Artist Death News

Artist Death News – Irene Cara, the Oscar-winning voice of the original song and era-defining hit “Flashdance…What a Feeling,” has died. He was 63 years old.

His publicist Judith A. Moose announced his death on his official Twitter page. Cara died of unknown causes at her home in Florida, the statement said.

Artist Death News

Artist Death News

“On behalf of her family, I am announcing the passing of Irene Kara,” Moss wrote. “She was a beautiful, talented soul and her legacy will live on in her music and films.”

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Born in New York, Cara showed her early talent for music and performance when she was a 3-year-old contestant in the finals of the Miss America pageant. When she was in third grade, she sang “Ola, Ola, Ola” on the Ted Mack Fan Hour.

Artist Death News

Before winning an Oscar and a Grammy for her work on Flashdance, Cara began her career on the 1970s children’s show Electric Company. He made his Broadway debut on September 9, 1968 in Maggie Flynn opposite Stephanie Mills and Giancarlo Esposito.

“The Spark” was Cara’s film breakthrough when she played the title character in the 1976 film. In 1980, she received her first nomination for voice and performance as hard-working dancer Coco Hernandez in Alan Parker’s 1980 film Fame, alongside Debbie Allen, Paul McCrane and Ann Meyer. His performance and singing earned him a Grammy nomination. and was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance of a Theme Song.

Artist Death News

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My heart is broken. 💔 #IreneCara was such a talented and beautiful genius. His talent and music will live on forever! Remember his name forever! 😢❤️ #FAME — Debbie Allen (@msdebbieallen) November 26, 2022

In a 2012 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cara said that her work on Fame was instrumental in her transition from child actress to independent adult.

Artist Death News

“I left home… I got an apartment near where we were filming,” he said. All I wanted was to be a woman, that’s all.” I started going to nightclubs and sowed my oats.

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Three years after Fame, Cara’s next awards season came as the voice behind the 1983 film Flashdance, starring Jennifer Beals. Cara won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Flashdance…What a Feeling” with co-writers Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. The song also won two Grammy Awards.

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Artist Death News

Cara has had three top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in her career, including Breakdance, Here I Amone, Fame and Flashdance…What a Feeling. 1. He was behind some of the funkiest, energetic pop songs of the early ’80s.

Bales presented the Oscar to Cara at the 56th Academy Awards. The singer called it “the most precious honor” before thanking his parents, teachers and fellow musicians.

Artist Death News

Two Men Walk Past Pablo Picasso’s

“Thank you to the brilliant Irene for your open heart and fearless triple threat talent,” Bells wrote on Instagram, remembering Cara, “It took a beautiful dreamer to write and perform the soundtrack for those who dare to dream.”

Cara’s music career continued when she appeared on NBC’s Hit Me Again, the founder formed her own girl group Hot Caramel and released a 24-track album in 2011: Irene Cara Presents Hot Caramel.

Artist Death News

Yvette Nicole Brown wrote on Saturday that Cara was “one of the first women of color I’ve seen sing, dance and act, not a brunette like I am,” and that seeing her in “Fame” changed my life.

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NBC analyst Stephanie Ruhle wrote, “What a feeling” and “A memory of happiness at being famous. So sad to hear of @Irene_Cara’s passing.”

Artist Death News

“Irene Cara, you have inspired me more than I know,” Lenny Kravitz wrote on Saturday. “Your songwriting and voice create a pure energy that never stops. You also define an era that is very close to me.” Artists will pay tribute to Canadian artist Ching Han, who has died after a battle with cancer. Chin is a beloved and influential figure in the online art scene, and his viral artwork has inspired countless people for decades. He was 29 years old.

Although she eventually amassed over two million followers on Instagram (opens in new tab), Chin found her 2000s internet stardom on DeviantArt (opens in new tab). Introduced to the site in 2005 by a high school friend, it wasn’t until 2008 that he created an account and started posting his work.

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Artist Death News

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Chinni’s ethereal, animated videos have garnered attention and are often shared by fans, attracting her to further her career.

“DA was definitely where I got the inspiration and confidence to try to convince my parents that I wanted to be a professional artist,” Chin wrote in 2017 (opens in new tab). “I remember wanting to be as experienced and recognized as some of the artists here, and it’s crazy that I now see myself as their peer.”

Artist Death News

Chin was pursuing his dream of becoming a professional artist by working as a background artist on the animated film Titmouse (opens in new tab). He also continues to develop his art by creating tutorials (opens in new tab) and mentoring other artists.

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Known for his skill, kindness and enthusiasm (opens in new tab) as well as his penmanship, Chin is considered by many to be a teacher (opens in new tab) and an inspiration. In February 2017, he received DeviantArt’s Loyalty Award (opens in new tab) for “help and guidance in the DeviantArt community”.

Artist Death News

“I just love talking to people,” he told (opens in new tab). “If someone starts an interesting conversation or points something out, I try to respond if I’m not busy.”

Chinni’s work is rich and there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it without even realizing it. Apart from the more serious art, he was more responsible for the classic melodrama of the Weeping Man.

Artist Death News

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Chin is open about her current health issues and often incorporates medical topics into her work. After undergoing four open-heart surgeries for an inherited heart condition (opens in new tab) and being diagnosed with stage 4 fibrosarcoma after Christmas (opens in new tab), Cancer was overwhelmed with sympathy and support.

Over the next month, Chin shared her chemotherapy experience with brutal honesty and dark humor (opens in new tab), cracking jokes while still creating art. “It just seems like an improvement

Artist Death News

“Art therapy is a real thing,” Chin told (opens in new tab) two years before her diagnosis.

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Courtney “Siji” Howlett, Chin’s friend and fellow icon, broke the news of his death on February 10. He wrote on Twitter (opens in a new tab). .

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Artist Death News

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Qinni has been honored around the world, with countless artists inspired or admired by her art sharing her work using the hashtag #galaxiesforqinni (opens in new tab).

Artist Death News

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Many of these tributes are from Chin’s most famous work (opens in new tab): Blue and Purple Girl with Stars on Her Face. Star Freckles (opens in new tab) is so rich that it even inspired 2016 makeup trends (opens in new tab).

Some also include goldfish or stars, such as Chin’s 2012 short film Evening Lights (opens in new tab) and 2017’s Wishing on a Star (opens in new tab).

Artist Death News

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Artist Death News

A combination of Instagram and Pinterest, TikTok’s companion app is social media without any social aspect.

After an interview on the BBC, Musk told followers that it was time to “move on” from his Twitter account.

Artist Death News

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“Heritage” is not the only one

Artist Death News

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