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Many people spend their days making things out of waste: recycling it or turning it into new products, energy or compost. Ken Butler turns trash into New York instruments. And finally the music.

Artist Music Shop

Artist Music Shop

Butler, who learned to play the viola as a child and maintained an interest in music while studying art in France and the United States, likes to explore the streets of his neighborhood. Brooklyn collects discarded items to make musical instruments. He estimates he has made 400 instruments since starting with an old keyboard he found in his basement in 1978.

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Butler plays instruments and occasionally percussion. To make an instrument, he explains, you only need a head, neck and body.

Artist Music Shop

And he made heads, necks and bodies: Butler made instruments out of tennis rackets, show shoes, brooms, shovels, golf clubs, hockey sticks, axes, furniture parts, toothbrushes, spoons, parts of other instruments. The list goes on.

When it comes to finding scrap parts to replace instruments, the road is the limit in Butler’s head and hands.

Artist Music Shop

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Some of Butler’s pieces are oddly designed to look at, but most are actual instruments built for play. And he plays them all over the world, in museums and concert halls, in concerts and on television.

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