, is expected to unleash life-threatening rainfall and dangerous landslides, and “disastrous flooding” is likely in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the National Hurricane Center said. Fiona made landfall with maximum winds of 85 mph, the center said, and was moving northwest at 9 mph. Due to treacherous weather conditions, officials said it will take several days before power is fully restored.

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President Joe Biden’s ‘big Problem’ At The Us Border

A state of disaster declared in Alaska: Governor. Mike Dunleavy declared a state of disaster Saturday as the devastating storm threatened large swaths of the state’s vast and sparsely populated west coast. Cities faced high winds and flooding, and braced for possible power outages caused by a hurricane forecasters called one of the worst in the state’s recent history.

Big News Today In The Us

People across England observed a moment of silence on Sunday night in memory of Queen Elizabeth II on the night of her funeral. At Westminster Hall, where the queen is buried, the line of mourners stopped for 60 seconds. The number of mourners continued to grow over the weekend, with lines stretching at least 5 miles. On Saturday, US President Joe Biden and other world leaders and dignitaries flew to London ahead of the queen’s state funeral on Monday. President Biden signed the queen’s official condolence book and attended a reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by King Charles III on Sunday.

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis boasted of sending about 50 Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to highlight a national immigration problem, authorities in Massachusetts said Sunday they had asked the Department of Justice to investigate this “inhumane act” in federal human trafficking. exam. The migrants were picked up in Texas, but DeSantis said the flights were part of a $12 million program in Florida to transport undocumented immigrants to so-called asylum destinations and disputed claims the migrants were tricked into taking flights. DeSantis and Texas Governor Gregg Abbott also sent migrants to other cities, including New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., where some were dropped off outside the home of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Big News Today In The Us

Top News Today From The Straits Times On Oct 9

More than 8 million people in southern and western Japan were ordered to evacuate on Sunday as Typhoon Nanmadol roared across the island with historic winds and waves. More than 330,000 people in Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Oita prefectures were issued a level 5 warning, the highest on Japan’s disaster warning scale, officials said, and nearly 8 million people affected by the level 4 warning were ordered to evacuate elsewhere. . Several areas saw more than 15 inches of rain in the 24 hours through Sunday afternoon. Winds of nearly 115 mph were reported as the typhoon slowly rolled northward across Japan, knocking down power lines and leaving hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the dark.

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With two wins against the Power Five in three weeks, No. 23 Penn State got down to business in September and set a course for nine or more wins during the regular season. Saturday’s 41-12 win – which included beauty points – against even the most oppressed SEC opponent like Auburn speaks for itself. Dan No.24 Oregon will regain credibility and earn a spot near the top of the Pac-12 power rankings after submitting No.14 Brigham Young in a 41-20 loss. Bo Nix and the Ducks’ offense had 439 yards, 24 first downs and 11.4 yards per pass attempt, delivering a strong secondary performance in two weeks after starting the year with a blowout loss at Georgia. More winners and losers from this week. a strong storm is coming inland from the pacific ocean on saturday, bringing various dangers to the west over the weekend.

Big News Today In The Us

This storm is already moving through Washington, Oregon, and northern California. The storm will move south by midday Saturday, with heavy rain moving south to Los Angeles and San Diego into Sunday.

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One to 2 inches of rain is likely over a large portion of the west coast, with some localized patches of 2-4 inches possible. With such rain in a relatively short amount of time, flash flooding will be a risk for coastal California throughout the weekend.

Big News Today In The Us

The overall storm will likely leave 4 to 8 feet of snow in some of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in north-central California.

There won’t be heavy snowfall in the lowlands, where most of the city is, so don’t expect to see snowfall in Sacramento or the entire San Joaquin Valley.

Big News Today In The Us

How U.s. Media Lost The Trust Of The Public

The storm headed east over the next week, intensifying. By Tuesday, it could stretch from the Gulf Coast to southern Canada – more than 1,500 miles long.

On Tuesday, there were two main concerns: blizzard conditions in the northern plains and severe weather in the Deep South.

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Big News Today In The Us

Heavy snowfall and strong winds will cause blackout conditions from Nebraska to Minnesota on Tuesday and Wednesday. Meanwhile, the storm will bring chances for thunderstorms and destructive tornadoes to Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi on Tuesday.

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A smaller, less powerful storm system will pass over the Great Lakes and the Northeast on Sunday. While not a giant storm, it will bring the Northeast its first snowfall of the season.

Big News Today In The Us

Snow will mix with rain in coastal areas, so major cities along the I-95 corridor, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, will see little, if any, snow accumulation.

Upstate New York, northeastern Pennsylvania, northwestern Connecticut, and western Massachusetts could see several inches of wet snow from this storm.

Big News Today In The Us

We Have Big News!

Sunday night travel could be difficult with snow and rain across the area. Everything went well on Monday. MOSCOW: A US musician and former paratrooper was arrested in Moscow on drug trafficking charges and his court appearance, held in a metal cage, was shown on state television.

The Russian court system has named the jailed American as Michael Travis Leake, 51, a former songwriter and musician in the Russian rock band “Lovi Noch” (“Catch the night”).

Big News Today In The Us

State television’s Rossiya 24 showed him standing in a court cage while REN TV showed a photo of him in custody on June 6 in Moscow, lying on the floor wearing underwear and a T-shirt with his hands behind his back .

Big News May 31, 2023 (digital)

“On June 10, 2023, the Khamovniki District Court of Moscow executed a detention against a US citizen,” according to a statement on the Telegram messaging app of the Moscow court of public jurisdiction.

Big News Today In The Us

“The former paratrooper and musician, accused of running a drug trafficking business involving young people, will remain in custody until August 6, 2023.”

It was unclear if Leake had an attorney. Reuters could not reach Leake for comment because he is in Russian custody. Message for the band

Big News Today In The Us

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