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Artist Music Girl – Wanting to be a successful musician is a lofty goal, but it’s also achievable if you put your mind to it and have the right skills. Never stop dreaming or pursuing what you want if you feel it is your calling.

There are several key factors that you should consider to help you not only build a career as a music artist, but actually thrive in the industry. Nobody said it would be easy, so take your time and continue to build your confidence as you overcome each obstacle.

Artist Music Girl

Artist Music Girl

You probably have a passion for music if you want to be an artist, so let it shine when you’re not in the studio. Go online for ticket sales and secure your seats for upcoming shows in your area so you can learn about and follow your favorite musicians. Pay attention to a performer’s stage appearance, the way they sing and play an instrument, and the various interactions they have with fans.

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Practice makes perfect at everything you do, but it’s very important in this situation if you want to be a successful musician. This is because the more confident you play, sing, and be on stage, the better chance you have of making a name for yourself. Build a solid career in the music industry as you turn your hobby into a passionate, full-time job. It’s all about resetting your priorities and putting exercise at the top of your to-do list.

Artist Music Girl

What will help you the most on this journey is that you take the time to find a mentor who can help teach and guide you along the way. Choose someone who has been in your shoes before and has cut through the noise and is capable of creating a stable career as a music artist. Be open and willing to listen to them and accept any constructive criticism they offer. Having a mentor who supports, encourages, and cares for you will definitely help advance your career.

Another key to building a successful career as a music artist is not giving up easily. It becomes tempting to want to fold when you feel like you got nowhere and people are not responding positively to your music. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight and to make it big you have to be patient and keep working hard in the face of adversity. Just believe in yourself and eventually someone else will come and do the same.

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Artist Music Girl

Indie Pop Artist Sophie Gray Promotes Positive Message In Single “better With You”

Becoming a music star is a great goal to have, but understand that it can be a frustrating process. Keep these top tips in mind as you work to build a music career and gain fans. Stay positive and surround yourself with people who support you and you are likely to find great success in the future in this field. In May, country radio consultant Keith Hill ruffled feathers when he told Country Aircheck that women are the tomatoes in country music’s salad — elevating male singers to lettuce salad.

For all the coverage and conversation generated by her female-friendly commentary, Billboard’s year-end national radio rankings don’t reflect that. The list, which features the 60 most heard country music songs on radio of 2015, only includes six of the female artists. Only Maddie & Tae, Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye, made the top 30, with “Fly” at #27.

Artist Music Girl

The lack of women on country radio is a well-documented trend – in 2014, women had three songs on country radio’s 60 most heard songs, and in 2013 there were six. However, there is optimism for improvement in 2016.

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“I know there was a time in the ’90s when kids wondered how they got in because the charts were dominated by women,” said John Esposito, CEO and President of Warner Music Nashville. “We’re likely to find that in the next few years the pendulum has swung (towards women) just as we’ve found that there’s more tradition in radio because of Chris Stapleton or William Michael Morgan.”

Artist Music Girl

Tim Roberts, former broadcaster, program director and chief operating officer of WYCD, WOMC and WDZH in Detroit, said the lack of female singers over the years on country radio was due to several factors, including bands with female singers taking the female slot, a lack of competing material from rising female singers and strong performances from male singers whose popularity makes them hard to let go.

“I don’t think there was a conscious effort by anyone (to keep women away),” he said. “I thought it was destabilizing … but people were taking steps in Nashville to fix this by signing new, better female artists, and I think radio was responding.”

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Artist Music Girl

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Kelsea Ballerini brought “Love Me Like You Mean It” to No. 1 in July – the first time a woman has accomplished the feat with a debut album in over nine years. Cam’s “Burning House” is one of the few country music songs to sell over 1 million copies this year, and his album “Untamed” had the best first week album sales of 2015 by a debuting country artist.

Roberts says Cam and Ballerini’s success and Jana Kramer’s continued career growth reflects country radio’s openness to women, and she predicts a strong album full of radio-friendly songs from Cam, Ballerini and Kramer will increase their presence in the format. in 2016.

Artist Music Girl

The issue of gender-biased radio playlists runs deeper than the creative and economic impact female artists feel or the odd nightly listening experience. While female artists represent only about one in 10 songs played on country radio each year, young women rarely hear songs from a female perspective.

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“Women should have heroes,” said Tracy Gershon, vice president of A&R at Rounder Records and artist manager at Red Light Management. “When Martina McBride came out with ‘Independence Day,’ it was such a powerful message and she became a true advocate.

Artist Music Girl

Gershon said women were still being told by record companies and broadcasters that the slots available to them were limited, which in the past made women compete with one another.

“Miranda (Lambert) is sending a signal of true girl power and I think we need more of that,” she said. “Increasingly, they see strength in numbers and supporting each other, and a win for one is a win for all.”

Artist Music Girl

This Music Video Stars Inspiring Girls From All Over The World

Women fared much better on the important year-end charts than they did on the country radio charts. Sharply written, vivid storytelling made Ashley Monroe’s “The Blade” and Kacey Musgraves’ “Pageant Material” critical hits.

“There’s been a lot of attention paid to why women aren’t at the top of a lot of these charts, and with that you start to see the swing,” said Jason Owen of Sandbox Entertainment. “When you change the perception of what women have to offer in country music, you start to change the reality (of how music is received). In 2016, you will see reality change.”

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Artist Music Girl

Maren Morris from Sony Music Nashville and Mickey Guyton from Universal Music Group Nashville created positive buzz with other women including Kramer, RaeLynn and Lauren Alaina.

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Morris sparked a label bidding war before signing with Sony in the latter half of this year and is currently touring with Charles Kelley. Guyton was officially introduced to country music fans with the soulful ballad “Better Than You Left Me”, which was one of the most-added debut songs in its first week on the country radio charts. He appeared on national television and toured with Brad Paisley, but radio failed to continue supporting his songs. Kramer, who hit it big in 2011 with “Why You Wanna,” had struggled for nearly a year to land his top 10 hit, “I Got the Boy.” RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls” was her first Top 20 country hit, and while the “The Voice” alum could make audiences cry or stand on their feet depending on the song, she still struggled for airplay on country radio. Alaina was introduced to country music fans as runner-up Scotty McCreery on “American Idol” in 2011. At 21 years old, Alaina has the vocal skills of a seasoned professional and has been crafting her songwriting for the past several years.

Artist Music Girl

“I never said women deserved to be on state radio, but they shouldn’t be on radio because they are women,” Gershon said. “If they make good music, they deserve to be heard.”

Carrie Underwood had three Top 60 hits: “Little Toy Guns” at number 47, “Something in the Water” at number 49, and “Smoke Break” at number 52.

Artist Music Girl

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Kelsea Ballerini’s summer hit, “Love Me Like You Mean It,” entered at No. 36 on the year-end charts.

Maren Morris was recently named one of CMT’s “Next Women of the Country”. The Texas native has been named a Spotify Emerge Artist, and his self-written song “My Church” has more than 4 million streams on Spotify. His self-titled EP is available now.

Artist Music Girl

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