Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs – Look, it’s not like you’re overwhelmed, but you have to watch your ears at the party. As many of us come out of isolation and back into the loop, it can be easy to forget the lasting effects of hours of dancing in front of a huge sound system on our hearing. Have you ever felt that painful squeak when the bass is a little too loud? Or have you noticed that you still have music in your ears long after you leave the club? This may be a sign that you are already experiencing symptoms of hearing loss.

The statistics are pretty depressing – the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) has found that the decibel level in most UK nightclubs is around 92db and dance floors can get up to 110db, that’s the same level off as an airplane. Any noise above 80db can cause some form of hearing damage in adults in just two hours, at 95db this drops to just 50 minutes, while levels above 100 can cause hearing loss in just 15 minutes. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in April last year that 50% of 18-24 year olds experience some form of tinnitus, and by 2050 one in 10 people will experience severe hearing loss.

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

But good news! There’s one pretty easy step you can take to do something about it – get earplugs. Manufacturers have developed a wide variety of designs in recent years: from eye-catching silicone and foam plugs that you’ll hardly know you’re wearing a custom-molded kit, to colorful designs that will get you excited. to wear as an accessory. All in every pocket price range – so you have no excuse not to protect your bags at the club.

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Designed with musicians in mind, Alpine Music Safe Pro headphones are perfect for giving and enjoying concerts with the option to switch between high (22db) or medium (16-19db) mute settings depending on your location. The Headphones feature a “perfect fit” designed for long-term comfort with a focus on sound quality. The Music Safe Pros come with a storage case, carrying cord, cleaning spray and extra earplugs – accidents happen after all!

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Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

For affordable protection, the SubZero Musician Earplugs are an affordable option that is still effective when it comes to blocking harmful frequencies. With up to 20db attenuation, the earplugs are made of flexible rubber that allows you to wear them for hours without much irritation. Coming with a holster and clip-on cord for under £7, there’s now no excuse not to protect your ears on your next big night out.

For a real investment piece, the ACS PRO17 custom earplugs are worth the splurge. The PRO17s were designed with DJs, concertgoers and even singers in mind – with flat 17db shielding it promises zero loss in high and low frequencies. The vented design of the earplugs reduces ‘plugging’, the effect of hearing your voice booming inside your head due to a blocked ear canal. ACS explains that their PRO series is made of medical grade silicone and extends the time you can spend listening to loud music by five times – a lifesaver for those of us who regularly go to clubs, concerts, festivals.

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

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Earplugs for “Festivals, Parties and Concerts” — Apline’s PartyPlugs have an upper limit of 19db, great when you need a pair of thin, invisible earplugs to watch your favorite DJ at the club. Less industrial-strength than most of the headphones on this list, what PartPlugs boast about is the ability to speak and hear others speak clearly when you plug them in. Alpine’s ThermoShape design also means the earplugs won’t bother you after hours, and their hypoallergenic material won’t bother you.

When it comes to the performance of HD Music headphones, EarPeace makes a simple promise that you’ll hear and feel better when you put them on. With three filters, Medium (17db), High (20db), and Max (26db), you can instantly customize your sockets according to your needs. EarPeace’s proprietary attenuation filter technology maintains clear sound and preserves your ability to have a conversation. Great if you need different levels of protection at different times.

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Yes, these earbuds may look more like wireless earbuds, but for a pair of earbuds you can really count on – Mineundo’s Lossless Headphones are a solid bet. With the world’s only variable passive Hi-Fi filter, “plugs can be moved between settings with a small dial on the top – with attenuation ranging from 7db to 25db, even the Minuendo promises safe exposure of up to 120 decibels.” They’re pretty advanced, Lossless headphones are non-electronic and don’t require batteries or charging. While not exclusive, ear tips come with a wide variety of tips, from silicone to foam and even two/three layer flange. They claim this means there is no “leakage” when you sing or move your jaw.

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If you want to start with custom earplugs but are intimidated by the more expensive products on the market, Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs are a great way to get started. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, bringing a handy DIY kit for shaping silicone earplugs. Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs deliver between 25-30db attenuation and are not ideal if you want to sing or chat – but provide excellent protection for performers working near sound systems or amplifiers.

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

For a stylish version of your traditional foam earplugs, it doesn’t get any more fancy than Vibes Premium Earplugs. Traditional foam earplugs work by blocking only high-frequency “treble” sounds, not low-frequency “bass” – while wearing them causes distortion in sound, while Vibes’ earplugs reduce the volume of all sounds equally. Vibes High-Fidelity earbuds connect to a sound wave-balancing tube and small, medium and large foam tips to enhance the experience.

Who said earplugs had to be discreet? why not turn them into another accessory? Loop Experience Pro headphones are made with exactly this in mind. Consisting of a rubber earpiece attached to a ring offered in gold, silver, midnight black or rose gold, Experience Pros have flat damping that blocks both high and low frequencies. For extra customization, customers can also purchase noise canceling inserts that plug into “plugs” and block an extra 5db.

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

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EarDial Hi-Fi earbuds are great if you want high quality and lots of features, and at an affordable price. EarDial earplugs come with an app that informs the user of the decibel level they are experiencing and how long they can safely wear them while wearing the earplugs – there’s even an option to compare if they’ve never worn earplugs. Made of translucent silicone, the plugs are hypoallergenic to reduce irritation and are designed with wax-proof so you can wear them longer. EarDial also donates 5% of all proceeds from earplugs to charities working to prevent tinnitus and hearing loss – helping a good cause!

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Bollsen Music SoundPro earbuds offer a flat 24 decibel reduction level; This is a great choice if you want high protection without breaking the bank. German manufacturers USP is that they make all earplugs using AR KI Tech ear measurements, a computer program that analyzes the customer’s ear canal and ensures that each earplug is the perfect size to fit each ear. The earplugs are designed to allow the “human voice” to be heard through the filters – due to their translucent silicone design and the fact that Bollsen first started making earplugs for sleeping – so they’re barely visible so you can keep chatting with your friends. dance floor.

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Decibullz is the best in American technology and inspired by earplugs essential for shooting and hunting. With a huge attenuation of 31db, Decibullz can be completely molded into the ear by soaking it in warm water for about 3-5 minutes. The earplugs come in a wide range of colors such as green, blue, red, orange and come with a variety of tips to make them as comfortable as possible.

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Earplug manufacturers Blox are lagging behind the market in offering a range of affordable earplugs for different functions. To go to the club, by far their best product has to be Xperience Music “plugs” – made from a natural material that provides 19 db of protection and is both hypoallergenic and silicone-free, guaranteed even for those with skin allergies

Best Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

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