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Artist Exhibition News – In partnership with Columbia University’s Earth Institute and TBWA/Chiat/Day New York, Columbia Journalism Review presents the work of renowned visual artist Joan Wong at the Foley Gallery in New York City in an immersive art exhibit called “The Flood of News: Bringing the Issue of Climate Change to the Front Page.” | Gilda McCrann is

Starting this week, more than 250 news outlets from around the world will cover stories about the climate crisis as part of the coverage of Climate Now, a joint project of the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) and the Nation, to raise awareness and make a joint call for global action against climate change. As part of this initiative, CJR launched an art exhibition that shows the visible effects of climate change as a warning against the recent lack of climate change news. You can read more about incorporating the Weather Now and Risk and Promise here.

Artist Exhibition News

Artist Exhibition News

CJR, in collaboration with the Earth Institute of Columbia University and TBWA Chiat Day New York, presents the work of the famous visual artist Joan Wong at the Foley Gallery in New York City in an immersive art exhibition called “Flooding News: Bringing the Problem of Climate Change to the Front Page.” The exhibition features the front pages of more than 35 world newspapers physically manipulated to show the impact of climate change, including rising sea levels, heat waves, pollution and falling snow. Depressed newspapers show the direct effects of global warming that will happen in that newspaper’s area. Newspapers in areas that will be affected by rising temperatures and heat waves, such as Australia and Portugal, are burned, while newspapers in areas affected by rising sea levels and melting ice, such as Russia and Alaska, are treated as flood warnings. This physical treatment was based on data from the Columbia Earth Institute and international climate reports on the effects of severe weather.

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The “News Stories” exhibit features the front pages of more than 35 newspapers around the world that are physically manipulated to show the impact of climate change, including rising sea levels, heat waves, pollution and reduced snow cover. | Gilda McCrann for danger and promise

Artist Exhibition News

As part of Catching the Weather Now, the Flood of News show draws additional attention to the recent lack of news coverage of the current climate crisis. Last October, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report describing the most likely and deadly scenarios the world will see if the average global temperature rises by 2 degrees or more above pre-industrial levels. Most of the major newspapers in the United States did not cover the report, and only 22 of the 50 major newspapers in the United States published the IPCC report on their front pages.

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“The works [in this exhibit] evoke some of the most devastating weather events in recent memory, from droughts to wildfires to record temperatures,” Kyle Pope, CJR Publisher and Publisher, said at the exhibit’s opening ceremony. “This show is an urgent call to action to tackle global climate change.”

Artist Exhibition News

Review In Artnet News — Ani Liu

Photo from the Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias. The scorching sun that swept across Western Europe in the summer of 2017 was so hot that it was named Lucifer. | Gilda McCrann for danger and promise

Photo from The Moscow Times. Moscow, Russia, is experiencing rising temperatures, melting freezing temperatures and increasing pollution. While warming offers some economic benefits for the opening of Arctic shipping lanes, rising temperatures threaten infrastructure. | Gilda McCrann for danger and promise

Artist Exhibition News

Photo from the Tampa Bay Times. “In 2019, the Brooking Institution estimated that Tampa faced the second largest economy in a city in the United States, mainly from sea level.” | Gilda McCrann for danger and promise

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Photo from Australia. “In January 2013, Australia had to add a new color (purple) to its official weather maps in order to hold a record-breaking heat wave in the tropical country.” | Gilda McCrann for danger and promise

Artist Exhibition News

Kompas newspaper copy from Jakarta, Indonesia, where the rapid sinking of the northern half of the city, rising sea levels due to climate change, and overcrowding are forcing the government to relocate the capital. | Gilda McCrann of Peril and PromiseHONG KONG SAR – Media Access – 27 Apr 2023 – the first resin exhibition of Hong Kong “period” opened in Sham Shui Po. — Presented by Agape Design Limited (Hong Kong’s premier resin art brand), Rolland Cheung’s first exhibition in Hong Kong. Rolland Cheung’s first solo resin art exhibition will be on view for three weeks in May. The theme of this exhibition is about time, showing three of Rolland’s last resin works and twenty mixed resin works. In addition, it featured “new media” digital art installations and integrated indoor installation experiences. Rolland presents for the first time his first work in 2016: “sprout”, which is the only piece that has been preserved. Recently, he created large-scale paintings and concept art for other members of the Mirror, making Rolland widely known to the public.

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The first solo exhibition of the young artist of the 90s Roland Cheung —— 《Standing: spirit, kindness and speed》, explores the theme of time as a human construct. He combines unique landscape design with music to achieve an ethereal atmosphere that “feels” and permeates the paintings. The exhibition hall is divided into three areas: “Wind”, “Tender”, and “Speed”, representing the core and phases of the three types of weather. It combines Western philosophy, Japanese 幽玄 aesthetics, and Chinese 留白 aesthetics, with resin art as the main element. The exhibition aims to encourage visitors to think and explore the reality of time..The exhibition has three exhibition spaces, where contemporary Japanese calligrapher Youna Matsushita has created calligraphy titles.

Artist Exhibition News

Hong Kong’s First Resin Art Exhibition By 90s Artist Rolland Cheung

The exhibition will be held from May 5 to 21 at the Parallel Space Gallery, located at 202 Dai Tai Street in Sham Shui Po, and will be open to the public free of charge from noon to 7 p.m. The calligraphy in the booklet “Entrance to Painting” was done by Rolland himself. During the exhibition, a limited edition of 100 copies of the poetry collection published in 2021 will be available for purchase. In addition, there will be a “limited edition” of English poems made with food printing technology, which will be sold in the form of keto chocolate or jelly beans.

Does time fly by too fast? I wish there were 25 hours in a day? Hurry, time is running out!

Artist Exhibition News

“Settle down” yourself and the paintings to find your place in time, time to forget. Using spirit, kindness and speed to paint a moment of memories.

A New Gallery 360 Exhibit Looks At Our Connection With Nature And Climate Change

The three large pieces use the latest painting techniques and do not have clear color contrasts or strong directional composition. The goal is to reduce all strong language and allow viewers to “Sit” as warmly as possible by using low contrast and monochrome tones. The entire “Tender” area is made up of newly created works from 2023 and painted in a monochromatic blue tone.

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Artist Exhibition News

Among the medium works “Flourish” (300mm diameter, resin on wood), the first of Rolland’s works from 2016. At that time, there were only eight pieces, and this is the only one left. It is invaluable as it records early creativity and ideas that cannot be replicated today. Its price is $400,000 HKD, and it is the first time it has been shown publicly. Another piece (250mm x 330mm, oval shape) is a three-dimensional work made of fabric and resin, displayed in contrast of softness and hardness against an oval stainless steel frame.

This display will have a rotating work of 800 mm in diameter. A theme is a pattern that is created randomly and has no end without repetition. The cost of creating this multimedia art installation alone is over HKD 200,000, which is really worth it. The work aims to show the state of the world at the beginning of the universe, when there was no time, only light, water and oxygen. At a distance, it looks like a rotating sun, and at close range it looks like gas or water flowing endlessly. It will expand and contract over time, change color at sunrise, noon, and night, and mimic the presence of the sun and moon. All changes will not be repeated, as time goes on, it only goes forward. The scene in front of you is unique at all times, which is the life cycle of a digital painting.

Artist Exhibition News

Indian Art Exhibition To Feature Works Of 4 Artists

Viewers should prepare for “Settle.” Then they have to move to the “soft” area on the ground floor, where they can step on the soft ground. Moving forward through a narrow gate, they will enter a dark “spiritual” space, where they will take a closer look at the three large rotating paintings that Rolland often uses. Going up the stairs to the first floor, you will enter the all-black “speed” area, where the floor is covered with a black fabric that displays multimedia.

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