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Artist Music Beograd – From David Bowie to Prince and Leonard Cohen, death has cast a shadow over the worlds of pop and rock. But when more and more pioneers come to a certain age, it is something we will always use

Trying to figure out how to judge the era in pop is a notoriously tough call. Nostalgia confuses and distorts what actually happened. What seems to be important is not always important with the age: the stars are forgotten, the emphasis is gradually shifted to reflect the next change of taste or to be suitable for a wider narrative that is not applicable at that time. However, it seems safe to say that when people look at 2016, they think of death.

Artist Music Beograd

Artist Music Beograd

Death is the biggest star of the year. The charts are full of it: the tour after the meeting entered the top 40; The success of the most unexpected first album of the year – the debut of Viola Beach – fell on the band and the death of their manager in a car accident five months ago. There is no carefully planned secret release with an air of surprise and a well-planned secret date, as shocking as the death of David Bowie or Prince. The traditional story of December – about the race for Christmas number one – was completely erased by the death of George Michael. This is what people are talking about: there are more columns occupied, more coverage, more social media posts and blogs about dead pop stars than those who lived Beyoncé or Kanye West.

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There are essays on public mourning for dead pop stars and essays that examine the nature of public mourning for dead pop stars, showing the theory that people are grieving, not because of the star itself or because of identity even. young, edited by Starman in Top from The Pops, or snogging Careless Whisper at the local disco, or – if they’re too young to directly remember the glory days the star – for the legendary past. : the strange results of rock music obsession, a personal history of the past 25 years.

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Artist Music Beograd

The traditional story of talent has been overtaken by premature death … George Michael at the Live Aid concert in 1985. Photo: PA / PA Wire Guardian

There’s even a small industry that tells people to stop publicly mourning a dead pop star. The core of the truth in the article said – that some compliments were inappropriate and angry, and others attacked only the eagerness to participate (“Hello Rocket Man !!! is the work of the creator -always a song that doesn’t seem to like music as much as it sounds.

Artist Music Beograd

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Giles Coren exclaims: “Nobody needs to listen to the radio twice” like station-to-station is a terrible Bowie album rather than a production at the height of his powers, which most people consider to be his best album Especially: The impression that the Koreans really did not hear the station once, to leave twice is difficult to leave.

For all intents and purposes, 2016 was as big a year for the death of a pope as any. Death Appears Almost Two Minutes After Pop Begins: Rock’n’roll became very popular for two years when Buddy Holly and Richie Valens died in February 1959. In a world without social media, the public outcry for the pop star has given rise to strange faces. There is a theory that in the late 50’s / early 60’s for the “Death Disc” – a popular song where the actress or her friend or both died, such as Tell Laura I Love Her, Johnny Remember Me, Teen Angel. – It’s sad. mourning. Holly, Valens, Eddie Cochran et al.

Artist Music Beograd

There was another anesthesia in pop in the early 1970s, years after the death of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Jim Morrison, when the table hosted the continuation of the last dead disc. Bloodrock’s DOA is hot. Emma’s Chocolate – and some of the 60’s have become popular again. You might think that the praise and warnings on Twitter and the amazing Bowie poster are a bit misleading.

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And it’s an insult, but it seems to be the level of good taste that opposes Danny Mirror’s I Remember Elvis Presley’s out-of-the-box attack across Europe, surrounded by Dutch men in armor. Presley’s cheating is a problem. A few weeks after his death in 1977.

Artist Music Beograd

However, 2016’s death felt special and not just in its turmoil. Many legendary artists have died in recent years – from Lemmy to Lou Reed, Whitney Houston to Amy Winehouse – but you have to go back to Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 to find cocktails. can be compared. Fame and influence define the era. Covered by Bowie and Prince.

Their deaths and mourning styles seem different from Jackson’s, perhaps because they were driven by social media, still in its infancy when Jackson died (Facebook had 305 million users per year).2009 and over 1.6 billion in early 2016. Twitter’s servers crashed on the night of Jackson’s death as more than 100,000 tweets were sent within an hour of the name but at the time of his death On average 21m tweets are sent every hour on a typical day). Or maybe it’s because Jackson’s life and career seem to be on the decline over the years, fans mourned the death of the ABC superstar and show-stealing talent Billie Jean at the old Motown’s 25th anniversary . He really is dead. – While Bowie and Prince are in the middle of creating again.

Artist Music Beograd

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Rumors about Bowie’s health have been circulating for some time – the Flaming Lips even recorded a song titled Is David Bowie Dying? In 2012 – but they were strongly rejected when he returned to film with The Next Day in 2013. He’s also just released his best album in decades and seems to be in the limelight when the late (apparently interested) George Michael, who hasn’t released a studio album in years, appears. from Wham! His play is not about a man with chronic pain who becomes an opium addict as a result.

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Honestly, nothing in pop history can prepare you for how Bowie died. In the past, rock stars who knew they were going to die created music that told the truth before they did – Queen’s Innuendo is full of songs that seem to point to the fact that Freddie Mercury will soon say No, to this land; Warren Zevon’s latest album The Wind ends with the title track Keep Me In Your Heart. But unless you’re the kind of person who believes in conspiracy theories about the continued existence of Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley or Jim Morrison, nobody has the platform to handle their deaths like this: the new album really famous. But it seems unacceptable. The content immediately came into focus three days after its publication with the news of his death; The trail of signs left in the accompanying video and album sleeve. How fans are forced to investigate, offers different meanings for the Blackstar title. His death may have been an event, but Bowie made it a bigger event without turning it into a circus. There is something almost joyous about it.

Artist Music Beograd

But if Prince’s death was Bowie’s biggest and biggest shock, then Leonard Cohen’s death in November was the most obvious. The traditional narrative of the death of the pop star George Michael: Talent is cruelly taken for an untimely death, often with unexpected events in his own life. . One thing pop singers don’t do is die of old age. But Cohen, 82, had a good time by anyone’s standards: a few weeks before going to bed, he told the interviewer he was “ready to die.” And that’s the kind of pop star death we’ll be seeing more of. We’re 60 years removed from the Rock’n’roll explosion – as far removed from Hotel Heartbreak and Blue Suede shoes as we are from the premieres of La Bohème and Mahler’s Third Symphony – and already half of century. 1966. A critical year in development

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