Artist Newsletter Examples

Artist Newsletter Examples – Rather than sending occasional emails to my mailing list, I’ve decided to start posting my newsletter on my blog after becoming a homeowner. These days I embrace anything that helps me shrink. This month’s newsletter

Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way contains a few pages from my sketchbook by Julia Orkin Lewis and my topic is Making Time for Art.

Artist Newsletter Examples

Artist Newsletter Examples

Hi guys, after posting the blog post Administrative Aspects of Being an Artist: Writing a Newsletter, I realized that I posted photos from my newsletter as a slideshow. I realize that reading the newsletter in this format is almost impossible, so I am reposting the newsletter as a jpeg.

Good Examples Of Artist Research Pages

Hi guys, I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. Last year I hosted several art shows in Frederick, MD, such as the Frederick Coffee Company and a studio sale in my home. These events were a great opportunity to share my art with others and interact with new and familiar faces. However, I’m really behind on some of the administrative aspects of my artwork, such as cataloging, adding new items to my shop, and keeping up with my profit and loss account. I also created a new set of portraits in my 100 Faces in 100 Days challenge, which took a lot of time. Last month, while my mom was recovering from shoulder replacement surgery, I took on some new projects.

Artist Newsletter Examples

So now I’m trying to catch up on those neglected projects. So, my posts may be less frequent and you may see some blog posts from my archives. Next January I will be busy with these administrative tasks so I can post more often. Today I have a blog post featuring my latest email newsletter for Art of Schmidt. This issue features a short piece on my latest painting series, Voices.

And Visions, I interpret poems, quotes and lyrics in mixed media and acrylics. Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to subscribe to my Art of Schmidt email newsletter, send an email request to

Artist Newsletter Examples

Artist Newsletter On Behance

Hello friends, family and fans, I am posting my new and improved newsletter for Art of Schmidt. A few years ago, I took a graphic design class at Frederick Community College that taught me basic skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Although I didn’t finish my graphic design degree at Frederick Community College and instead decided to focus more on fine arts, the skills I learned in my graphic design class were useful in reminding me how to do a double-page layout for this newsletter. . I looked online for some free newsletter templates to get some color and composition ideas. I hope you enjoy this issue! Happy Halloween! If you would like to receive this email newsletter with a subscription, email and I will add you to my mailing list! Drawing a blank on what to talk about in your email? By learning the creative formula newsletter, you can easily know what to talk about, connect with your ideal art buyer like a real person, and gently guide them by hand to what you want them to do next.

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*This post may contain an affiliate link, which means that if you decide to purchase my endorsement, I will earn a small amount of money or receive a free service. I other times wholeheartedly recommend products or services that spread the word without compensation.

Artist Newsletter Examples

My daughter and I played in the mud this weekend. I took a wide and deep plastic food bowl, filled it with potting soil and dipped it in our OXO watering can. She spread mud all over her face and threw her dirty hands all over me until she was all over me and all over the corridor.

How Artists’ Day Jobs Can Have A Big Impact On Their Art

Not only was it fun, but she helped me create 120 cubes of dirt called seed blocks. We drop the seeds directly into the blocks where they will germinate indoors and get a head start on our short gardening season. This time we started with sunflower, green bean, pumpkin, melon and pumpkin seeds.

Artist Newsletter Examples

Why am I talking to you about my criteria when you want to know how to write an email to your list?

Because you are a captive audience and no one else will hear me talk about seeds. Wow…

Artist Newsletter Examples

Email Newsletter Templates For Online Businesses

Just kidding. I want to show you how to put the “you” into your marketing. Maybe you like plants, maybe you don’t, but now you know a little something personal about me besides this nifty little lesson I’m about to share with you.

Most people get excited when they ask to be connected and talk about their interests in their marketing. They mistakenly decide to write an entire email about arranging bouquets, confusing the list of people they thought signed up for art updates.

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Artist Newsletter Examples

I like to get around this little problem by offering a “double” or two for one. This represented the early 20th century equivalent of getting two cigars for a quarter cent. When I say that, I mean “share something about yourself and find a way to relate it to what you were writing about in the first place.” Roll everything up like a spring roll.

Music Press Release Template

If you understand your ideal art buyer, this is a beautiful way to capture their attention through interests or values ​​that you share and love.

Artist Newsletter Examples

Have you ever subscribed to a list where all the emails you receive are facts and business updates? It is often flat and boring. Show them that you are a three-dimensional person they can relate to. Let them know that you are a whole person with thoughts, opinions, stories and interests.

Create a document in Google Docs (or Evernote or Asana) and keep a list of story ideas as they pop into your head as favorites. Copy and paste in the story notes above.

Artist Newsletter Examples

Elements And Principles Of Design

Here it is! Part of my email writing formula. I’ll be back with part two — connecting the story to the “meat” of your email — next week. Talk Tuesday! 😉

It’s my mom’s 60th birthday this week so I wanted to give her something special. A gift to remind her that I love her.. in her language. She likes the places around her to be beautiful and have beautiful things.

Artist Newsletter Examples

My first thought was art, obviously, but I gave her so much that her walls are full. My grandmother collects flowers on the hillside outside their window, so I decided to put in a feminine rose bush with double purple/pink flowers. They come back every year and remind her that I care about her.

Brilliant Newsletter Examples (and Why They Work)

That’s why I like to craft emails the way I do—there’s a personal connection to my message. It’s not about my schedule. It’s about developing a relationship with yourself.

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Artist Newsletter Examples

What was the message in your last email? Was it, “Hey… it’s time for me to send out my monthly newsletter again, so I accidentally wrote something”?

I want to challenge you to think a little more objectively. Determine the purpose of the email before writing it. For you and your readers. Don’t fill their inbox with unnecessary junk because it’s time to send another email.

Artist Newsletter Examples

Art Portfolio Examples To Check Out Before Creating Yours In 2022

This is a business, so you have to learn to ask for what you need. But… good business is a two-way street. With a relationship-based art business, you serve them and they serve you.

Once you know the purpose of your email, you need to connect it to the gateway. Practice telling the introduction story in different ways until one of these versions appears in your email message.

Artist Newsletter Examples

For example, my four-year-old daughter might want to talk about how I wake up at 5 a.m. to get things done because she’s not at daycare two days a week. If the purpose of my email is to ask for a follow, I can talk about how one of the most important steps to becoming a professional artist is the commitment to showing up. Also, if you’re serious about becoming a professional artist, you might want to follow me on Pinterest because I share dozens of articles a week that can help you.

Art Catalog Templates

Or I want to talk about how I’m the luckiest woman alive because I moved into a property with an orchard. If the purpose of my email was to cheer up your day, I could talk about how it overgrown and didn’t bear much fruit, but with lots of love, mulch, pruning and years of hard work, it now has the most amazing fruit I can. Go out the door and catch me while I feed my chickens. Which leads to… if you

Artist Newsletter Examples

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