Artist House Music

Artist House Music – Deep house has long been a favorite with DJs and clubbers alike, maintaining a solid presence in charts and underground venues around the world. Throughout 2022, we’ve enjoyed layers of clarity and depth of tone. Here are some of our favorite artists who continue to influence the international scene and give people something unique.

After a career spanning over 20 years, Ian Pulley continues to embody the heart and soul of authentic house music. He’s also tech-savvy, and his work has skills that no one else has. A longtime favorite of electronic music fans and DJs, Pooley remains a highly regarded and respected figure in the contemporary electronic music scene. Ian has been a German DJ and producer since the early 90’s with many major releases on Force Inc, V2 Records and his own Pooled Music label.

Artist House Music

Artist House Music

Remixing the likes of Deee-Lite and Carl Cox, and being one of the lucky few to be remixed by Daft Punk, his sound has left an indelible mark on the industry. We’ve had a lot of fun with the Studio series this year, especially Studio A Pt 3. The third EP is dedicated to various hardware studios and uses vintage machinery throughout the production process, giving the series a unique traditional house flavor. Pure brilliance. By watching Ian Pulley perform, you can see a true genius at work. Seamlessly traversing genres, it’s easy to see why he’s a well-deserved No. 1 in the Deep House genre this year.

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Kevin deserves a prominent place on this list this year due to the sheer number of releases he’s released in the past 12 months, all of which are of incredible quality. He’s a veritable machine, conveying a consistent vibe throughout his wide-ranging career, turning fans into long-term followers of his sound.

Artist House Music

There’s no single genre or style that can categorize Kevin Yost’s many accomplishments (but I’ll try). Kevin has been obsessed with making and performing music since sensitively picking up drumsticks at the young age of four. Kevin ignited the spark of jazz music at an early age. This continues to be reflected in his masterful production style. With so many great songs, it’s easy to get everyone on the dance floor to vote for you. For us, Kevin should be the boss of the underground world.

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Peggy Gou is a Berlin-based Korean artist who has become an international phenomenon. By delivering high-quality remixes on a regular basis, she continues to attract the attention of underground and crossover crowds alike. With a sound and influence somewhere between Detroit, London and Berlin, her DJ production is a solid, dynamic mix of energy and a little fun. Her music ranges from disco to techno to Chicago house and back to deep house, enthusiastically demonstrating her ability to captivate the public with an avant-garde electronic drive.

Artist House Music

House Of El

Led by Warren Cummings and Joe Danvers, Kassian is a true explorer of house, techno and electronics. This year has certainly been a tougher one, with their productions showing faces while still retaining the traditional sound catalog for which they are known. The new imprint vessel “Faux Poly” they built at their “38East” studio facilitated a change in the direction of their sound, developing their sound with a heavier, hardware-focused outlet, allowing them to create a new sound for other artists. entry point. They continue to embody everything at home, continue to entertain with their signature sound, and are positioned as an essential team. The debut EP, Chance is Our Greatest Ally, was released in early 2022 to critical acclaim around the world, laying the foundation for the label and launching a series of activities with Percolate. They’re on the office playlist almost every day. Keep scrolling Cassian.

Butch may be one of the hardest working men on the scene, but for someone with a love of music at heart, it all comes naturally. He spends five days a week composing music and performing at various parties around the world. Everyone loves the particular vibe and feel that Butch immediately brings to his often unpredictable existential scenes. His album No Worries became a dance floor hit and quickly became a timeless track, fluidly rocking the dance floor and celebrating the iconic house sound we all know and love. Carrying authentic sounds from the underground to established chart positions is what Butch does best.

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Artist House Music

Felipe Gordon lived in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, and was a leading figure of the Renaissance. The Colombian producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and label executive effortlessly fuses complex combinations of sounds, from jazz samples to smooth piano and acid basslines, into the most exciting and unique house recordings one. It’s just a phenomenon. It’s the perfect combination of sounds for creating repertoire and conducting clubs, and it’s been making waves around the world for years. Felipe has released a string of critically acclaimed tracks and has mixed for some of the coolest labels including Toy Tonics, Local Talk, Shall Not Fade, Razor n’ Tape and his own Nómada Records. He’s brought us this year’s string of never-ending, deep-house-jazz-inspired albums like “Can’t You See it,” “More Than Grateful,” and “Natural Born Climber.” I am. arms.

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Dario has been releasing music since 1999, has been a regular DJ in the Swiss underground clubs for many years and has a steady presence on the international tour. In the past three years, however, Dalio has begun to attract the attention of a wider global audience, with Marco Carolla, Ohm, Dixon and others championing his music. Recent releases from Hive Audio, Noir Music, Poker Flat Recordings, Strictly Rhythm and Defected Records have put Dario firmly in the spotlight, making songs like “The Good Old Days” a steadfast anthem in Ibiza. This year, Dario Datis brought us endless pulsating energy and dance floor bombs, including Fia, Something Wit Jazz and the excellent Tanzstube, on frequent loops throughout the summer. I am.

Artist House Music

Ones to Watch honors the artists who really get us excited in 2022. I can’t wait to see what they do…

This year’s theme is the album and the quality of music delivered over the years.

Artist House Music

Will Carnage’s New Track Change House Music Forever? No.

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied. Soulful songs and melodies that span generations, danced by our parents, become childhood anthems and follow us into adulthood. Few sounds elicit an instinctive electrical response across generations. With warm gospel vocals and jumpy beats, house music epitomized what it meant to be a black British experience. When you hear the energetic opening notes of Rosie Gaines’ “Closer Than Close,” or the poignant, wordless voice of Robin S. on “Show Me Love,” When you sing, you know exactly what to expect. grown up. Black women are often erased, unrecognized, and exploited despite being the glue that holds these major voices together from early days to the present. Much of the discussion about musical exploitation has focused on TLC and big American stars like Taylor Swift. But we won’t be talking about inappropriate practices in the UK, and how misogyny and racism conspire to steal or discredit black women’s donations.

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The Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd have sparked public condemnation of British institutions and industry. The UK music industry has come under intense scrutiny as several black British female artists have spoken out about their respective experiences of racism and misogyny. “No braids. No afro. Must be white,” Alexandra Burke said on Instagram Live. Videos and stories keep pouring in. Keisha of the Sugababes shares her experience on YouTube: Sugar Babes. “One of the more shocking stories being revealed at this time is Misha B’s heartbreaking experience of bullying on The X Factor. Misha B.’s public eviction has brought many black women to their attention , and was offended that the singer’s account of the experience confirmed many of the allegations about the misogyny epidemic.

Artist House Music

And its harmful effects. “I remember thinking about how to end my life. You don’t even know. I remember thinking about how to end the pain,” she shared on Instagram Live.

Queen Of The House’ Music Artist Jody Miller Dies

Sadly, stories of bullying and racism are on the rise, especially in the music industry.

Artist House Music

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